We’re moving….

January 10, 2013


But NOT very far.

We have basically been double-blogging here at jillandkate.wordpress.com & at jillandkate.com for the past few months….we say pretty much the same things in both places but have decided to do ALL of our blogging at jillandkate.com 🙂 So, get your virtual bookmarks out, subscribe to our new blog & make the switch with us…we promise it’ll be painless. We’ll still be just as weird and crazy over there.

We just posted a blog over there and would love your comments…this is how the blog starts:

So, this started as a tweet and there was no way to widdle down the words enough to say what we needed to say.
We were thinking about how FREAKING-UNBELIEVABLY excited we were to be playing our very first international jillandkate shows and it made our heads spin for a second. Some of the people that are coming to the shows on Monday & Tuesday have been fans for six plus years and have never seen us play live. That’s insane. We cannot say enough how much your long-distance support has meant to us and we are so happy that we finally get to come to your neck of the woods and play our songs for you guys………

…To read the rest of the blog please click here.

(Don’t worry. All of these blogs will stay right here & be archived for all the ages. Bahaha. All the ages? What does that even mean? Not sure.) Much love and sugar buzzes. -jillandkate-


January 5, 2013

Ahhh it’s 2013. Who the heck can believe that? I can hardly. Moving right along…one of my new years resolutions has been to eat more whole foods (i.e. not processed stuff.) Mainly because I’ve had some stomach issues and so I thought I would give it a whirl. Also, even though I love with all of my heart those overly-processed foods, I don’t think they are necessarily the best for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I have not made a total life change. At the end of the year if I am still practicing these things, I will have then made a life change. Right now I am just sharing my new ventures…but with my sharing you cannot judge me if you see me downing a Snickers bar and washing it down by the most ginormous Frappuccino you’ve ever seen. I won’t judge your eating practices if you don’t judge mine. Deal? Deal. Yay!

I have been reading this book, Nourishing Traditions…which is HUGE & full of recipes. Everything takes forever in the book. Like, wow. You always have to be thinking ahead for meal prep which is quite an undertaking for me but I’ve been just kind of mulling through recipes at my own pace.

In this new mindset of cooking more whole foods & getting away from the processed stuff (which my mom & family members have been doing for a while) I found a blog (Heavenly Homemakers…isn’t that just the cutest title ever?) that shares/discusses recipes mostly based on the Nourishing Traditions book. You know how I love blogs & reading people’s personal experiences so this was a great find! Thanks Mom for showing me the website.

Wait, speaking of my mom I need to share something. She is the most wonderful, amazing woman on the planet. I mean it. My mom is a mom. She loves taking care of her family and she does it in the most thoughtful ways. She’d write notes on my napkins in my school lunches. She’d leave a chocolate on my pillowcase when I returned home from college. She wakes up at ‘o dark thirty to prepare the most delicious & wholesome food for us. She really is amazing. And she loves. She is understanding. I am so thankful that I got such a loving mother. She is always a sounding board for me whether it’s about a guy I’m dating, a spiritual conundrum I find myself in or just everyday life…she listens. And my mom believes in me. When Jill and I started playing music together my mom was and I think will continue to be my biggest cheerleader. Ah…okay…I’ve gotten off topic from bread. Anywho. My mom is awesome and she has taught me everything I know in the kitchen.

Back to bread. So I was perusing this website and found this Applesauce Bread recipe. A quick glance at the recipe and the ingredients didn’t freak me out too much and what’s not to love about Applesauce & Bread? Applesauce? Good. Bread? Good. (That was a FRIENDS reference btw).

So, the other day I mixed up all these ingredients, put it in my never-before-used bread pan & stuck it in the oven for 40 minutes. Checked it by sticking a tooth pick in the middle…not quite done…5 more minutes in the oven did the trick & there I had my applesauce loaf of bread!!!

I obviously took pictures…cause that’s what you do these days.

It looks like a real loaf of bread!!!!!

Woohoo! So that was my first Applesauce Bread baking experience. And I’ve got to tell you a secret. It was SO easy. I promise you could do it too. Like, I wish I could say that only those with my level of baking experience could do it…HAHAHAHAAA….but no, it’s really, really, really easy & tastes so yummy. It’s so easy that I woke up this morning and threw another loaf in for my friend.

Okay. So there you have it. Applesauce Bread. Delicious.

Have a really splendid Saturday!


A Night For Hope Benefit Concert

January 3, 2013

Watch some highlights from “A Night For Hope” here. Thanks again to everyone who was involved!

You can still donate here: http://bit.ly/HOHAdonate
Thanks for joining us in this cause that’s so close to our hearts!

Top 12 Moments of 2012

January 2, 2013

In case you missed our Instagram countdown on New Year’s Eve…here is a re-cap of our highlights of 2012 in photos! Of course it was impossible to capture just one picture from each month but it was a good attempt. Excited for making some crazy memories in 2013!

#12 SNL Performance

#11 Honky-Tonk-White-Trash Murder Mystery Dinner

#10 Hunger Games Viewing Party In Our Fancy T-shirts w/ Jason Halbert

#9 Singing with Keith Urban & Seal (insert giant smiley face here)

#8 Photo-shoot in Los Angeles

#7 OMG we met Carly Rae Jepsen 🙂 We were so pumped! (cc: Jason Halbert)

#6 Discovered the world’s BEST breakfast burritos at NutsnBerries Cafe in LA.

#5 Show in Boston (borrowed someone’s pic…thank you!)

#4 House show show with some of the coolest kids around 🙂

#3 Frolicking in the countryside of England where Pride & Prejudice was filmed.

#2 Hanging with our friends John & Kari & our new friend Bob Goff in OKC 🙂

#1 Kate’s Nerdy30 Birthday Party & A Night For Hope 🙂

31 Days of Blogging Day #31

January 2, 2013

A Reflection.

January 1, 2013

2012 was a year packed full of emotions for me. I’m not much of a crier, but that general rule went out the window for me in this past year. There were ups and downs all year long, but the fall months were a roller coaster of emotions filled with lots of tears. Some were happy tears and some were sad, but many were shed. Many more than I usually produce.

On October 21, we ended our nearly 6 years of touring with Kelly and the crew and I cried both happy and sad tears as we said goodbyes and as we prepared for the excitement of what’s to come.

On October 27, I was with my best friends as they welcomed their second baby boy into the world on a rainy Saturday morning and I cried happy tears at the miracle of new life.

On October 31st, one of our closest friends in the world was diagnosed with cancer. He is not only a friend, but has been active in helping Kate and me for 10 years in all things “JillandKate.” I cried at the uncertainty of life and the idea that one’s world can be flipped upside down in an instance.

On November 1st, my 19 year old cousin passed away after her courageous and unimaginable 6 month battle with cancer. I cried at the tragedy of a life taken too soon. I cried as I gathered with my extended family and we tried to make sense of such a senseless situation.

With all of these tears came questions…and resolve…to live life differently. To be in the moment. Cling to loved ones a little closer. Let things go. Love better. To recognize the blessings I have and appreciate them whole-heartedly. Life happens. Change happens. Tragedy happens. But good happens too. Love happens and laughter happens. Take it all in. Cry when you need to…and heal when it’s time.
I hope 2013 is filled with more happy tears than sad for all of us. Can’t wait to see what this year ahead holds. 🙂


31 Days of Blogging Days #27,28,29&30

December 31, 2012

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December 31, 2012

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December 25, 2012

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December 25, 2012