Blog ’08…

What up!?!?Welcome to our new blog. We’ve decided to get with the times and are going to try to post some videos, pics, etc….we’re sure some of you will keep us in line if we start slacking….=)  We welcome it.  We are heading to the studio and are really excited about our new songs…We are enjoying some time off….Kate went to Chicago for Christmas and got to see her new niece~you can just call her Auntie Kate from now on.I went home to New England….home of the BEST sports teams in the Worrrrldddddd!!! Go PATS!  It was good to see family and friends and the Atlantic Ocean. =)  Look for a video blog in the next couple days…..stay warm, eat cookies, and play Scattergories. It’s a fun game. Thanks for tuning in.  jill&katethe picture below is kate and i ringing in 2008 with some friends in Indiana!!group.jpg   

12 Responses to “Blog ’08…”

  1. Ms.Kelly Says:

    Congrats on the new blog, and if you ever get bored I randomly post from time to time on mine.

    have a great 2008!

  2. Beth Says:

    Hey ladies!! Was the myspace blogs not good enough for ya’s? 😛 Nice to hear from ya’s…and yes, we will keep you from slackin…no worries there!haha Later Days! =)

  3. Jessica Says:

    Scattergories is an awsome game…my friends and i got addicted to that game for a whole summer once cause where cool like that and have nothing better to do with our time lol i am so excited for this blog! i am a HUGE HUGE FAN of you guys! ..seriously i listen to your music all the time and i am always singing to it ..its quite brainwashing 😉

  4. Elaine Says:

    Hey, I ordered your cd off your site (plus a tee ’cause I was feeling spendthrifty) and am dying to get my hands on it!!! I hope with all the new stuff you guys have goin’ on that you’ll still be with Kelly Clarkson when she plays London in March ’cause I intend on wearing my Jill&Kate shirt to it 😀

    Best of luck with everything, you guys deserve it.

  5. emily Says:

    great blog entry! your the coolest girls ever, hope your doing well!

  6. Holly... as in "Beth Mandi and Holly" Says:

    *sighs* about time ladies, about time

    haven’t heard from ya’s in a while, so it’s nice to come on the comp and see this 🙂
    I’m SUPER excited about you guys heading into the studio, we are in need of new J&K tunes! “Empty Hands” can only last me so much longer haha
    I’m happy you and “auntie Kate” got to go home for a bit and see family and friends, and I must say, the Atlantic ocean is the best of all the oceans
    I’m excited about this video blog! Beth, Mandi and I have been only waiting like months and months for a video from you guys :p

    peace out and stay cool,

    p.s I love how in the pic it’s just you two and a bunch of guys… big pimpin’

  7. Holly... as in "Beth Mandi and Holly" Says:

    …ok im not sure if my comment posted or not… so i’ll feel like a tool for posting this if it did haha

    testing…. 123…

  8. KD Says:

    i also brought in the new year in indiana! flew back home to visit friends and family. counted down to midnight with a guy you might know – jon mclaughlin. 🙂 oh and scattergories is the ultimate. looking forward to the new material.

  9. Skye Says:

    I am so excited about your new blog. How you all had a great holiday and looking forward to a new exciting year.

    Cheers to you!

  10. Kelly Says:

    I love this!! Way cool. I have turned so many friends on to East Coast Bound…and we are all looking very forward to the new stuff. Have fun overseas too…travelling is my passion. Try to enjoy as much as you can…I’m sure y’all will be moving fast. Happy new year…and good luck in the studio. Safe Travels…


  11. Kristina Says:

    Wow it’s nice that you two had fun. Jill you probably had so much fun in england, I wanna go there sometime, I bet they do have the best team ever!!! Kate it so cool that you spend christmas with family in chicago, I live in Chicago too!! Would be really awesome to see you there sometime!! Both of you are so talented and I can’t wait to hear the new stuff!!
    Lub Ya!!

  12. Kim Rulz Says:

    Hell yeah! We finally made it alllll the way back to the first entry! 😉 Our mini back to the future project of sorts.

    Apparently we’re a little late in the game but it’s all good, we’re on to you now! 😉

    Peace out!

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