J&K Video Blog #2-Part 2

9 Responses to “J&K Video Blog #2-Part 2”

  1. living vicariously Says:


    Bubbles is …bubblicious. Or is it bubblectible?

  2. Holly Says:

    Chef Bubbles’ dance made my day HAHA

    and I love the loud laughs in the background when Jill asks Bubbles to tell us how good ya’s are in the kitchen hahaha

  3. Amanda Says:

    Bubbles has got some serious skills besides his pizza making abilities.
    Great V-Blog girls!

  4. Tricia W. Says:

    HAHA Awesome!

    And I’ve now decided that I need to put my last initial cause my last comment had another Tricia and obviously not the same person.

  5. Elise Says:

    Thanks for posting. Glad you guys seem to be having fun!

  6. Kristina Says:

    Wow thats so funny lol, bubbles has a nice dance lol and i would love to try that pizza!! if you guys say its the best then its more then the best!!!

  7. Andrea Says:

    Haha! Good stuff. Now I’m hungry for some Pizza.

    Peace out Bubbles!

  8. Alex Says:

    Heyyy! I danced wayy better when I was working in the pizza kitchen back in the day. Btw- that IS a very nice, clean kitchen you two were in. Chef Bubbles comment on you two got a laugh. ha!

  9. Beth Says:

    is bubbles single?

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