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February 29, 2008

Here are some pics from the past few weeks…. arch.jpgThis is when we were in St. Louis recording…the arch above 🙂 jill-ticket.jpgJill and I decided to drive from St. Louis back to Nashville because it was cheaper to rent a car and drive.  We were so excited and listening to the sessions we had just done in the studio that little Miss Jill forgot to look at the speedometer…which resulted in us meeting this fine highway patrol man (pictured above) who gave Jill a $75 dollar reminder not to speed.  Yet….we did ask him if he liked what he heard blasting from the radio…he did and asked jill to sign the ticket and then hoped she would become famous so he had her autograph.  Pretty lamejill-cb.jpgThe next two pics are us at our favorite coffee place in LA.  The Coffee Bean.  YUM.  Jill is posing and I look like a poser.  I’m holding the amazing vanilla powder….and I’m excited about it. Haha…  kate-cb.jpgLA has great food.  The pic below is us at our favorite sushi place in LA.  Doesn’t my carrot look fake? jk-koi.jpgThis is how little space they give you on an airplane… kate-on-a-plane.jpgBut the flight is worth it for this alone…. hotel-view.jpg 

You Never Know

February 22, 2008

Hey everybody…We finally posted a new song on our myspace page. (  The song is called “You Never Know” and it’s kind of a mix between pop and folk….that sounds kinda funny but it’s something that we feel is uniquely us.  Please check it out and let us know if you love it/hate it or just feel plain indifferent about it 🙂  Muchos love from…j&k 

Studio Video Blog

February 10, 2008
Here is a quick update live from the studio…

dear studio…

February 8, 2008

we heart you.                                                                                   yours truly,  j&k

boarding now….all rows…

February 7, 2008

we are sitting in the airport right now…about to board a plane headed to st. louis. free wi-fi in the airport rules. seriously. way to go kansas city airport. our flight was supposed to leave at 9:10am…it’s currently 9:15am…and we are still sitting in the airport. maintenance people are “looking into something.” we are flying to st. louis to spend some time in the studio 🙂 i’m super pumped. there is something so exciting to me about sitting here with just the songs on paper and rough demos to show for them, and in a few weeks we will have an actual finished product.
haha….no joke…the airline man just got on the microphone and said these words, “well folks, for those of you traveling to st. louis, this airplane’s broke.” hahahaa….jill and i are cracking up. people are funny. now you might be thinking that being delayed would piss me off…well i’ve decided that when things go wrong or annoy you…it’s way better just to laugh than get all huffy and puffy about something you have absolutely no control over. it’s so good to laugh. to laugh so hard that you cry. this happens to jill often. not crying…that happens to me often…but a common occurrence in our group of friends is uncontrollable, knee-slapping, doubled-over-in-pain-because-you-cant-breathe laughter. and when this happens…jill is the one to have little tears streaming from her eyes because she is laughing so hard. i’m the actual crier in the group….sometime when i feel more comfortable with this whole blog thing i’ll share about the scrabble incident of 2007.
it’s now 9:32am and i realize i’m a slow typer. all of these businessmen are on their cell phones making deals and pacing back and forth right in my space. and this businessman next to me must be ichating or something and his computer volume must have been on high and just made this really loud laughing noise…i’m trying really hard no to laugh…he’s embarrassed…i’m laughing.
ok…enough airport shanannigans.
more to come from studio 🙂
laugh hard.