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LONDON baby!!!!!!!

March 27, 2008

London has been awesome so far!  Wanted to share some fun pictures–Love…j&k  gate.jpgkate hanging on the gate outside buckingham palace… jilleurope.jpg     jill outside a really old building… inside-the-map.jpgkate getting “inside the map.” it’s a “FRIENDS” thing.  watch the one where they go to LONDON baby. jill-fish.jpgkate-fish.jpgthe largest fish and chips we’d ever seen. jk-flower.jpgah the pretty flowers…kate-jumping.jpg kate doing something really NOT PROPER for the queen…hahaha…. 

JiLLLLLLLLLLLLLL’s Blog. No Kate Allowed.

March 22, 2008

 Well, well, well…here it goes.  Due to the complaints of me not blogging enough, I am writing a special blog just for YOU! Okay, so it’s not that special, but it is for you.I had a grrrrrreat (like Tony the Tiger…i used to LOVE him) birthday and thanks for all of the birthday messages, comments, songs, parades….oh, no one had a parade? Next year I guess. Glasgow sang to me as most of you have seen…i wasn’t embarrassed at all…not even a little!! I have my ways of getting back at people, so watch out…=) I posted some pics below of the day…the cake was SO GOOD. Chocolate is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I like Europe. I have never been here before, but i am from New England so it’s practically like home, except of course for the lack of the Red Sox Nation presence here.  Also, Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy and they have them here, but they are NOT…i repeat NOT the same as they are in the States. It’s a bit of a tragedy because when we get home, Mini Egg season is about over so i totally missed out this year!! ahhhhhh….i’ll get over it. =) I’m really excited to check out London in a few days.  It’s pretty interesting seeing places you learn about in History class all through school…i wish i had listened harder…My brother and i both were born with a bit of the class clown-blood in us and i think i was making paper airplanes or cracking jokes during some of the history lessons…i’m re-learning them now.Anyway, we decided to start having themes everyday on tour. We started today with Side-ponytail day. I came up with that one…i’m pretty proud of that. I will include a picture just for kicks.  Thanks for listening to my random thoughts. Gotta go put some makeup on now. woohoo. (sense the sarcasm.) much love,j  jill-cake.jpgjill-bday.jpgpony.jpgjill-side-pony-tail.jpg

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2008

Where in the world are JillandKate?

March 13, 2008

Haha…we are wondering the same thing!  We just arrived in the UK after having a great time in Australia!  The weather was gorgeous–the people were ALL super friendly…good, good times were had by the ‘ole j&k.  Here are some pics from the travels…we shall write some more details soon….like when we both aren’t seeing the fasten seat belt sign when we close our eyes 🙂  Haha…much love to all- j&kadeliade.jpgflying into adeliade coffee.jpg  favorite breakfast place in melbourne has GREAT coffee…or shall I say a “flat white!” flower.jpgthis was a flower in our dressing room…Gerber daisies are kate’s favorite flower! dressing-room.jpghow many of these shots do we have?  what can we say…we were having a great time and wanted to document! jill-guitar.jpgjill playing the guitar 🙂sunglasses.jpgit’s now kate’s goal to take a pic in everyone else’s sunglasses. haha. bondi.jpgbondi beach = awesome!koala.jpgthey brought a koala bear to a show so we could ooooh and awwww!  how cute?plane.jpgthat was flying today….lots and lots of flying we have done…but it’s ALL been worth it!   

The Scrabble Story of 2007.

March 5, 2008

Ok…here it goes…I was on vacation…and I was playing scrabble with two of my good friends…both of which are really great scrabble players (but who will remain nameless for the sake of the story).  I wanted to be apart of the fun so I decided to play.  Now, I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not the best speller in the world.  Not to bash myself but I credit myself with having way more street smarts than book smarts.  I will also tell you that I might have had a glass of wine before the game, and I also had my “girly-time”…so ladies you know what I’m talking about…I might have been a little more emotionally unstable than usual.   I got the letter closest to “A” so I had to go first and me not thinking I wanted to spell out the word “C-O-A-L.”  Instead I spelled it “C-O-L-E.”  Both of my smart and witty friends both immediately START LAUGHING OUT LOUD and were like….WHAT?  THAT’S NOT A WORD! THAT’S NOT HOW YOU SPELL IT?? And I felt really stupid and burst into tears.  Just like a little girl who got her lollipop taken from her, I burst into tears.  My friends then felt bad and I was trying to tell them that it was okay…but I was crying and then just started laughing at the ridiculousness of my tears.  Now anytime I play scrabble with these girls…they remind me how to spell COAL.  It’s pretty awesome.  ALright that’s all….we are posting a new song on myspace right as I speak…Exciting times.  Australia rules.  Random thing below is me trying on my friend Einar’s rockin’ green shades!-kate green-glasses.jpg