The Scrabble Story of 2007.

Ok…here it goes…I was on vacation…and I was playing scrabble with two of my good friends…both of which are really great scrabble players (but who will remain nameless for the sake of the story).  I wanted to be apart of the fun so I decided to play.  Now, I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not the best speller in the world.  Not to bash myself but I credit myself with having way more street smarts than book smarts.  I will also tell you that I might have had a glass of wine before the game, and I also had my “girly-time”…so ladies you know what I’m talking about…I might have been a little more emotionally unstable than usual.   I got the letter closest to “A” so I had to go first and me not thinking I wanted to spell out the word “C-O-A-L.”  Instead I spelled it “C-O-L-E.”  Both of my smart and witty friends both immediately START LAUGHING OUT LOUD and were like….WHAT?  THAT’S NOT A WORD! THAT’S NOT HOW YOU SPELL IT?? And I felt really stupid and burst into tears.  Just like a little girl who got her lollipop taken from her, I burst into tears.  My friends then felt bad and I was trying to tell them that it was okay…but I was crying and then just started laughing at the ridiculousness of my tears.  Now anytime I play scrabble with these girls…they remind me how to spell COAL.  It’s pretty awesome.  ALright that’s all….we are posting a new song on myspace right as I speak…Exciting times.  Australia rules.  Random thing below is me trying on my friend Einar’s rockin’ green shades!-kate green-glasses.jpg

25 Responses to “The Scrabble Story of 2007.”

  1. Tricia W. Says:

    new song = amazing…that is all

    ps…scrabble-gate 2007, i would so do the same thing, you are not alone

  2. Melissa Says:

    OK hearing the new music trumped a group of us watching Juno….You ladies should feel honored….;)

    What wonderful music that is…it’s not a song…it’s music!! I am DYING to hear this new album….you guys have gone so far in advancement in with the direction this album is taking….I am thrilled and just wow, floored basically!!

    Aww kate, it’s ok…..I stay away from scrabble for that reason alone…I am all street smarts and not book smart…Thank the lord for spell checker @ work!

    And enjoy the warm weather for us still…..we are still dealing with the coldness up north 😡

  3. Mandi Says:

    New song + the scrabble story. You girls are spoiling us, I like it.
    Btw the song is amazing.
    I royally suck at scrabble, not because I am a bad speller, just because I do. lol. I probably would have done the exact same thing Kate, cried and then laughed because I was crying.

  4. Maggie Says:

    bwuahahahahahaha, aw, it’s ok, Kate! I’m in the same boat with you.. I like playing Scrabble but I’m not the best at it, my friends always win hardcore.

    The new song is amazing, I love it! *goes back to listen repeatedly*

  5. Melissa Says:

    yeah just me again….so we are having a little MSN discussion about the songs and we were wondering who sings “main vocals” on each song because your guys harmonies sound like 1…(yeah not proper english, but it’s 12 in the AM, what do you want from us?!)

    THIS is what we think

    You Never Know- Jill
    You Might Break My Heart- Kate

    So ladies are the fans right?!

  6. Michelle Says:

    totally would have done the same thing for scrabble…which means i would be in TROUBLE playing with your friends who remain nameless 😉 its amazing. my mom, who has never heard the goodness that is JillandKate, was down in the basement with me while i listened…and she perked up and was like…what is that great sound?!?! so you’ve got a new fan in my mom…so kudos.

  7. Helen Says:

    Thanks for the story!

    I’ll have to listen to the song later, it’s time to head to uni.

  8. Holly Says:

    hahaha…. oooh Kate, we love ya, lack of spelling skills and all 🙂

    LOVE the new song, in fact i think i just may be IN love with it, it’s beautiful and at the same a bit heart breaking, but in a beautiful way haha if that makes any sense.

    first a bunch of pics, then the scrabble 07 story then ANOTHER new song, you guys are too good to us, this really needs to stop :p

    p.s ok, Jill’s turn to tell an embarassing story, perhaps one where she smacked her head on the tour bus mirror when a group of Canadian girls yelled out her name haha

  9. Holly Says:

    oh and lovin’ the pic there kate, you need to steal them cuz they obviously make you look cooler

    ok, i really don’t like how we can’t edit our comments, it makes me feel like a tool cuz i always end up spelling something wrong or i forget to add something haha

  10. Panalee Says:

    Aww Kate…you are ridiculously too cute!!! Love the story and the pic 🙂

    I agree with everyone about spoiling us but I’m not complaining, I love it!!

    And the new song…OMG!!! I really don’t know what to say. What a brillant piece of music. You girls are just amazing…I mean I already thought that before y’all posted the new song I just needed to say it out loud again.

    Also…about doing live shows…we need some 🙂

    Take Care!!!!

  11. Erin Says:

    I am also spelling challenged. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
    I’m loving the shades.

  12. living vicariously Says:


    Paula Cole DEFINITELY considers Cole a word…so does Natalie Cole…and Kenneth Cole…and Cole Haan…

  13. living vicariously Says:

    Just listened to the tune.

    very pretty. really liked some of the interesting pbackground vocals. tummy-achingly sad.


  14. Amanda Says:

    I have yet to listen to the new song because I’m recovering from giggling a lot more than I probably should have at your story. I’m in the cafe at school. A cute guy with a guitar was checking me out prior to me reading this story. Clearly, I have ruined those chances 😛 I am just saying.

  15. Kelly Says:

    Sorry Kate! You know I’m the best scrabble player ever!

  16. Jessica Says:

    lmao COLE! ..thats a book store here so if you where counting stores that would totally count lol

  17. Monica Says:

    Yeah…see, I’m usually a good speller, but that is something I’d definitely do.
    Ya get those moments you’re excited you’ve got a word, put it down, and well….it doesn’t work.
    Man, I could go for a game of scrabble right now.

    You should totally catch either of your friends doing something embarassing and mock them for payback. muwahahaha.

  18. vanilla Says:

    lovin the new tune !!!!!! i cant wait to hear more of the new stuff !!!!

    And cole sooo is a word !!!! i play like u, i just make words up when i’m slightly drunk lol !!!!!

    u should play against kelly, i heard she’s queit the scrabble player or was it her that made u cry !!!!

  19. Jason Says:

    The song is great!

    And that Scrabble story reminded me of an embarrassing moment myself. So your not alone.

  20. Jessica Says:

    to add to my comment you can always do what i do ..when ppl tell you its not a word or you just randomly make something up just tell them its a farming tool..haha works every time .

  21. Alex Says:

    Its alright, my scrabble skills are weak too. Glad to hear OZ is ubber super!

  22. Liz Says:

    Hey girls,

    I’m soo bad at leaving comments and such, but I wanted you both to know that your music is beautiful and that I can’t wait for more. I’ve gotten my roommate and two other friends hooked on East Coast Bound and the two new songs. We really would love for ya’ll two to do some intimate shows. We are ready and willing to roadtrip!! haha.

    I’m loving the random stories and pictures on this blog. It was a good idea to start up.

    I hope you’re having a blast in Australia! I heard that you guys sang with KC on Beautiful Disater the other night and I can’t wait to hear it!!

    Bless us with some more new songs, please!

    ❤ Liz

  23. Stephanie Says:

    COLE is a real word!!! It’s in the Scrabble dictionary, I swear! Apparently it’s some plant in the cabbage family…So now you can totally stick it to them next time, lol!

    And I LOVE the new song. You guys have amazing harmonies! I can’t wait to hear more.

  24. Beth Says:

    awww…that is too funny! There’s nothing like a good cry during scrabble…I mean, I would cry if somebody made me play it!!haha The shades are very rockin…I suggest you find a pair for yourself…or just steal those from Einar…I’m sure he won’t notice!!haha

    Keep up the awesome skills ladies!

  25. Myriam Says:

    So I realize I’m replying on a blog that is like a year old, but hey I’m a new fan, and catching up. This story just made me laugh really hard. Thanks! 😉

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