Where in the world are JillandKate?

Haha…we are wondering the same thing!  We just arrived in the UK after having a great time in Australia!  The weather was gorgeous–the people were ALL super friendly…good, good times were had by the ‘ole j&k.  Here are some pics from the travels…we shall write some more details soon….like when we both aren’t seeing the fasten seat belt sign when we close our eyes 🙂  Haha…much love to all- j&kadeliade.jpgflying into adeliade coffee.jpg  favorite breakfast place in melbourne has GREAT coffee…or shall I say a “flat white!” flower.jpgthis was a flower in our dressing room…Gerber daisies are kate’s favorite flower! dressing-room.jpghow many of these shots do we have?  what can we say…we were having a great time and wanted to document! jill-guitar.jpgjill playing the guitar 🙂sunglasses.jpgit’s now kate’s goal to take a pic in everyone else’s sunglasses. haha. bondi.jpgbondi beach = awesome!koala.jpgthey brought a koala bear to a show so we could ooooh and awwww!  how cute?plane.jpgthat was flying today….lots and lots of flying we have done…but it’s ALL been worth it!   

16 Responses to “Where in the world are JillandKate?”

  1. melissa Says:

    looks like y’all are having a grand ol’ time….

    nice tans too ladies 😉

    UMM and that koala umm TOO CUTE

  2. Amanda Says:

    I wanna play with a kola!

    And I am completely jealous of the beach-age ladies. I want it to be beach weather here. Soon enough, soon enough. That’s what I keep telling myself. Heh.

    Glad you’re having a blast overseas!! Keep us posted.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Too bad I can’t spell koala 😛

  4. Mandi Says:

    haha, you are right, you have SO many of those pictures, but they are all great so im not complaining!
    Sounds like a great time. Im so jealous about the warm weather. Haven’t seen that here in Canada for what feels like forever!
    Can’t wait to hear more details and still can’t get enough of You Might Break My Heart and You Never Know. Just thought you’d like to know. haha

  5. jess Says:

    ah i am uber jelous of the weather in aussie! here in canada it wont stop snowing..my skin hasnt seen the sun for so long! btw loving those glasses more than einar’s odd green ones haha

  6. Holly Says:

    awesome pics ladies! nothing says best friends like jamming your faces together and doing the ‘ole one handed hold the camera shot haha

    nana hair rollers and sunglasses, hotness. that one almost beats the green Einar shades…. almost.

    only a baby koala could out shine you guys in your own blog, too flippin’ cute!!

    have a blast in the UK!! can’t wait to hear more from ya’s! 🙂

    oh and i too have to jump on the “im from canada and haven’t seen the sun in years” train. hope you enjoyed the warm weather for all of us who prob. wont see it for another few months haha 😛

  7. Panalee Says:

    How super cool and awesome that you guys are getting to see such beautiful places in this world? I’m glad you are enjoying yourselfs. I have to tell you that I’m pretty jealous myself. Though I’m not seeing snow every day but the “One day it’s 40 degrees and the next day it’s 70” is really getting pretty old. Anyway, keep having a fabulous time….it makes me smile 🙂

  8. JCH Says:

    It’s true…no one does coffee like Melbourne guys.

    So glad you’re having a great time. Enjoy the UK j&k.

  9. Monica Says:

    Okay. So first off. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW at the amazing and adorable koala bear.

    And second, that first pic with the both of you, you two look absolutely beautiful…

    And third, is Kate wearing her own sunglasses in the last pic? haha

  10. vanilla Says:

    Welcome to the UK !!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see ya’ll in 6 days in wolverhampton, australia looked amazing, but forget the warm weather here its cold windy and rainy !!!!! lol but dont worry u’ll love it !!!!!

  11. Karlynn Says:

    o hai j&k!

    lovin the pics, and the blogs. you girls rule. and that little koala is so freakin adorable. hope you’s are havin fun while traveling all over thee world.

    p.s. kate, loving all the sunglass’s pics. i totally copied your other pic you posted before (its my default on myspace..hehe). except i cant pull off the same fake excitement.

  12. Megdawg Says:

    I love the pics! You know in Zoolander how he has one look (“one look”!)…secretly when you made the comment about having that same pic of you guys it reminded me of that!…also I was on your awesome myspace page listening to your awesome new music and was reminded of this awesome blog. The word awesome was used 3 times in this comment and I am going to use it one more time to say that you all are AWESOME!

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Hey! Hope you’re liking the UK, I was at the gig on friday, a few of us were hoping to catch you around and about but no luck 😦

    Hope you guys had a blast in manchester though, shame about the 2nd show, with any luck we’ll see you guys back in manchester if it gets rescheduled.

    Hope the rest of the tour is awesome!

    P.S be sure to try dairy milk, if you don’t have anything else in the UK try cadburys dairy milk chocolate! Oh and thorntons fudge it’s aamaaaazzzinnng!

  14. Helen Says:

    Glad you had fun in Australia, I know I want to go soon!

    I hope you’re having fun in the UK – have either of you been before? I was at the Manchester show and it was absolutely fantastic – great job! I was waving at you a bit (from my awesome sport, 2nd row centre standing!) but I don’t think you saw me. Never mind, I had a brilliant time anyway!

  15. Beth Says:

    Looks like you guys are having an amazing time in all of your adventures…although I would expect nothing less!
    awww..the koala is soo cute! did you guys get to hold it?? I love that Kate is getting a pic with everyone’s sunglasses….who’s next?
    Anyway, keep up the fun…it’s very entertaining!

  16. nedim altan Says:

    Hi jill and kate.How are you?Im from turkey.I love you 🙂

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