JiLLLLLLLLLLLLLL’s Blog. No Kate Allowed.

 Well, well, well…here it goes.  Due to the complaints of me not blogging enough, I am writing a special blog just for YOU! Okay, so it’s not that special, but it is for you.I had a grrrrrreat (like Tony the Tiger…i used to LOVE him) birthday and thanks for all of the birthday messages, comments, songs, parades….oh, no one had a parade? Next year I guess. Glasgow sang to me as most of you have seen…i wasn’t embarrassed at all…not even a little!! I have my ways of getting back at people, so watch out…=) I posted some pics below of the day…the cake was SO GOOD. Chocolate is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I like Europe. I have never been here before, but i am from New England so it’s practically like home, except of course for the lack of the Red Sox Nation presence here.  Also, Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy and they have them here, but they are NOT…i repeat NOT the same as they are in the States. It’s a bit of a tragedy because when we get home, Mini Egg season is about over so i totally missed out this year!! ahhhhhh….i’ll get over it. =) I’m really excited to check out London in a few days.  It’s pretty interesting seeing places you learn about in History class all through school…i wish i had listened harder…My brother and i both were born with a bit of the class clown-blood in us and i think i was making paper airplanes or cracking jokes during some of the history lessons…i’m re-learning them now.Anyway, we decided to start having themes everyday on tour. We started today with Side-ponytail day. I came up with that one…i’m pretty proud of that. I will include a picture just for kicks.  Thanks for listening to my random thoughts. Gotta go put some makeup on now. woohoo. (sense the sarcasm.) much love,j  jill-cake.jpgjill-bday.jpgpony.jpgjill-side-pony-tail.jpg

17 Responses to “JiLLLLLLLLLLLLLL’s Blog. No Kate Allowed.”

  1. jessica Says:

    good news! they now make mini eggs for halloween AND christmas! i know i know its amazing!

  2. vanilla Says:

    i wanna know how mini eggs in the states are different to uk ones !!!!!!

    oh well i cant wait to for london either hopefully i’ll get to meet u 2, im meetin kelly @ a m&g so watch out nilla’s about lol !!!!!

    looks like u had a fun bday !!!! must remember a parade for next year….

    see ya soon

    nilla x

  3. melissa Says:

    didn’t the they you your pony is @ the end of your interactive history lesson? So listen and pay attention!!

    Good to hear y’all are STILL having a agood time and you were treated very well for your birthday!!

    Have a wonderful Easter to all (well try with what seems to be like imposter candy)!!!

  4. Beth Says:

    Mini Eggs are all I get for Easter! If you think they are good in the states, you should try them in Canada! 😉 Here is a little pic I took so show my love for them…

    And it’s nice to see you get your own blog, very nice of kate to share 😉 Glad your birthday was awesome! The parade is in the works for next year, so no worries!

    Tha cake looks good, but are you really only 3?? 😛

  5. Vicky Says:

    I love themes for things… good times.
    So an awesome birthday but generic mini eggs!
    Nice to hear you had a great time!
    Now, you realize that since you have now gone and did a solo blog, you have kind of set yourself to do.more? (oh crap right?)
    Hey, enjoy Europe and those theme days!

  6. Mandy Says:

    Love that you’re rocking the side-pony tail, I really think you’re re-starting the trend!

    Have fun in London!

  7. livin' vicariously Says:

    and the crowd screams a deafening,”AAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRR!!!” in response to Jill’s return to the bloggersphere…

    btw…Red Sox Nation is reving up! The Sox opened the season early in Japan and Papi hit a HUGE solo home run…

  8. Holly Says:

    HAHA, love it, “no kate allowed” about time! 😛 kate and her blog hogging ways ( just kidding kate, we love you)

    looks like you had an awesome birthday, but really, lying about your age already?… three? you could have atleast shot for something a little more realistic haha

    oh man, that really sucks about the mini eggs, i feel your pain, mini eggs are the best!

    and as beth said, parade just for you next year, we’ll even have a mini egg float!

  9. Mandi Says:

    Haha too funny!
    If I didn’t know your wacky faces, i would never guess that the cake was really good, but I will take your word for it because I know you like to make silly faces at the camera. Haha.

    and LOVING the theme days, I love theme anything haha and the side ponytail day would have so been something I picked to do too. You rock the side ponytail well I must say.

    Great to hear that y’all are having such a great time, and yes mini eggs are amazing. We need to start a petition to have them available all year long.

  10. Panalee Says:

    Wait a minute…so the parade I went to wasn’t for Jill’s birthday??? What the heck!!! 🙂

    I’m glad you had a great b-day and shared your pics with us. Keep having a rockin’ time on tour. I look forward to seeing you ladies at your own show sometime in the near future, right?

    Anyway…hope you both have a wonderful and safe Easter!!

  11. Tricia W. Says:

    haha glad you had a great birthday. aww mini eggs, such an awesome part of this time of year. LACK OF REDSOX NATION, how dare they haha.
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe!

  12. Monica Says:

    Pretty Jill!

    Gotta agree, chocolate’s the bestest 🙂
    And when I saw the title I cracked up.

    You should post instead of Kate 😛 (just kidding, folks)…but we do like seeing you, Jill! Especially your fellow New Englanders.

    Sounds like you all are having a blast…side ponytail day must have been fun 😀

  13. Amanda Says:

    Lovin’ side-ponytail day. I still rock one of those occasionally and it brings me back to the 2nd grade. I was so cool. Yeah huh.

    Anyway, I hope you girls have a rockin’ Easter and God bless! Oh! And you are more than welcome to have all of my mini eggs. I get nearly a truckload every year from the fam and I have never liked the darn things!! I am probably the only person on the planet not to like them too.

  14. Erin Says:

    Little do you know that I had a parade for you. I got a ton of mini eggs today! I hope that you get your fair share when you get back. I love that you picked the side pony theme because my friends and I often sport the side pony. I’m glad you had a good birthday! Happy Easter :o)

  15. elisestawarz Says:

    Glad you had a fabulous birthday, besides the little onstage embarrasment. (I know it’s spelled wrong. I’m lazy and don’t wanna look it up.) I think these themed days sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy the rest of your tour!

  16. Liz Says:

    It was good to hear from you Jill! No more letting Kate hog the blogs… haha.

    It’s great that ya’ll are having a great time in Europe. I know what you mean about parts of it being alot like New England, which is one of the reasons I absolutely love it over there. Originially being from Vermont – I feel more at home there than I do in some other parts of the US!

    I hope you both had a great Easter!

  17. Jennifer Says:

    Yeah I feel your pain on the chocolate thing I spent 3 months in new england so spent that time dealing with hersheys and “fake cadburys” (As we started to call it) I missed british chocolate so I totally get what you mean! Our chocolate is really different.

    Note for Vanilla who posted earlier….Our chocolate is dairy milk chocolate which although I think is the same in the USA it’s not made by cadbury’s but has the cadbury’s name in some cases….Ours has more of a creamy taste to it though much more millky. Thats from personal experience though what I think.

    Anyhow yeah good to see ya blogging, glad you had a good birthday even in crazy old england!
    Hope the rest of the tour is just as ammaaaaazing!

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