LONDON baby!!!!!!!

London has been awesome so far!  Wanted to share some fun pictures–Love…j&k  gate.jpgkate hanging on the gate outside buckingham palace… jilleurope.jpg     jill outside a really old building… inside-the-map.jpgkate getting “inside the map.” it’s a “FRIENDS” thing.  watch the one where they go to LONDON baby. jill-fish.jpgkate-fish.jpgthe largest fish and chips we’d ever seen. jk-flower.jpgah the pretty flowers…kate-jumping.jpg kate doing something really NOT PROPER for the queen…hahaha…. 

27 Responses to “LONDON baby!!!!!!!”

  1. Panalee Says:

    Super cute pics!!! Glad y’all are having a fab time.

    Yeah…those fish and chips…I think they totally screwed y’all on the chips part but I guess the big a** fish they gave you makes up for it 🙂

  2. Skye Says:

    To think on my watch it is 8:30 p.m. on March 26, 2008…. You all are in the future 🙂 Hope you are enjoying London. There is a bar in Egham that is right outside of London and it is called the Stumble Inn! Genius! Have a great time.

  3. Amanda B Says:

    Getting in the map… hilarious!

    That is a HUGE gate!

  4. elisestawarz Says:

    I’m glad you’re having fun in London. I don’t watch Friends, so I don’t get the map thing, but my roomie loved it! Say hi to Harry for me. (Are ya’ll Team Harry or Team Wills?)

  5. Helen Says:

    Tell me you got more chips than that! I know as a Brit I should like mushy peas, but standard peas are much better.

  6. Vicky Says:

    So in that last pictures it looks like you are in mid air!

  7. Erin Says:

    I’m soooo jealous. I totally got the map thing and you are that much cooler now I know that you love Friends as much as me. Kate, you have mad hops. I’m glad ya’ll are having a good time.

  8. melissa Says:

    ok i think Kate is enjoying London a lil’ too much and Jill is just plain ol’ upset she STILL didn’t get her pony!!

    Hurry up and come home guys and put some shows of your own on up in the NYC/Boston area 🙂

    I DEMAND IT!!!!

  9. Tricia W. Says:

    Was the line a dot to anyone? haha I love friends.
    Glad your having fun in Londay (baby). It’s time for you to come do some of your own shows. I too DEMAND IT!

  10. Mandi Says:

    Haha I laughed pretty hard at the getting “inside the map” thing. Pretty much any Friends reference makes me laugh though. How could it not?

    Anyway it looks like you gals are having a fab time in London.
    I must add in that it looks like Kate is just photoshopped in in the last picture!! Haha it is hilarious.

    I agree about doing your own shows. I would love it if you came to visit the great white north when you do your own shows 🙂 You know I would be there… whether that helps or hurt my case i dunno, but hopefully you consider it!

  11. Amanda Says:

    I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you two. London baby. You girls are too fun.

    On a side note, there are just way too many Amandas who read this blog. Wow.

  12. Olwen Says:

    Woooooo awesome pics guys, I love England. I just got back to Ireland from seeing you guys with KC in Bournemouth, You guys were awesome I loved when you were singing Beautiful Disaster with KC it gave me chills, I got some cool photo’s of you guys aswell one is so totally awesome but I did notice you giving me funny looks when I was taking them haha.

    Oh and did y’all like the Easter Egg thingies I made for you guys and the band I gave them to KC at the m+g, It was Irish chocolate too awesome huh lol j/k

  13. Amy Says:

    Glad you girls are having fun! Jill, we were born 3 days apart (1982, right?) and we’re both from Boston which just makes us! Yeah, we pretty much rock. As does Kate’s leap(?) for the queen. She’s probably glad you’re so excited to be there. 😛

    Anywho, go back to getting inside the map and enjoy the tour!! 😀

  14. Jennifer Says:

    Ya gotta love london…..Although I got lost when I was there last time, dang london people and “the train station is just down the road” 45 minutes later I got there!!! whats the deal?! haha Glad to see you guys are having fun!

    I’ll be seeing you guys in Manchester on the 8th….*hint hint come out and visit and see us all freezing our butts off from queuing from 9am ’cause we’re cool like that haha*

  15. jessica Says:

    love how u mentioned friends and getting in the map lol . I LOVE YOUR BOOTS KATE!

  16. Rachel Says:

    Gald you guys are having fun over here.
    Kate, I think we all know that the queen would do that too if she could.

  17. Monica Says:

    Niceeee pictures.
    but the fish and chips made me gag a little.
    I have a strong hate for fish.

    I love the last one’s caption hahaha

  18. vanilla Says:

    LONDON BABY !!!!!! that all ive said since i got to london !!!!!! ur pics are amazing !!!!! glad to hear u’ve had a good time !!!!

    ive just got in my second london gig !!!!!! and both were great first one for my m&g and the second for being right at the front and gettin to see y’all !!!!!! i was wearin a white tee and i was right in the centre

  19. vanillaspaceman Says:

    oh btw i have a blog now so check it out

  20. Holly Says:

    love the pics! haha @ the “inside the map” too funny you girls are.

    and wow, that fish looks… interesting, ill leave it at that haha

    glad you guys are having a wicked time!! party it up and when you get back home do some shows of your own, as you can tell, we wanna get to some!! 🙂

    oh and yeah, you guys totally win for musicians with the most “amanda” fans, that’s crazyness right there.

  21. Beth Says:

    Awesome pictures ladies!! I wanna do London JK style…minus the fish, that I can live without. Although it is very big….

    Random, do you guys always eat with your hats on? And why are you jumping kate?haha

    Oh and I must say, Kate you look very London-esk!! It reminds me of Christopher Robin, the real one…if only your coat was red.

    Speaking of red, you guys have to go find one of those guards with the funny hats and have Jill make him laugh with her funny faces! If anyone can make them crack, it’s Jill!

  22. Elaine Says:

    Aww, looks like ye had an excellent time. I flew over from Ireland for the 26th gig and you guys were awesome!!! I had a MnG before the show so that made everything 10 times better (‘cept that I think I basically said, ‘Duuuhhhhhh’ the entire time). I brought your cd over with me just in case I ran in to ye, but alas, it was not to be. Oh well… I was doing the sightseeing thing on Thursday too, bringing my sis’ to Fleet St. (big Sweeney Todd fan there LOL) and St.Paul’s, among other things. Glad you’re enjoying Europe, and I hope the rest of the tour rocks 😀

  23. Karlynn Says:

    uhh. i wanna go to london.

    you guys look like youre having alot of fun. and to me, that fish and chips doesnt look too appetizing.

    have an awesome time on the rest of the tour!

  24. Nina Says:

    Oh goodness! I love that you love Friends.
    I was just talking today with my friend about how upsetting it is when you use a Friends reference and no one gets it. It makes my heart sad.

    Personally, my fav is Pheobe’s spelling abilities.
    “P as in Phoebe, h as in hebe, o as in oebe, e as in ebe, b as in bebe, and e as in ‘ello there mate!” << Which totally relates slightly to London!

    Have a wondeful trip throughout the rest of Europe!! I’m mega jealous! :]

  25. Carrie Says:

    First of all, please tell me that you got more than *counts* three chips? The fish is HUGGGEEEEEE but looks slightly burnt! Not good! Did you eat it?

    While you guys were sight seeing I was queing from some ridiculous time in the morning outside the Hammersmith. I didn’t even enter in to the city centre once in my whole stay there. :-O Shameful! Looks like you had a good time. Shame the weather’s been miserable!

    Friends fans! WOO! Best one has to be the one where Phoebe’s flirting with Chandler! Ah gotta love Phoebe!

    Look forward to seeing you guys in Manchester on April 8th! And Kelly, too, of course!

  26. lindsay Says:

    ummm MAJOR kudos for the Friends shout out. Friends = (said in a Chandler voice)

  27. Anakellya Says:

    awww 🙂
    shame i didn’t see you in London 😦 well i did, on stage! but yah know what i mean 🙂

    but you looked like you were having a blast!
    x o x o

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