Weird things in kate’s world…

Well….I’m up earlier than usual so I thought I’d blog.  I’ve been seeing some rather unusual things recently and thought I would share some of them.  

This being the first thing:

This was a hairdryer in a hotel I stayed at recently in Belgium.  When I first walked in I thought to myself…what in the world is this?  I had no idea!!!  That is by far the strangest thing I have ever seen.  But… I like trying new things…so I did….and I thought it might be a super duper turbo dryer or something that might dry my hair only in seconds… not the case.  It had no power at all.  But I had to whip out my camera because I do not in my lifetime want to forget the strangest hairdryer I’d ever seen.

Here is something else unusual:

Yup.  Those are wheels.  AIrplane wheels.  Now you might be thinking why is this so unusual?  We all know that airplanes have wheels…well…here’s my thought.  An entire, HUGE airplane is going to land on those small, little wheels??? I mean…I know they are actually pretty big wheels…but a massive 747 boeing something or other is going to land on those.  Really?  That’s it.  Wow.  As you can probably tell I am way to much of a child to just stand next to the wheels for my picture…I had to climb on them…even with my peppermint mocha from Starbucks! 

This next thing is not so unusual but it’s pretty unusually awesome:

This picture is not the best quality of sorts but I want to share my new found love for a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.  Fluff, also known as “mallow” to some, comes in a medium sized jar, generally with a bright red lid–it’s a spreadable marshmallow creme and it’s the BEST!  

 The picture above is of a real “fluffernutter.”  Some grew up eating these sandwiches on many occasions…I did not.  I stuck to the usual peanut butter & jelly, or some sort of meat & cheese.  Never was the fluff apart of my stuff.  Haha.  But it is now…and I love it.

Now this next thing is kind of personal…and unusual:

Guys–it’s time for me to come clean.  I never thought the day would come…but it did.  I wore the “skinny” jean with converse.  You might be laughing right now because this has been a popular trend for some time now–but I never liked it.  I didn’t understand why all of a sudden a pair of flare or bootcut jeans were just not as cute.  I mean I think the “skinny” jean idea is genius for when you have on boots…but I could never do it with normal shoes on.  But on this day…I did.  I guess I just don’t like the name of them either…”skinny jeans.”  I am giving the big VETO to the name… I’ll be thinking of another name for them.

The last thing is not unusual…it’s just one of my favorite things:

Flying at night.  I love looking out the window and seeing all the lights.  It’s one of my favorite things ever.

Love from the girl who will keep her eyes out for more unusual things…



17 Responses to “Weird things in kate’s world…”

  1. Anakellya Says:

    HAHA! Loveage!
    they have those hairdryers in my school swimming pool changing rooms!
    they suck!
    i spilt suntan lotion in my swimming bag, my friends were helping me dry it off with those things, it took us an hour and a bit! AND IT STILL WASN’T DRY!
    ughh! lol.
    Awesome new blog 🙂
    The last picture made me smile 🙂
    x o x o

  2. Beth Says:

    What a list of unusual things! Brilliant!
    Peanut Butter and Fluff is the bomb. I ate that and only that one a weekend camping trip once. It fluffed me right up 😉
    That hair dryer scares me, it truely does. Too bad it didn’t dry your hair in seconds tho, but know we know.
    The skinny jean? really kate? the skinny jean?? That’s a bit
    So are you guys home yet?? huh huh? Let is know when you touch down in the US….with those freakishly small wheels 😉

  3. melissa Says:

    ok one question, where the heck is the plane that is supposed to be attached to those tires?!?!?!

    next time be more confident about admitting to the wearing of the skinny jeans with cons……HAHA and maybe we will believe ya 😉 j/k

    and that nighttime pic is really purdy

    JUST think 3 more days and you guys will be back in the states, make these last few days over there count BIG TIME!!!!

    Can’t wait for some JandK goodness this summer!!!

  4. Tricia W. Says:

    Awesome blog, I love unusual things.
    Peppermint Mocha, goooood choice. And yes out of all things you just described that is the one I pick out to comment on haha.
    Can’t wait for some J&K shows this summer, or possibly sooner.

  5. Monica Says:

    I’ve had fluff before, but not a PB&Fluff sandwhich…Always wanted to try it though!
    I cant think too much about airplanes, because then I just get a liiiittle creeped out.
    That’s one funky hair dryer and one GORGEOUS picture from the plane. Just bee-ay-u-tiful 😀

  6. Panalee Says:

    I was fortunately one of the kids that grew up on “fluffernutter” sandwiches. Though by the time I was five my mom stopped giving them to me because one time my cousin made me six of them and I ate it ALL…needless to say it was AWESOME trying to get me to bed that night 🙂 Still love them.

    Anyway, you are just too darn adorable and awesome for words…love hearing about the weirdness in Kate’s world. Keep it coming!!!

  7. Amanda Says:

    Can I just say that I’m the EXACT same way about skinny jeans. Ahh. They drive me crazy most of the time. But, sometimes change is good? Maybe. We’ll see. A new name for them is a total must though!

    And Fluff is an essential part of any girls’ night-in… so I have learned. I never really ate it as a child either. The first time I tried it was when I was sixteen, because my best friends thought I was a martian when I said I never had it. It’s been at every girls’ night ever since. That and Nutella! Apparently I was missing out on the essentials of an American childhood. Whatever. I grew up fine 🙂

  8. jessica Says:

    ok first of all i dont think i would of used that hair dryer..looks rather scary and what if it sucked up all my hair?
    second of all never heard of the fluff stuff but now i feel like i was a deprived child . also “skinny” jeans can also be called”cant breathe jeans” people always say they look so hot when i wear them but i literally feel like i am going pass out when i wear them haha.

  9. vanillaspaceman Says:

    wow ur as random as me !!!!! lol !!!

    where was the flight picture taken i love it !!!!

  10. Tina Says:

    LOL I live in Belgium and I have never seen such a hair dryer!

    Awesome blog, and okay I will never wear skinny jeans so I guess that was kind of brave of you to wear it! XXXX

  11. Jennifer Says:

    I have yet to try a fluffernutter despite being told many a time to do so, unfortunately fluff costs so much here since it’s imported n’all.

    That hairdryer oh gosh our swimming pool used to have one of those in the changing rooms when I was a kid…….used to confused me too!

  12. Holly Says:

    haha, you need to wake up really early more often 😉

    first of all, it would have taken me a whole weekend to figure out that hairdyer and by the time i did i wouldn’t have time to try it out.

    second of all the whole thought of a marshmellow, sugary spread on my bread doesn’t sound too apealing to me, but hey whatever floats your boat haha

    third of all, brave move on the skinny jeans, i find they make my feet look like flippers, so that’s a no go for me. I still haven’t determined if i like them or not and by the time i do they will be out of style, i know i know, sucks to be me, it’s tough.

    fourth of all (like that eh?) looooove flying at night! there is just something about it that is so calming!

    ok, keep up the blogging ladies, we love it 🙂

  13. Erin Says:

    um the sandwich is boss. no joke. my younger brother ate them when he was little but i never did. but now, its a favorite. i agree with the skinny jeans thing, i only wear them with boots b/c i have a butt so i dont think they flatter me at all. that hair dryer looks like a vaccuum.

    i love when ya’ll blog almost every day.
    it makes me smile. :o)

  14. Vicky Says:

    The hair dryer is just freaky. I mean, how many working parts does it need and why is it soo huge? Turns out those are in cruise ship rooms alot. I got a link if you want to buy one! Weird stuff! Love the fluff. Grew up on it, not with peanut butter, though. It is a good ingrediant for peanut butter fudge. Or it is delicious just with a spoon from the jar. Like pure sugar, minutes later your teeth just fall right out!
    Randomnes is good! WHY are there airplane tires on a street in town??????? Like your thought process when you awake so early!
    Looking forward to you two being back home! You should come to FLORIDA…..we have palm trees and beaches! Hard to believe your tour is over. Fun stuff.
    Yea, we are going to think of questions. We will be quizmasters!

  15. Kelly Says:

    Gosh…fluffer…haven’t thought about that stuff for many years…prob be an easier way to make s’mores. Peppermint mocha…right on…my fave at the Starbucks! I get spingly when I see cities all aglow from an airplane too…beautiful pic. And lastly…not only where is the plane that goes with the wheels…what the heck is a pair of airplane wheels doing in the middle of what looks much like a mall…or is it an airport…which “might” make more sense…still a wee bit on the strange side. And you asked us for questions…have you lost your mind?!?! LOL. Get ready ladies!!

    Safe travels…

  16. Elise Says:

    Skinny jeans have always confused me…I mean, they look fabulous, but uncomfortable much? I think so. For me at least. I also love that last airplane picture. Flying anytime, especially at night though, is awesome. I recently flew into Vegas at night and the strip was pretty amazing looking.

  17. Meghan Says:

    If you like the “Fluffernutter” you might like this. My grandad always fixes what he calls a “peanutbutterthing” (so original huh? lol) when I stay over at my grandparents’. Here’s how it’s done…

    Set your oven to BROIL

    Spread Peanut-Butter on one slice of bread

    Take a handful of marshmellows and sprinkle on top

    Then place the “Peanutbutterthing” on a cookie sheet and put that mug into the oven! haha

    It doesn’t take long for the marshmellows to brown so watch it and don’t walk away from it. And BAM! You have one amazing edible creation. I know it sounds like a lot of work but to me it’s worth it! God bless you guys.

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