We got this from Elaine in Ireland and we needed to share! It’s pretty ridiculously awesome! Thank you so much Elaine!

21 Responses to “WOW!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    WOW, that is so cool!

    Nice job Elaine! Expressers rule! 🙂

  2. melissa Says:

    woo hoo she did send it to you!!


    You guys are now official since you have been drawn by Elaine!!!!

  3. Holly Says:

    that’s insane!!

  4. Sarah Says:

    OMG thats awesome!!! you did a nice job elaine… as always :-))

  5. vanilla Says:

    i met elaine at my m&g in london she wicked !!!!! the pics are amazing she has a real talent !!!!!!

  6. Marleen Says:

    That’s so cool! Elaine, you are really talented 🙂

  7. Sarah Says:

    Very nice of you, Elaine, to draw Jill and Kate! You create beautiful work! What a great pic!


  8. Beth Says:

    Elaine is so talented!! That’s bitchin!

  9. Gem Says:

    Loves it, thanks for sharing girls!! x

  10. Rachel Says:

    I asked her if she could draw one of y’all and she was kind enough to do so. Shes awesome.. this is awesome!
    Rachel x

  11. Jennifer Says:

    I love that drawing I saw it over on the J&K message board and on the express, it’s amazing!

    Wish I could draw like that!

  12. Er Says:

    “You guys are now official since you have been drawn by Elaine!!!!” -haha… enough said!!!

    Great Job Elaine!!! 😛

  13. Elaine Says:

    I’ve had a grin permanently plastered across my face since I heard you guys posted this on here 😀 Delighted you like it and thanks to all above for the cool comments 😀

  14. Caity Says:

    Thats pretty fricken sweet!

  15. Pam Says:

    that is awesome! reallyyy good job. (:

  16. Aoife Says:

    yaaaay. go elaine!

    yay for the irish peeps!

  17. Liz Says:

    Wow – that is a great drawing! Wish I had talent like that! Great job Elaine.

  18. Anakellya Says:

    wowww thats awesome!
    welldone Elaine :]

  19. Monica Says:

    That’s wicked awesome.
    I lack the artistic ability that both my cousins have. *sigh*

  20. Kelly Says:

    OMG!! What an incredible talent! Right on!

  21. Marley Says:

    So I was just wondering how many pencil strokes that took? That is just plain AMAZING!

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