Jill’s New Sunglasses!!!


16 Responses to “Jill’s New Sunglasses!!!”

  1. Panalee Says:

    Frickin’ awesome ladies!!! I tend to break/lose my sunglasses fairly often. In fact, I don’t know where mine are at the moment.

    But really Kate…get out of Jill’s shot!!! 🙂 Just kidding!!! We love seeing your face too!

  2. Holly Says:

    ok this is the kinda vid we need to see more often, just random jillandkateness, love it haha

  3. Olwen Says:

    LMAO loved this blog, It’s not often we get a jillified video blog and again Eeeeep for being in the studio and new j&k music…Maybe you guys should give us a preview of what to expect in the new album in y’alls next vlog, Just ya know throwin that idea out there 😛

  4. Maggie Says:

    Jill actually WANTING to be on camera?? that’s a welcomed surprise! yall crack me up 🙂

  5. Erin Says:

    umm I live outside Chicago and I go to school in the city. Um I also break sunglasses Jill, you’re not alone. I have to get a new pair every month. I dig the Elvis lip at the end. It was a nice touch. You two get cooler by the blog.

  6. Marley Says:

    Ok I think you did it! You totally topped the last video that was AWESOME! I kind of needed a laugh today and the pretty much did it right there… It’s ok if you break your sunglasses just go to the flea market and get a new pair (they are like $5) then you can wear a new pair everyday. That’s what I do! Who wants $500 sunglasses when you can get them for $5… haha. Well the background music sounded great and keep coming with the video blogs.

  7. Tricia W. Says:

    I’ll have you know that I restrained myself from watching this video as I got distracted from studying for finals. I am home from said studying and this is exactly what I needed. WOW, that video was just great. We need more of these random vids.
    oh and lovely little guitar riffs in the background.

  8. Kelly Says:

    Can you say Vlog Hog?!?! LOL Actually…great seeing Jill hog the spotlight for a change…love it!! You were looking hot in those shades…might as well flaunt it! Thanks for checkin’ in ladies…we been missin’ y’all round here!! I’m down with Olwen…a little preview maybe?

  9. Mandi Says:

    Haha Oh poor Kate, having to compete with all that Jill hotness. I love the new shades. Keep the random v-blogging going. Love it ❤

  10. Melissa Says:

    ok i really like those glasses!

    isn’t there like a sunglasses hut or something in Chicago? they always have the nice sunglasses cases, and since they carry high end glasses they always have larger/funny shaped ones

    that is all…..

  11. Jen Says:

    lmaoo that was great

  12. Rachel Says:

    nice sunglasses Jill!

    great vlog ladies.

    *no one can deny the awesomenes of jill and kate*

  13. Anakellya Says:


    “i don’t need you when i look like this”
    funniest line EVER (:

    that just made my dayy! =D


  14. Jennifer Says:

    hehe that made me chuckle…..was a little bit like Jill…wanting to be in a video blog?! Cool sunglasses!

    Anyhow nice to see ya video blogging again!

    xx Jen

  15. Monica Says:

    Hey! I looked for sunglasses at walmart a few days ago…I guess I should try Target

    “This is my turn,” that’s right, Jill. We don’t get to see much of ya when Kate rambles. (Just kidding, I swear).
    These make me wanna do my own video blogs, but I wouldn’t since I’m a lame nobody and would bore people to death. Ah well.

  16. vanilla Says:

    u crack me up !!!!!

    nice sun glasses jill !!! dont break them

    great to hear u guys are back in the studio cant wait to hear some new tracks

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