Do I have ADD? ANd men.

This is a question I’ve been pondering…I am constantly restless.  Fidgity…if you will. This blog is going to be restless and random.  I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a good man.  Ya know…a tall, built man…that likes all my ideas and never talks back.  I’ve found three mean so far…Elvis, Tom and Patrick…here are some pictures and stories about all of them:


I met him on a crazy night out on the town.  I think he’s a little old for me and a little stiff.  I like a man to be able to let loose a little bit. Nevertheless, he was fun for a bit…but in the end…he just isn’t the one for me.



Tom is great.  Don’t we make just the cutest couple in the whole world?  We met in the grocery store…he was picking up some water…I was picking up some Newman O’s (Only the hint o’ mint flavor though).  We dated on and off for quite some time–but I decided to break things off when I realized that he was more focused on being a male model than on being my boyfriend.  So he was a goner.


Oh Patrick.  He won my heart over right from the beginning.  We might have rushed things by getting engaged so quickly–and by getting married so quickly..but I could  not help myself.  He was a charmer and those blue eyes of his were all I saw.  I divorced him the second I saw him CHEATING on me…can you believe it?  And with this girl of all people?  Can you believe it?

She thinks she’s so cool.  Whatever.  I hope they’re happy together. Whatever.  I’m out to find a better man.

19 Responses to “Do I have ADD? ANd men.”

  1. Tricia W. Says:

    oh man that made me laugh so hard, thank you

  2. melissa Says:

    well you guys do come as a pair…SO i can see how Mr. Patrick’s eye can stray!!!!

    Now that is what i like to call an awesome blog!! HAHAHA thank you for turning a crappy day around!!!

  3. Amanda Says:

    I am the poster child for ADD. Distracted by shiny objects? Check. Distracted while operating a vehicle? Double check (and scary too!…. Sorry pedestrians!) And I fidget like no other. But anyways, seriously, it’s too bad there aren’t more Patrick Dempseys in this world because I’m pretty sure I’m actually married to him 😉 Sorry ladies!

  4. Holly Says:

    ahhhh it’s blog madness and im lovin’ it!!

    so THIS is what you guys do when not on tour, man hunting haha

    keep up the awesome blogging, it makes me laugh 🙂

  5. Mandi Says:

    Oh no you didn’t. I have been married to Patrick since his “Can’t Buy Me Love” days and now I find out that he has been or is married to three other girls. How completely man-whore of him.

    I met Elvis too and took a picture with him (he was standing the exact same way and in the exact same spot – go figure). He is rather stiff.

    Haha loved the blog girls. It gave me quite the chuckle.

  6. Jessica Says:

    lmfao! that was great. ps .kate alot of ppl have kissed that same statue..just sayin out for mouth herpes. anyways your next”vlog” should be rockband:)

    happy Thursday!

  7. Sarah Says:

    I noticed the older that I get, the faster my mind is to wander, and never stop! LOL

    Loved the pics, too…come to think of it, a friend of mine has a pic with Patrick as well…that man gets around. LOL 😉

    Hugs to ya both,

  8. Panalee Says:

    I heart you both! That is all.

  9. Erin Says:

    so im pretty sure i have the same picture with patrick.
    kate, you can do much better than those three.
    jill, i never knew you were a homewrecker 😉
    you two make me laugh.

  10. Anakellya Says:

    wow another blog? (:
    this HAS got to be the funniest one ever!
    Elvis is wayyy to old though. good choice with Patrick =P can’t you & Jill just share? (: haha


  11. Jennifer Says:

    What an awesome blog to wake up to, made me laugh…a lot!
    x Jen

  12. agaffka Says:

    OMG!! LOL!!! i really got to show this to people that say that IM weird and random!!! I personally see nothing wrong with being weird and random bt apparently some people have issues with that!!!
    Love you guys!!!! xox xox <— one of these is for Kate and the other is for Jill 😛 xD

  13. vanilla Says:

    fancy him cheating on u kate !!!!! im sure u’ll find mr right and who’ll treat u right lol

    awesome blog ladies !!!!!

  14. Marley Says:

    I was honestly laughing so hard at work that I had to put my hand over my mouth so people wouldn’t wonder what’s up! But of course they still asked. Thanks now your getting me in trouble at work!! 🙂

    No but seriously I totally feel you girl. It’s hard finding mister right out there. But don’t worry someday he will just show up at your door! Oh yeah, I too fell in love with Patrick I had a total crush on him from the Can’t Buy Me Love days, then Grey’s Anatomy I started to fall harder, and Man of Honor pretty much put me head of hills in love with him. But now that I know he is such a man horror I just can’t go there. I’m trying to get out of the bitter phase of my life not back in it!!!!

    That may have been the best blog EVER!!! Keep up the good work girls….

  15. pam Says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing, i would have fallen for Patrick too.!!! He was awesome in Made of Honor.

    keep up the amazing blogs—-) Laughter is good medicine!

    love to both of you…pam

  16. Rachel Says:

    HAHA! love the randomness.
    this is hilarious.
    Patrick alway has my heart =]

  17. Rachel Says:

    oooooo you didnt see george Clooney or Matt Damon anywhere by any chance ?

  18. Monica Says:

    That was definitely the best blog.

    Kept me entertained. I normally don’t actually laugh out loud…but this actually made me. Especially towards the end.

    Glad to know there are more odd (no offense) people in the world. 😀 I no longer feel left out, anymore. 🙂

  19. Jen Says:


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