Cry Your Eyes Out.

Well, for all of you who thought this might be Jill blogging…you’ve got it wrong.  It’s Kate again…but really..I like to talk more, so it should be obvious that I am going to want to blog more 🙂  Hehe.  I wanted to write something a little more serious, and to be honest, a little more personal.  I had one of those moments recently where you have a total break-down, you have tears and snot dripping down your face and you’re practically in hysterics.  Over what you might ask…nothing really.  Stupid, petty things that get under my skin or make me feel insecure.  But after having this cry fest I’ve decided (and thus inspiring me to share…) that I think it’s good to cry your eyes out every once in awhile.  Find someone that loves you….you’re BFF, your BF or GF, a parent, a neighbor, a puppy…heck even if you pay to go cry to someone….DO IT.  It helps. You somehow breathe easier afterwards.  It’s strange…because in the moment you feel like you are in this awful tunnel of darkness and you think that you might never see the light again…but once you do–it’s just such a relief.  I think there has also been medical research done on how good crying is for you (feel free to google it at your discretion..I was too tired). And please, do not get the wrong idea about why I am blogging this.  I am not trying to be melodramatic and by no means do I want you to feel sorry for me…I have such a blessed life…sometimes I can’t believe I get to live it…everyday….I love my life 🙂  But everyone has their moments where there needs to be a release to make you feel human again. So, if you are reading this and need to let it out…I hope you feel like you have a safe place to do it and that you don’t feel crazy for doing it…YOU AREN’T CRAZY.  It’s normal.  

More than anything…I hope everyone is feeling loved.



32 Responses to “Cry Your Eyes Out.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Insomnia much? Haha. Me too, me too. Anyway, I find it completely fitting that you blogged about this now… because today was just one of those days for me. For the most part I deal with things pretty fantastically, but I guess whatever was bothering me really sunk under my skin today. Usually when I get like that… I like to close off and just… I dunno. Not let anybody in. At least for a while anyway. Till I get everything in my head sorted out. But today I needed a good cry. So that is exactly what I did. For a good hour I cried about all sorts of different problems… with my momma right by my side. I swear, I will be old and gray, and still need that woman by my side for days like these. But it made me feel 100% better, you are right. It lets out all that pent up stress I think. Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better Kate, and just know that your timing is impeccable!

  2. Panalee Says:

    Ah Kate…can I tell you that you’re such an amazing person? Can I tell you that your blog, as Amanda put it, has such perfect timing? I know everyone in life has those moments…some more than others…but to share that with us…you’re just amazing and have helped more people than you know with your bedside thoughts. 🙂

    I hope you’re feeling better! Funny how a few drops of water can give you peace huh?

    Hope you know you’re loved here too!!!

  3. Anakellya Says:

    Wow Kate that was touching! Seriously.
    I loved the bit that you said: “you feel like you are in this awful tunnel of darkness and you think that you might never see the light again” . i feel like that all the time.
    and i’m glad you have people around you who you can cry with :] it’s hard to find people like that. and people that make you feel better after you feel worse. i know i haven’t personally found those people yet but in time they’ll come. right now i just cry to myself.
    anyway- i hope you’re okay now!! 🙂

    PS. you’re very loved!!

  4. pam Says:

    I know what you mean about crying, sometimes it just comes out at the most unexpected times. I do have a few things that might help besides having your best friends. Reading the bible is my first line of defense, Isaiah 26, James 1, and more if you need them. Also I keep a box of all the good things that happen to me, my many blessings. When I get in a place like that I can open my box and think good thoughts. And I have been keeping a journal for about three years and I can go back and look at them and they always put me in a better mood.
    I hope this helps you, it is always good to be prepared. Remember you have many people who love you, and I will keep you in my prayers.
    The Joy of the Lord is our Strength.

    -pam :—)

  5. Marley Says:

    Thanks for sharing and just like others have said before the words you have written seem to come at the perfect time. A couple of weeks ago I came to the same point that you are at now and I seemingly decided to blog about it in the middle of the night too! But honestly I think it happens quite often to me and I’m sure that my friends love the phone calls in the middle of the night…. But they are real troopers and for that I will forever be grateful. I was totally crying last night but not because something upset me but because I realized that I have been blessed with the most amazing friends. Even though we all live so far away from each other we still have this bond that seems to only grow as we get older. They always know what to say at the exact moment that I need them to say something profound. But in the end I believe that is God’s way of strengthening my heart.

    I guess I do have point to all the rambling above; ok maybe not. But you do need to cry to get out all your frustrations and whomever you share that experience with you seem to be connect to for life!

    Thanks again for being you and just expressing your personal thoughts with us. You are more talented then you can ever imagine and you have an amazing gift to help others with your words of wisdom.

  6. SarahLee23 Says:

    Awww, Kate! We all have those days, and yes, you’re right..crying is so theraputic!!! I always have to cry really hard to just let go of everything and then I can pull myself together. It’s just how I cope. I kinda even love a good cry, because it’s like cleansing your soul. I’ll even go so far as to listen or watch stuff that will make me cry just to get it out. It’s also a blessing to have wonderful people in our lives who will listen and understand where we are coming from, and just be there for us when we need them. 😉

    My younger sister once gave me a plaque that she bought with her allowance money at a yard sale when she was 7…it is so sweet and I have it hanging in my kitchen. It says:
    “I love you in big ways
    I love you in small ways
    I love you this minute
    and I’ll love you always”

    I think that about sums it up! 😉

    Sending you peace, love, joy and happiness!!!


    PS I e-mailed you and Jill at your gmail account that you have listed on your official website…I hope you guys got the e-mail! 😉

  7. Holly Says:

    well i must admit after reading what you wrote, Kate and then reading everyone’s comments, i got a little teary eyed. people are good, there is still good people and it’s just nice to be reminded of that.

    anywho, i agree, nothing better than an ugly cry…. just letting it all out, a bunch of random pent up feelings and emotions. it may not resolve those feelings and issues you have, but it atleast makes you feel better about it.

    I hope you feel loved Kate, both you and Jill, cuz i believe that you guys deserve it.

    good blog, good blog…. keep them coming 🙂

  8. Erin Says:

    I lived with 7 other girls this past year and we all had at least one breakdown. It was awesome because everybody else knew you just needed to let it go, and that you didn’t really want to talk about it, you just wanted to cry your flippin brains out. It’s all that little crap that just builds up and eventually you just gotta let it go. It feels good. And all that little stuff, it’s whatever.
    I’m glad you feel better Kate.
    smile 🙂

  9. jenbug1988 Says:

    Omgosh soooo true.
    I had many of those moments in my first year of university.I just felt like my world was a mess all the time and I’d keep it all in and end up bursting into tears.
    It was only when I went away during the summer to work America (summer camp) and strangely enough one of the american girls gave me a talk similar to your blog up there. I was just a mess my grandad was in hospital, other family issues were going down, I was home sick and on the other side of the world!

    It’s weird because I grew up thinking that it wasn’t ok to cry and I think a lot of people do have that i.e their parents telling them to stop crying over things and saying there is no need to cry. (even when there clearly is)

    I do volunteer work with young girls and me and the other leader make it clear to them that it’s ok to cry and if they need to cry and de-stress they can come to us anytime (and they do haha) It’s good cause sometimes it can be hard to really feel like you have a person to go to so they know they have us.

    I think I’ve rambled enough but it’s hard to really explain and get all your feelings out on something like this but yeah to sum it up…..Totally true! Good Blog! Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re feeling better! *Sending hugs, flowers, rainbows and all that happy stuff*

  10. Tara Says:

    It is so wonderful that you and hopefully everyone else has their safe place that they can go when they need it. I have two little ones, so it is hard to have the time/place for the breakdown when you need it, and boy do I need it sometimes. I agree that it is very theraputic to just have a download of everything that is happening and has happened and get it out of your system.

    It is so nice to hear that I am not the only one feeling that way! 🙂


  11. Erin Says:

    AH you are the cutest 🙂 I freaking love crying haha i’m definitely with you!

  12. LC Says:

    Encouragement to cry. I love it. And completely agree. I actually had one of those episodes last night. Thanks for sharing. : ( : )

  13. Skye Says:

    I was ashamed to cry at my grandfathers memorial… I am a person of strength but I realized with strength comes weakness. I cried the moment we walked into the church to the moment we left. I felt like a pansy…. Thank you for the blog.

  14. Kelly Says:

    I truly love a good cry. I think of them as Holly Hunter moments. She starred as a television producer in a 1987 movie called “Broadcast News”. Many of you are too young to have seen it but it’s a great movie to rent. She has violent crying fits in private yet remains so calm in her professional life. We have to set our pent up emotions free somehow…I find crying to be the best way. It sure beats blowing off the handle at the guy that cut you off in traffic…or the server who got your order wrong at your favorite restaurant. You see it all the time…people lashing out at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Everyone just needs a good cry once and a while.

    Wow Katie…you sure opened the floodgates (no pun intended) 🙂 with this post. I’ve never seen such long and emotional responses. Maybe you should write a song about it. Heck…you probably already have.

    🙂 s all around!!


  15. colleen Says:

    maybe the best blog ever. i think thank you says enough.

  16. jessica Says:

    crying helps ALOT but sometimes the reason you are crying you just can’t tell someone else or let them know how you really feel. or maybe i just haven’t found someone i can easily cry around.

  17. rhonda Says:

    sometimes it’s hard to cry. i am looked at as the strong one among friends, so i feel like i’m obligated to hold in those tears. there are times when my heart feels so heavy with burdens and i just carry those burdens around until i think my heart will burst. that’s when i find comfort in prayer. kate, i just want to thank you for posting this blog. in this world we live in today, i don’t think people like to open up their hearts to others. i truly believe that someone will be truly blessed by your honesty and openess. the world needs more kate’s. good luck with the music. god bless.

  18. Monica Says:

    Awesome post. By far the best (well, tying with the interpretive dance 😉 )
    I’ve had these moments a few time, too, and I like how you decided to post about it. It’s good and I hope people do realize it’s only a normal thing to do and not afraid to let it out.

  19. vanilla Says:

    u cant beat a good cry, its good to get the emotion out instead of it living inside of you.

    great update kate, hope jill and yourself are well and the new album recording is coming along ok, cant wait to hear it

    nilla x

  20. Rachel Says:

    WOW… seriously that was so touching Kate.
    I had one of those moments a couple weeks ago, and I felt so much better afterwards.

    Thanks for the blog.
    Rachel x

  21. Aggie Says:

    Shuahsuahshauhsuahsuhauhsuah I LOVE CORY CHURKO!!!!!


    Ich liebe alle


  22. jenbug1988 Says:

    So I felt the urge to google it and yeah most say there is proof to say crying is good and should be encouraged!

    And I knew knew knew there was a shakespeare quote about crying being good basically….and it’s in that last article….made me feel better cause I thought I was going crazy

    “To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”

    Thought I’d share 🙂

  23. Michelle Says:

    a good cry. you know, you’re right about how it makes you feel better. sometimes, nothing at all can be wrong – but you still cry till the cows come home.

    hope everything is still going insanely well for the two of you – i’ve been slacking on keeping myself updated. *bad fan*

  24. Deb Says:

    I used to feel like thst but I never told anyone. I thought I really was crazy tho. So now instead of crying I just get mad at myself. (maybe thats why im so messed up) lol x

  25. Pam Says:

    recently (like last week) i had something similiar happen to me. and you’re right– it REALLY does help if someone is there for you. it doesn’t really matter if they say something to make you feel better or not, but just having someone to listen to you is the best feeling.

    thanks sooooo much for posting this. 🙂

  26. Pam [different Pam] Says:

    Wow. This is all totally true. I’ve always been the kind of person that holds everything in for as long as I can remember, and still am to this day. Sometimes you just wanna let it all out and not worry about what people might think, or if its over nothing, you just need to feel relief. When you finally do that, and let everything just go away, it’s an amazing feeling.
    In life, so many people are ready to jump at you and tell you its not okay to cry or let go, because life’s tough, so you should just get over it, when that is anything BUT the case. And I can honestly say that there have been moments in my life where [and it could be completely irrational, but to me it feels like] there is no one I can turn to and everyone is drifting away and I can’t find solid ground anymore, and all you want to do is cry, and this blog, just so you know, has made it all the more clear to me that it IS okay to cry and just because it may not be a big deal to anyone else, its how you feel that matters.

    Thanks for posting :] and I hope all is well.

  27. emily Says:

    don’t cry enough – start crying more. cry too much – start antidepressants. such is the world we live in today.

  28. Jennifer Says:

    Oooooh have I felt like this today!! Weird how while I was thinking this blog came into my head. But makes me realise even more now that I just feel this way right now and can’t cry considering I’m in work dammit

  29. Kristi Says:

    Hey Kate,
    I kno wat you mean and we all have those moment!
    This blog was really deep and definately came from your heart!
    for some reason it made me cry lol, I have moment when all of the sudden I just break down and cry. Although I am really happy with my life, I have the greatest best friend ever and i can rely on her 100% and she is like my sister 🙂
    I think it’s good to sometimes not be afraid to cry because if you keep it in all the time then at one point you will not be able to keep it all in and you just might explode. I know lots of people think crying is a sign of weakness but i think it is a sign of bravery because not everybody can express their emotions and in the most obvious way. I know I am a month late on replying but this blog is amazing and shows a great side of you. I hope you are feeling better and have somebody to talk to because I figured out that as long as you have people you can trust and tell anything too then you will always be loved 🙂


    “hi kate this is a birthday video that was made for you with messages from your fans…we hope you enjoy it and that it makes you smile 🙂 🙂

  31. schuyler Says:

    wow, i am like, really late at the whole commenting thing. okay, so Kate. awesome. i really hope that ur reading this, not trashing it. okay my little sister’s friend last year in her fifth grade class–well, since ur talkative i thought you could clear this up for me–told her all about you guys, she actually said that she was either you or Jill’s cousin or something, so if you could help me out on that. i’ve never met you, i never heard of you until last summer and finding my own way was awesome, it really touched me. and i know that ur not a therapist or anything, but, can you give me some advise? email me cuz it’s kinda personal. ps. i’m younger than all your veiwers, but i am mature for my age. still i feel kinda left out being my age. Email me soon!!!! love,

  32. schuyler Says:

    AND…the stff you wrote really makes me feel better about my sensitivity. i love nothing more than just to come home and sit on my couch and just cry sometimes. Please email me so we can talk. you seem so nice and i don’t want you to feel uncomfortable by this, but, i look up to you like you’re my big sister. i already have one she’s 22, and something happened that makes me cry that i want to tell SOMEBODY about it, and you also seem like a good listener. Please, Kate. or even Jill. i don’t really care. as long as i know that ur not just posers making a site 4 publicity. please don’t let me down, i really need someone to talk to. love always,
    Schyler…again! Sorry!

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