Red Sox Mania!!!!!!

46 Responses to “Red Sox Mania!!!!!!”

  1. Beth Says:

    LMAO!! Looks like you guys are having a good time in Boston! I’m going to be seeing the Red Sox at the end of this month in Toronto! I’m pretty excited! =) My first pro baseball game ever!

  2. Holly Says:

    lmao… love it and that’s right Kate, just push her out of the way! haha

    glad you guys are having a good time! and yay for a video blog 🙂

  3. Deb Says:

    Ive never been to any kinda game before, looks like fun!!!
    And I have funny feeling thats not water in Kelly’s hand……………….GOOD GIRL!!! lmao x

  4. Anja Says:

    omfg giiiirls ya’ll are tooo funny 😀
    seems like ya had great time … and so had kelly hahahaha

  5. Jaclyn Says:

    Hahahhahahahahha, that was great! This is the first time I’ve commented here, but I’ve been reading for a while! You guys look like you’re having so much fun! I haven’t been to a baseball game for a couple years 😦 (I’m a Tigers fan…shh…I plead hometown loyalty, haha) I’ve wanted to go to a Red Sox game ever since I saw that one movie though…uh….Fever Pitch I think it was 😛

    Anyway, I really enjoy your blogs! Especially the video blogs 😀

  6. Kelly Says:

    I’ve been there!!!! Hilarious video…love it! Good pushin’ that one out of the way…I mean…does she ALWAYS have to be front and center?! 😉 LMAO! I’m so glad y’all are having a fun summer. Great you get to spend some time at home Jill. Drink a Sam Adams for me!

    Aren’t great friends just the best?!


  7. Sarah Says:

    hahahahahaha that was awesomeeeeee. so nice to see that ya’ll had a great time!!! can’t get that song out of my mind now. haha

  8. Monica Says:

    oh my gosh guys! why didn’t you call me? i havent been to a sox game in 5 years. i feel almost insulted. 😛

    glad to see you guys having a good time! and i think i heard we won? and wins always make a game at fenway even greater. 🙂

  9. Chase Says:

    y’all are off the chain!

  10. Elise Says:

    Classic. I’m glad you guys (and Kelly) are enjoying the downtime!

  11. Marie Says:

    That was great! Looks like fun 😀

  12. Erin Says:

    by far the coolest duo around.
    great song by the way 🙂

  13. Erin Says:

    i would also like to add that kelly looks like a mole in the whack a mole game. just poppin in and out of the camera. kinda funny.
    of course we’d never hit her…

  14. LC Says:


  15. Tricia W. Says:

    you guys rock…that is all

  16. melissa Says:

    looooooove it….

    Seems like y’all had a fun evening……..Nothing better then a redsox game and a few brews with your good mates 🙂

  17. Ms.Kelly Says:

    wow, glad to see the recent trade isn’t hindering anyones spirits LOL. BTW thanks for stealin my jam….that was the party song of the night last weekend. All i can say is, head over to shea and “everybody clap your hands”….hope the recovery process went well 😉

  18. vanilla Says:

    OMG that was well funny lol ….. u cant beat a good game and a few bevvies and a intoxicated kelly clarkson to make an awesome blog lol

    great to see ur having fun on ur time off, cant wait to hear the new record


  19. Anakellya Says:

    AHHHAHAH that made me laugh!
    someone was very drunk.. not saying who (:


  20. Jennifer Says:

    Whack-a-mole, Kelly Clarkson edition!

    Cool video glad you’re all having fun!

  21. Rachel Says:

    YAY RED SOX!!!
    And LMAO is all I have to say.

  22. Pam Says:

    bahaha this is great.

    and wow, i never realized that there was a smiley face at the bottom of the blogs lol. (sorry just figured that out.)

  23. Amanda Says:

    So… did they win?

  24. livin' vicariously Says:

    Welcome to the “Bay State” Jason Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he amazing or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Manny…who?)

  25. Michelle Says:

    oh em gee. go Red SOX!

    looks like y’all had a blast – some people more than others maybe?? haha.

  26. Monica Says:

    Oh man I forgot about Manny and I was talking about that all day, too. As long as Varitek and Ortiz don’t leave, and we win, I’m happy 🙂

  27. Liz Says:

    Haha. Glad to see that you all enjoyed the middle of the 8th inning!

    Jill – You’re “it doesn’t get much better than this” was so extremely sincere. It’s easy to see how much you love the city and the team. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you all back out on the road!! Another sneak peak of a new song couldn’t hurt either!! lol.

  28. Marley Says:

    Good to know that my friends and I aren’t the only ones that sing along to all the songs at the baseball game!!!! Of course there is no way that we are partaking in beverages at the same time… Wait hell yeah we are! 🙂

    I’m glad y’all had fun and Jill finally got to go back home. Oh yeah I almost forgot, way to go Kate who knew you were so aggressive and Jill could actually talk on camera! Keep up the fun blogs because we all need to laugh hysterically every now and again.

  29. Tom Says:

    Monster Seats are clearly the best seats in the ballpark (well, at least the most amazing anyway). Just so you know, they always put the lyrics to Sweet Caroline on the Jumbo-tron in Center Field to sing along to during the 8th inning. Oh how this I love Fenway. Hopefully you went on Friday, because that was one heck of a game to be at in person.

  30. Christina Says:

    Man, I wish I could be there. I love the Red Sox more than anything. If only Houston was Boston :]

    Andd last night I was at a wedding and Sweet Caroline got quite the choir going. haha. Even a line of high kickers. hahah

    Hope yall have an awesome time. SO JEALOUS! :]

  31. rhonda Says:

    one thing is certain….jill is excited about being home. i’ve never heard her talk so much. lol i’m not sure what kelly was drinking but i want some. ha still anxious for some jill and kate music. can’t wait to hear more. keep having fun. god bless.

  32. Heather Says:

    haaha i love you girls!

  33. Andrea Says:

    Hahahaha!!! Awesome video.

  34. SarahLee23 Says:

    “Hands, touching hands, reaching out
    touching me, touching yoooooooooooooooooou!!!”

    Ahhh…that song is GREAT! Thanks so much for filming this! This made me smile from ear to ear! So great to see y’all having such a fun time! 🙂

    So good! So good! So good! LOL!!


  35. Clara Says:

    Just simply AMAZING video, So funny I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂
    Swedish love Clara 😉

  36. Kari Says:

    totally jealous, but john and I will be there in Sept… if all goes well we are supposed to be at the Red Sox vs. Yankees @ Fenway… Sweet Caroline 🙂 Miss you girls – love you lots!

  37. pam Says:

    :—)Considering who you are and who was with you, you should have had better seats!!! I really loved it, keep up the great blogs!


  38. Jess Says:

    YYESSSS thats how it is supposed to be!!! did you get your free iced coffee the next day!!!

  39. ally Says:

    The question’s are ladies, who won??? was it a good game??? and did any of you actually have red socks on??? 🙂

  40. KK Says:

    ^^ According to the Boston Herald they were sitting in the K suites which run from $7000 to $9000 per game. Better seats than I’ll ever have LOL.

  41. Amy Says:

    That’s awesome!

    Hey, do me a favor and tell Kelly she was quite the hit in Newburyport. Our local paper The Newburyport Daily News had her on the front page yesterday because she bought some artwork and stuff at a store downtown. We certainly appreciate the business. It’s cool that she came to visit such a little place. 🙂

    You gals should come here sometime too!

  42. Lauren Says:

    LOL, loved it!

  43. eline Says:

    eeey girls awesome video to funny !!!!!

    much love, from the Netherlands

  44. mostaque Says:

    soo funny,never been to a baseball game before, seems fun lol

  45. B Says:

    Wow, you guys are famous …. Perez Hilton visits your website….I saw this video on there today!

  46. Kim Rulz Says:

    FYI.. Absolut is doing a city series with their bottles..

    1. New Orleans
    2. LA
    3. BOSTON!

    And when I was there last week, I tracked a BOSTON one down in a little liquor store in Marblehead.. so I picked up a bottle (or 3) and of course 1 brought one back with me.

    But the bottle is awesome and it says.. “In an ABSOLUT world.. everyone gets a piece of THE WALL!”

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