Appreciation for Shuffle Mode

I listen to my iPod pretty frequently.  That is no lie.  I think my favorite feature is the shuffle mode.  I always get excited for what little gem of music it might find that’s gotten lost in my iTunes library.  Tonight while working out my ears were happy to hear the song “Stars Know Your Name” by Melissa Myers. If you aren’t familiar with her stuff, she has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard and is one of the sweetest people around.  I know it might be silly to be blogging about a song coming on my shuffle mode on my iPod but people…it’s the little things 🙂  So anyway…first thing…go to Melissa’s myspace page and listen to the song…her voice is like butter and you’ll never want to turn it off and secondly…turn your iPod on shuffle mode and see what lovely surprise you might get.  

Happy listening.


16 Responses to “Appreciation for Shuffle Mode”

  1. agaffka Says:

    Hi you guys!! I missed you bloggin so it doesnt really matter what the blog is about as long as its there and we get to hear from you guys:P!! and omg i totally know what you meen i get exited too!! I love the shuffle mode!! and Im a huge Melissa Myers fan too and i love ‘Stars know your name’…how are you guys?? When can we expect the new album???

    Luv ya both:*:*

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    It’s so funny that you mentioned the shuffle mode! haha, I actually decided to do that this morning while I was doing my laundry 😛 Some of the songs that came up I had completely forgotten about.

    I’ll head over and check out Melissa’s music, I’ve never heard of her before.

  3. Anja Says:

    aw you’re so right, i also love to turn my ipod on shuffle mode and dont know what song is next, can be very entertaining 😀

  4. Erin Says:

    i commute to school by train and its an hour and 20 minutes each way. so i always put my iPod on shuffle and i forget about some of the amazing things that my iPod finds. it’s like christmas.

    i’ll check out this melissa myers. if you like her she’s got to be good.

  5. Pam Says:

    OMG i love shuffle! i always find stuff that i download and then forget to listen to haha.

  6. Monica Says:

    Gotta agree with the shuffle.
    I happened to download songs I’d sing when I was little, and tend to forget that I even have them…so when they come on, I totally feel like a kid again and it makes me totally happy.
    Plus, I love when it goes from Limp Bizkit, to Elvis to SClub7. Doesn’t get much better than that 😛

    Oy, and myspace is being a butt, tonight.
    Though, I trust ya Kate, I’m sure she’s great. I’ll definitely have to check it out later 🙂

  7. Amanda Says:

    Shuffle mode is like a little piece of heaven. Really! That, caffeine, lazy Mondays, and a cute pair of jeans on sale. Oh! I totally just realized I can SO have a lazy Monday this Monday. Yay for sleeping in! Anyway before I was sidetracked, shuffle is pretty much the only way to listen to an iPod. I like when my iPod decides to randomly pull up a Christmas song or some old school 90s music, hollllla. Apparently I am gangster now too. Whatever. Its late. But seriously. I will check into this Melissa character. I always love new music so yay! Hope you girls are fabulous!

  8. vanilla Says:

    u gotta have abit of shufflege, nothing beats the randomness of it

    hope the new album is coming along nicely so i can add it to my shuffles soon

    will also check out melissa’s myspace

    great to have another blog from u, hope ur both well


  9. Sandy Says:

    I listened and I like.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    *Nods* I gotta agree with you there. I love the shuffle mode on my Zune….used it the other day on the train while bringing my Girl Guides home and the Guide who was listening to it with me was enlightened by the wide variety of crazy music I have haha. Actually she got to listen to Missy Higgins (Not listened to her for ageeees), Delta Goodrems new album, Ana Johnsson, Savage Garden and you guys! What a random yet cool combination. All hail the shuffle.

  11. Marley Says:

    I love the to listen to my IPod in shuffle mode. It seriously makes me laugh at what comes out. Most of the time I don’t even remember putting half of the songs on there…..

    Well I came up with quite the randomness: (this is seriously the way it came out)

    If it’s Over— Mariah Carey
    Motorcycle Drive By— Third Eye Blind
    Success— Loretta Lynn
    My Michelle— Guns N’ Roses
    Forgot About Dre— Dr. Dre
    Our Hope Endures— Natalie Grant

    Pretty PRICELESS to say the least!!! WOW that is all I can say. 🙂
    Keep up the fun blogs and have fun with the randomness of your music!

    Oh yeah Melissa Myers is really good… Nice pick!

  12. LC Says:

    i know, right?!

    except for when iPod decides he like a couple songs more than others and plays those every time I put it on shuffle mode. dumb.

  13. SarahLee23 Says:

    My top 5 songs in shuffle mode this morning:

    Sober – KC
    Any Way You Want It- Journey
    The Shame of Love – Butthole Surfers
    Helena – My Chemical Romance
    Everytime I See You Falling – New Order

    Talk about an eclectic taste in music! LOL

    Hugs to the both of you!


  14. M Says:

    Right on. You know, we actually did that our whole camping trip last weekend. (Even had a dancefloor in the middle of the woods. Yeah, we’re random!). I tried it now and well, mine ended up being, um, interesting:

    Since U Been Gone – KC (I know…figures!)
    This Is Why I’m Hot – M.I.M.S. (Haha)
    Hollaback Girl – Gwen (and now I’ll have B-A-N-A-N-A-S stuck my head for the next hour!)
    Apologize – One Republic (the original version…I love the strings!)
    Lessons Learned – Carrie Underwood (Great lyrics to this one…)

    So, thanks, that was fun! But when, oh, when will I be able to add some more J&K to spice up my Tunes? 🙂

  15. Anakellya Says:

    haha yes shuffle has changed my life aswell :]
    so much cooler than just letting the iPod play on and on… =P
    i’ll be checking out Melissa’s music after schoool=D


  16. Rachelle (Santee) Stiger Says:

    Hi! Wow, I had no idea you have such an awesome voice, and you’ve found someone who complements it very well from the few songs I’ve heard online. I’ve been getting back in touch with OC kids, mostly through facebook. I can’t believe it’s been 13 or so years since I last saw your family. Please tell your sister hi and that I would love to catch up. And hi to the rest of the fam!
    Rachelle (Santee) Stiger

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