Go to JillandKate.com right now!!!!

Hey to all of you good looking people out there!  We posted a new message on our website and uploaded some brand NEW pics…. so run, don’t walk to www.jillandkate.com   

And here are 2 random pics to make you smile 🙂

Jill listening to some very fine jams!

Kate sitting in her second home…an American Airlines 767.  Her camera wigged out and did something weird but thought it was pretty cool!!!

13 Responses to “Go to JillandKate.com right now!!!!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Ok Kate just looks like an airhostess in that picture…I don’t know why but thats what first came into my head.

    But yes *heading over to JillandKate.com*

  2. M Says:

    All I can say is, “Are you for real?!” Haha. No, seriously, that’s awesome news!!! I cannot wait, y’all. 😀

  3. Monica Says:

    Whoooo! New music in time for my bday? = great news (:
    When I saw the picture with Will Gray I went “Hey! It’s the veto guy!”

    Cannot wait for Finding My Own Way 😀

    PS. Cute pictures (:

  4. Holly Says:

    oh, how exciting!!

    cannot WAIT for the ep! and um, the new promo pic of you guys, gorgeous!! you guys are looking great!

  5. fouts Says:

    Shows, when will we have live shows?!?!

    umm ok seriously where is this secret rockstar store where Kate got her top in that promo pic? the photog did a great job with everything, and oh yeah you guys did well too 😉

  6. Em.J.M Says:

    Thats awesome..ill have to get it shipped over to the UK.
    Also love the pics! Kate my cam does that, i love it tho looks artistic!!

  7. Deb Says:

    When u said “hey good looking ppl” I looked behind me (seriously)……………… could’nt find anyone tho. hehehe

    ANYWHO………………. I’m so looking forward to Finding My Own Way x

  8. M Says:

    Found a way to cheat…and get a music player on my myspace that streams off youtube, JUST so I could hear Finding My Own Way. (Should I even admit that? lol) and yes, am I obsessed…or what? Christmas can’t get here fast enough 🙂

  9. M Says:

    PS….if you now remove that vid, I WILL cry!

  10. vanilla Says:

    ok i cant get on ur website !!!!! :(:(:(

  11. LC Says:

    second home? i know, right? i feel ya on that one. hope you all are doing well…thanks for new info : )

  12. Anakellya Says:

    woohoo finally :]


  13. Anja Says:

    new stuff, new stuff, new stuff wohooo sounds very good. can’t wait!!!

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