Alright…this is my new favorite iPhone application…it’s kept me very entertained…

I’m so artsy.  Haha.



8 Responses to “Scribble!”

  1. Panalee Says:

    I realized I have not commented in a while. But you two always keep me well entertained 🙂 I think I’ve downloaded more applications than I know what to do with them. Just a second ago I was showing my best friend my new “koi pond”…she didn’t think it was nearly as cute as I did 🙂

    SO excited for y’alls new cd. Just got the new Marc Broussard and LOVE IT!!! New Ray, new Jillandkate….yeah the fall/winter should be a great one for music 🙂

  2. Erin Says:

    haha, cute…

  3. Holly Says:

    you’re so artistic, it’s quite amazing 😉 I think you’ve surpassed your drawing of the fish!

  4. vanilla Says:

    lol !!! i have this on my iphone too its awesome

    i love the app store

    hope ur both well x

    p.s i still cant into ur website :(:(:(

  5. Kelly Says:

    Oh good God…just another thing I have to go buy at the App store. But I too love the Koi Pond…and so does my 5 year old Godson. He plays with it all the time. Very artistic I might add Kate. 🙂

  6. Anakellya Says:

    haha very awesome kate (: – just trying to make me jealous as i have 2 crappy phones which are both breaking/broke and you have the awesome iPhone!
    ohh and you should sooo join my art class =)

  7. Jennifer Says:

    *Looks at my crummy phone* blah! lol. I’m not an apple fan but I do want to get an Iphone……its my aim for once I’m not a student lol.

    Well… phone has trivial pursuit and nightmare before christmas games……..oh yeah thats all I got….it sucks haha

  8. Chase Says:

    show off i can get an iphone and scribble too but i love my blackberry to much so .. :-P~~~~~~

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