Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

No idea why the creepy Mr. Roger’s reference came upon us??  Haha.  It was Kate’s idea.

Well, it’s fall.  Officially, unofficially…whatever you want to say, it’s fall people.  We are sitting on a couch writing you this message of cool, fall, neighborly-ness 🙂 From nowhere else but Nashville, TN.  We have made the transition from Los Angeles to Nashville and it’s been a pretty smooth one.  Even though it seems that we are hardly ever here, we are very much enjoying basing things out of Nashville.  

Things we love about fall:

1. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter

(we were very sad to leave LA because LA had TJ’s.  Now Nash is getting a TJ’s so that makes us UBER happy! they had a demo once in their store where they toasted a crumpet, spread cream cheese and pumpkin butter on it and it’s ridiculosly good. wait, we just realized that some of you reading are ‘over-the-lovely-seas’ and probably don’t have a clue what Trader Joe’s is….it’s an alternative grocery store…they have lots of organic foods and they are cheaper than other organic markets around…man they should pay us for advertising…haha!)

2. Peppermint Mocha Creamer


(since we are all brewing more of our own coffee at home these days (…that’s right people, times are tough with the DOW crashing & all…) this creamer can make every morning cup taste like a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks)

3.  Autumn Mix Candy Corn.  

(this is really only Jill’s thing…Kate is middle of the road on this.  Too much candy corn makes Kate wanna puke. yuck.)

okay…moving away from food items…

4. Leaves Changing (amazing.  like clockwork.  the leaves change.  leaves are so smart.  they know exactly when, where and how to change.  the colors are beautiful.  a gift to all of us every fall season.  yay!)

5. Crisp, yet not freakin’ cold, mornings.  (we like to take walks with friends and morning time is the perfect time to do this is in the fall…because you are a little chilly when you start but when you start to sweat it’s not so bad because the the sun has lost its intensity and it feels great…definitely walk outside…fresh air will do you WONDERS)

6. Fun-filled holidays on the way.

(Any season that brings costumes, people handing out candy to strangers and the right to let EVERYONE make complete fools of themselves is absolutely welcome in our book. Above is a picture of us enjoying the last 31st of October!)

…okay…back to the food topic…

7. Thanksgiving Food (mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce…need we say more?)

So, to sum up the blog, you might see us running around Nashville (if you do, please say hi!!), we listed some crazy things we love about the fall season and yup…that’s pretty much it. Feel free to share your fall-favorites with us. =)

Happy fall to everyone.


30 Responses to “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

  1. SarahLee23 Says:

    I haven’t had any of the pumpkin butter yet, but I just picked up some Nutella from the store tonight! It’s my first time trying it….I’m eating some in the morning! LOL

    I love the fall as well! I think that it’s my favorite holiday! I love to buy the Williams-Sonoma mulled apple cider mix and make it at home ( yes, the times ARE hard! LOL). It makes the house smell SOOOOOOOOO good! 🙂 I love the peppermint mocha creamer too…I thought that I was the only one! LOL Last year I bought some sort of toffee one… that was pretty good as well! 🙂

    BTW, I think I’m petitioning for a Trader Joe’s here in Texas…that place looks awesome! LOL! 🙂

    Hope you two are both doing well! 🙂

    Take care,

    PS Congrats on the move to Nashville! 🙂

  2. Shelby Says:

    mmmmm fall 🙂

    its gonna be a good one, even if the economy is crap.

  3. Cassie B Says:

    Heyy ladies! nice to hear from yall again! 🙂

    So, yall might think im weird, but Im from PA (live in NY for school) and in neither one of these states have I ever heard of a TJs, Pumpkin Butter (but that sounds pretty darn good to me!) OR the peppermint creamer! i wonder if these states have anything against them?! lol.

    Call me the sensitive kind, but Id have to say that my favorite thing about the fall would be the leaves changing and falling.. im the kind of girl who goes out of her way just to step on the crunchy leaves haha. also, i love to walk all through the grass and sidewalks when theyre all over the ground because i think its sooo pretty! I also love fresh made apple cider.. mMmMmM 🙂 The cool weather is nice too.

    glad to hear that everything has been going well for you both! i love your music and for the record, “finding my own way” is by far my favorite song. i cant wait to hear some more new stuff! 🙂

    keep on rockin ladies! yall are wonderful!
    have a great time in Nashville!!!

    hope to hear from yall soon!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Fall is my favorite season EVER, so this post made me super happy. I think you girls hit everything I love about fall right on the top of the head. Crisp, beautiful mornings (and for us in the northeast it’s beginning to last all day long too, but I don’t mind it), Halloween (aka totally my favorite holiday EVER), leaves changing, Thanksgiving, and pumpkin flavored everything. I do not discriminate against the pumpkin flavor unless it’s ridiculously weird. Luckily I haven’t come across any pumpkin flavored food yet that turns me completely off. Getting back to Thanksgiving for a moment… I’m totally down for some pumpkin pie. Mmm. OH! And I feel you on the peppermint mochas, but if you ladies do get a chance to go to Starbucks totally get the pumpkin spice latte! That’s what I’m talking about. Actually, right before I came online I was contemplating driving to Starbucks to get one. I talked myself out of it because I definitely don’t need one of those before bed. There’s more scary movies (thanks to Halloween) on in the fall too which I am all over…. even if I am THE BIGGEST scaredy cat in the world. I like the adrenaline rush. Pumpkin picking and apple picking are pretty awesome, plus my birthday is right towards the end of fall and that rocks too. Last but not least, as fun as candy corn is…… it’s not the candy for me. Like Kate I can’t have too much of it or I feel sick. I think it’s super sweet and my sweet tooth can’t handle it. Jill can totally bond with my mom though… she ODs on candy corn in the fall, especially the cute little pumpkins.

  5. TJpink Says:

    Congrats on the move to Nashville, finally.
    But you better remove the 2nd picture (2. Peppermint Mocha Creamer) or color the background. Whatcha doin’ on a ‘lesbians’ website, gurls? *lol*

  6. Mandy Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know y’all were moving to Nashville. Awesome! What prompted the move?

    I also love candy corn, except the pumpkin ones, I just can’t do it. I like to mix regular candy corn with peanuts and M&M’s. Yum. Its good stuff, you should try it!

  7. Karen Says:

    We’ve got spring in South Africa now and I LOVE it!! (Except for the hayfever and mosquitoes). Its really the best time of the year…

    But then again, we don’t have halloween, thanksgiving, candy corn or pumpkin butter… 🙂

  8. vanilla Says:

    OMG its like 9.30 here in the uk and ive just got back in from a walk and this morning is a lovely autumn morning (ur fall is our autumn) its crisp, a little chilly, but the sun is out and i come on here and u guys are talking about it, its awesome.

    This is my favourite time of year too with the leaves changing colours, the freshness in the air, the pavement getting slippy so i fall over yet again !!!! i do it every year but never seem to learn from it lol !!!!

    Plus party season im kicking october off by going to see finding nemo on ice !!!! TONIGHT im uber excieted,then there’s halloween (mmm im thinking of a character i can go as) then, as we head into november which i have like 5 parties including my birthday (ur more than welcome to attend if u can get to england) aswell as thanksgiving (yes even though im english i still celebrate it im thankful for what i have in my life and who i’ll meet in the future) then is december CHRISTMAAAASSSS TIME my busiest time with workin in retail & telecommunications its nuts !!! then new year P-A-R-T-why because i gotta !!!!!!!!

    Oh and i forgot to mention ur album release and possibly kelly’s too (if rca ever decided to let us know lol)

    enjoy ur pumkin butter, ur peppermint coffee’s and jill ur candy also hope the move to nashville went ok, nashville is one of the many places i plan to visit when i do a tour of the states in like 3 years time so if ure there i’ll say hi

    much love xx

  9. Jennifer Says:

    So I can pretty much only relate to the leaves thing.

    We’ve kinda gone from warm weather to freakin cold and windy where I am in the UK 😦 I thought my apartment was going to blow away last night…eeep!
    I’m pretty curious about the pumpkin butter and the peppermint creamer……we only have caramel and vanilla creamer here or that I’m aware of..hmmmmm

    I do have to say I strangely loved candy corn when I was in america….soooo seeing the “autumn mix” makes me miss it just a little more haha.

    I think on my list though I would have to add it getting cold enough now that getting into bed and just cuddling up is a must, although the struggle to get out of a nice warm bed in a morning sucks haha.
    Also the Gingerbread latte in starbucks! I swear I wait all year for that to come back! Usually comes back around now and stays until January eeep I’m gonna have to go buy one now after class!


  10. Clara Says:

    Okey so I live in Sweden so I had no idea what Trader Joe was, so thaks for clearing that up 🙂
    Hope you have a great autumn. Love yall ❤

  11. Pam Says:

    Haha! You got me with the Mr. Rogers line! i almost bought this once:

    anyways, Trader Joe’s = the greatest store to ever exist. I haven’t tried the spread yet (actually i’ve never seen it) but if tastes anything remotely like pumpkin pie, then I’m in!

    Jill- I also have a candy corn obsession…just formed it recently. but i could eat an entire bag at once! well, maybe not. i just said that…never actually tried it lol.

    and last thing- it just crossed my mind. Why doesn’t anyone ever give out candy corn for Halloween!? deff doing that this year!! :]

  12. jillandkate Says:

    hahaa….we just google image searched peppermint mocha creamer and that’s what we found. HAHA…we didn’t even look at the computer in the background…WHOOPS 🙂 but we fixed it now. thank you!

  13. Holly Says:

    great blog!

    makes me wanna do a Canadian version haha

    like when Tim Horton’s puts out there holiday themed coffee cups! it’s a highlight of the season

    or since I’m living near Toronto now, Canada’s Wonderland Theme Park does this thing called “Halloween Haunt” that I guess it’s mandatory I go this year, I feel bad for the other people going, hope they don’t mind a stranger latching on to their arm and screaming in their ear

    I also enjoy Halloween, this year is gonna be a good one… already deciding what I’m gonna dress up as… hmmm

    of course Thanksgiving… mmmmm stuffing, it’s what I live for.

    and HAHA about that pic…. oooh jillandkate :p

  14. Kelly Says:

    I love that y’all moved to Nashville! That means when you start playing venues…you’ll be close by. Way cool! Welcome to the South! I can’t promise that the weather or the politics will be to your liking…but the hospitality rocks!
    The only reason I go to Starbucks is for the Peppermint Mocha…I’ll def try the creamer…thanks. As for candy corns…I do love them…but too many also make me a little queazy. I mean…after all…they are nothing but spun sugar.
    I’m driving up to Nashville next week (I’ll def say hello if I see you) and look forward to seeing the beginnings of Fall…I will be camera ready. I so love the crispness in the air and the cornflower blue skies…puts a skip in my step. However…my favorite part of Fall is ALABAMA FOOTBALL!! Roll Tide y’all!!!
    As a chef…well…I’ll just have to post about food later.

  15. M Says:

    First, congrats on the move! It figures y’all would end up in Nashville, it is Music City after all! A really lovely, lovely town. SO much fun. It’s a short roadtrip away so I should go more often. lol. In the meantime, I’ll say “hey y’all” from good ol’ ATL.

    Anyway. Love the list, but like Kate not feeling the candy corn mix. Maybe it’s a NE thing? Trader Joe’s the sh!t so good that you won’t miss it. Might have to try the pumpkin butter, I’m more fond of the apple butter at Cracker Barrel.

    For the record, I don’t think it gets “freakin’ cold” up in TN, at least it’s rare. 😉 I am so incredibly excited for hoodies and hot cocoa and dressing up. Thanks for getting me all keyed up now! 🙂

    Slightly off topic: Y’all gotten into the college football craze? It’s a way of life down these parts. i.e., the SEC rules! Granted, Vandy has pretty much sucked until this year, but they are doing well. (4-0 so far).

    So, CD release date? Any shows coming up? Inquiring minds want to know!

  16. M Says:

    🙂 Haha, it started already. “GOOO DAWGS!” (yes, they lost to Bama but that alliance does not go away). “Like we say here, and they say everywhere….Live,” Um, no. “Welcome, Hope y’all stay a while!”

  17. Monica Says:

    Mr. Rogers!! I grew up watching him. I even cried when he died…

    100% in agreement on the leaves. Drive up to Nashua was GORGEOUS this weekend.
    Candy corn is the bomb diggity…but yeah, having too much aint so great.
    Hmm, 30 days to think of costume idea.

    myy favorite thing about fall is the fair, apple picking, pumpkin picking (which i’m doing this year and haven’t done in the last few) and carving pumpkins!
    Also, I love to see teachers and students i dislike make fools of themselves in pie eating contests at the thanksgiving pep rally 😛

    Okay and oddly enough, as I type this an ice cream truck passed by and it’s like 50 degrees.

  18. LC Says:

    Cheers to Trader Joe’s! I was STOKED to find out about the new one going up just down the street–wooooo TJs! It may do Whole Foods some harm, no?

    I agree about the candy corn…only tolerable when one corn is eaten with 2-3 peanuts (aka a small bite of a Payday bar). The pumpkins…those are just too much…instant gag reflex.

    I would say see ya around Nashville, but my day job owns me. Maybe in the Starbucks after work…just looking at the coffee. Would it be awkward to bring my own creamer?

    Cheers to crisp air (thankfully its supposed to warm up again before getting freakishly chilly). Happy 1st day of October (oh sh*t…1 month until I’m 1/4 century old)!

  19. Erin Says:

    I’m with ya Jill on the candy corn thing. I’m good for about 2 pieces, then I’m done. I will have to try the peppermint mocha coffee mate. it sounds good! Any holiday that lets you dress up and look like an idiot is brilliant in my opinion. And I recently decided that fall is my favorite season because of the colors and the cool air. I esp. love the days b/w fall and summer. It smells good. It’s like the wind blows summer out and adds the coolness of fall. It’s gorgeous. However, I’m sick, so I can’t really enjoy any of this because everything tastes the same and I cannot stop coughing. awesome. glad to see you’re still being awesome!

  20. Greg Says:


    Tell ’em who makes the best mashed potatoes…

  21. Clara Says:

    Do yall love Trader Joes as mutch as Ellen ? :p

  22. Carly Says:

    Glad to see y’all are enjoying Nashville!!!
    I’d much rather be there right now versus up here in Canada
    We get only like 1 week of fall and then its starts to snow booooo!

  23. Erin Says:

    Aww, this was a cute blog 🙂 I am visiting Nashville this weekend for the first time. Where should I go???

  24. Anakellya Says:

    awesomeness! autumn (or as you say fall) is definitely my favourite season besides winter (=
    4+5 were definitely my favourite points(: !
    thanks for the heads up to us ‘overseas’ about TJ’s =P lol .

    xo. much love.

  25. Panalee Says:

    I just moved to Orlando and I can’t say the same about the fall just yet. Or maybe at all. I went to the beach last weekend and my friends and I are going to the water parks this weekend so the fall weather has not come and I’m not sure if it ever will. Growing up in NYC and then spending the last ten years in NC, seems weird that I probably won’t ever wear a heavy jacket this fall/winter.

    But dressing up for Halloween…I can’t wait!!! Lots of crazy things to do here. Any ideas on what y’all will be?? Can’t wait to see what y’all decide.

  26. rhonda Says:

    Welcome to Tennessee. I knew deep down inside ya’ll were southern. ha. There is no place better that Nashville. I absolutely love the atmosphere. When you start doing some venues, you need to let us know. I would love to hear you perform live. You know that if you move to Tennessee you automatically have to be a Titans fan. You also have to choose a college football team. Vanderbilt’s probably a good choice right now. Although, I am an Alabama fan. Shhhh! don’t tell anybody. Ha. I wish you all the best.

  27. Marley Says:

    I almost started crying when I saw this post!!! Due to the fact that there is no Trader Joe’s anywhere to be found in Florida. So I’m kind of not so happy with y’all right now for making be crave Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter…. I tried all kinds of pumpkin butter and they just don’t compare! 😦

    But thanks for letting me know that there is one in Nashville now. I will make my mom buy a whole case of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter before she comes down here at the end of the month.

    I will have to say that this time of year is my favorite too. Here in Florida it’s still 90 degrees so there is no leaves changing and it surly is no where near fall. But I had to go home for my fathers funeral the past week in Kentucky and I kind of did not want to come back to the sunshine state after seeing how beautifull it was. The whole time I was taking pictures of leaves falling and trees changing…. I love it and I truly do miss that sight. So at least I did get a glimpse of what fall is before it’s gone!

    Well I hope that Nashville is treating y’all well. Hopefully that means that your album will be coming out soon or that y’all will be get an amazing record deal. Nashville seems to know real talent when it sees it! 🙂


  28. Pam Says:

    ok so i went to 7-11 tonight with a few friends and we all got hot chocolate in these sweet Obama cups! anyway, i used this delicious pumpkin pie flavored creamer from International Delight. let’s see if i can find a pic…

    it tasted AMAZING!! i’m telling you guys, you MUST try it. :]

  29. Jennifer Says:

    So after missing candy corn after reading this blog……well I found something today that will tide me over…..Well if I can’t taste candy corn, well I can sure smell it.
    Thought I’d share just because it’s amazing, although I’m sure you guys have them over there…..Candy Corn Candle!!!

  30. Cathrine Says:

    Dear Friends, Happy April Fool’s Day!!

    Two beggars are sitting on a park bench in Ireland. One is holding a cross and one a Star of David.
    Both are holding hats to collect contributions. People walk by, lift their noses at the man with the Star of David and drop money in the hat held by the man with the cross. Soon the hat of the man with the cross is filled and the hat of the man with the Star of David is empty.
    A priest watches and then approaches the men. He turns to the man with the Star of David and says, “Young man. Don’t you realize that this is a Christian country? You’ll never get any contributions in this country holding a Star of David.”
    The man with the Star of David turns to the man with the cross and says, “Moishe, look who’s trying to teach us Marketing!!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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