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Fall Update

October 26, 2008

Apparently, I Have a Face.

October 20, 2008

We were hanging out the other evening…when I whipped out my camera (on my iPhone–thus not the greatest clarity) and people started to point out that I always make the same face in pictures. Let’s face it…they all want to be me….

my face.  kate's face.

my face. kate's face.















They all want to be me.  It’s so obvious.  Haha!!!  It was great to hang out and have some laughs…even if it was at the expense of my “kissy face pose.” Be who you are people…be who you are!











23 Flavors

October 15, 2008

Sometimes a Dr. Pepper just satisfies thirst like nothing else can. Speaking of “can”…check out the new DP can. Isn’t football season fun?

Baking After 10pm.

October 13, 2008

So, I decided that I should do something domestic this evening. I decided to bake something. Probably because I had just worked out I felt I needed to eat something bad for me because I deserved it, you know, because I had just worked out. Following? Good. So, I had two somewhat brownish bananas and thought…hmmm…chocolate chip banana bread…that’s what I’ll make. It’s quasi healthy, and it’s a favorite that my mom and sister always make. So I started…iPod was blasting “Frou Frou” and la dee da, I was making banana bread.  Well I had an injury making this lovely banana bread..but it’s not your typical injury.

I know you’re probably thinking…she burned her finger in the oven somehow, she got her face stuck in the blender trying to snitch that lonesome chocolate chip that hadn’t made it into the bowl…but no.  This is not your typical injury folks…

This harmless looking bottle is what caused the injury:

I was trying to put away the can after lightly spraying my pan and the cute little, red top would not go on…so I leaned in with my ENTIRE body weight and the chubby part of my right pinky got sucked in right as it clicked…yes that’s right…my pinky was now apart of the Pam can.  I did not appreciate this and could not get the top off using my left hand…and it was not fun.  At all.  I finally just ripped my hand out and it left a nice little blister on my finger.  I mean, I appreciate the amazing things that Pam does for me…always lightly greasing the edges of my pan, providing a layer of protection so my yummy food doesn’t get left behind…but yikes…be careful people…make sure your fingers do not get caught 🙂

So here is a picture of my injury…it looks small but hurt like…well, like a….let’s just say it hurt a lot.


So that’s all…my chocolate chip banana bread is baking.  If any of you feel like baking what I baked here is the recipe.  It’s still in the oven so I cannot say how it turned out…but it smells really, really good.



PS.  My mom’s name is Pam so that’s funny.  Haha.

Jill’s thoughts for the day.

October 11, 2008

Good friends are the best. One of our best friends, Meghan, who we went to college with, is here visiting us for the weekend. We always have a blast…and she’s a bigger Red Sox fan than anyone i know (except my brother) so we will have fun watching the games this weekend. (Won last night! woohoo!)

I recently got into the show Army Wives and i love it. 

I just read somewhere that we will spend 43 billion dollars on our pets this year. Well, i don’t have a pet, so by “we” i mean everyone who does. Really? That’s a little ridiculous to me, but who am i to judge? 

Hair ties don’t last very long. I go through them way too quickly. I guess there are probably bigger problems than that though. haha. 

Being selfless is hard. Being selfish is easy. I’m trying harder to do the hard thing. It’s hard. But it’s good.

Funfetti cookies are the best. You buy the Funfetti cake box and the Funfetti frosting. The cookie recipe is on the side of the box. They are dangerously good. 

I wish i had “Rockband.” It looks so fun and i’ve never played. I have Guitar Hero, but i’m itching to try playing the drums. I’ll let you in on a little information. I secretly dream of being a drummer. 

Enjoy the weekend. I plan on it.

Jon McLaughlin’s New Album!!!!

October 9, 2008

Just bought it…You should too.  “We All Need Saving” is on repeat.   Enough said.  Yay for new, GOOD music.  He’s such a great musician and a great friend.  Much love to Jon & Amy!


Slice of Heaven

October 9, 2008

We sang at a wedding last weekend–which was very fun–and as a thank you gift we each got some smelly good stuff…very girly we know…but we thought we’d share.  Both of these products are made by Victoria Secret.  Many of you might be familiar with these prodcuts but if you aren’t you’ll have us to thank for introducing you…

Exhibit #1: Slice of Heaven Lip Gloss

This stuff tastes great (seriously) and makes your lips shine like NONE OTHER!  It’s amazing.

Exhibit #2: Slice of Heaven Body Lotion

It’s the tall bottle on the right hand side…again…it smells insanely good and makes your skin feel super soft.

Let’s face it–when you smell better, you feel better.




October 6, 2008

Monday night BINGO! Bingo and wine–I swear we aren’t 75. This is a pic of my bingo card–empty–that’s right…empty. I haven’t won one game yet. Boo to all of my friends that are expert Bingo players.

I’d like to meet…

October 1, 2008

Rev Run. Or be apart of their show, Run’s House. I love the big family scenario of love and drama.  Love it.

That’s all.