New Song on the 17th!


On many dark days I have held my breath

And driven past the graveyards

Stood outside searching in the sky

Shouting at the shooting stars

Staring at the clock every time it hits

11:11 I have made a wish for you

I wish you back to me


And I tell myself

That I’m alright

But I know it’s a lie

And so I try

To bring you back to life

To bring you back to life


On many cold nights I have driven to our door

Hoping it would open

Standing with the flowers in my hand

Wilted up and waiting

65 days, 300 more and nothing’s gonna change


I’ll wish you back to me


And I tell myself

That I’m alright

But I know it’s a lie

And so I try

To bring you back to life

To bring you back to life


I’m blowing out your candles this year

I’m catching all your snowflakes

I’m crying all your tears


And I tell myself

That I’m alright

But I know it’s a lie

And so I try

To bring you back to life

To bring you back to life


© J. Pickering, K. Rapier, 2008.

34 Responses to “New Song on the 17th!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Good job girls. Once again the song is very good. 🙂

  2. M Says:

    One word: AWESOME! Your harmonies are insane…great song. I must say, the 17th is really gonna be my fave day of the month! (Well, other than paydays…haha) So, any updates on the EP? 🙂

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Woooah, 3am here and I’m now crying…..really good song girls. Yeah it got to me, I’m not gonna lie.

    I’m excited for the new songs 🙂 17th of every month we’ll all hold you to that.

  4. Linda Says:

    you’re right, sad song, but, I liked it a lot. Good job girls 🙂

    and at least Megan doesn’t have sudden outbursts while video taping, like someone else we know 😉

  5. Jenny Says:

    Great song ladies!! yeah it was kinda sad.. im super excited for the new song every month!! awesome! oh yeah and great job megan to not laugh!! very hard thing to do with these two! 🙂

  6. SarahLee23 Says:

    Gah! I’m crying…crying! LOL Beautiful song, ladies! It’s already a favorite video on my YouTube acct! LOL 😉

    Sending you both hugs,

    PS Thanks Megan for the great camera work! 😉

  7. Monica Says:

    I was JUST about to call it a night and I thought “let’s check the blog”
    Great job, girls!

    The 17th will be my date to look forward to from now on 🙂

    “off the cup” I’ll try to get that phrase going around 😛

  8. jenaspell Says:

    Mentioned you guys in my latest blog here on wordpress and that song just proved what I said even more. Pure awesomeness right there.

  9. jenaspell Says:

    the link to my blog might help haha

  10. Cassie Says:

    great song! im excited to hear what else yall have in store for us with the EP album!! =]

  11. LC Says:

    First off, thank you so much for sharing that with us!

    Secondly, I really liked it! Your voices together are like buttA ; ) and I could listen forever.

    Thank you!

  12. vanilla Says:

    awesome song !!!! i sooo cant wait for ur EP to come out im going to listen to it non-stop.

    but u could have sang happy birthday lol (just kidding) todays my birthday im 25, check out later as i’ll be posting some bday pics and check out the new tattoo i got last week !!!!!!

    hope ur both well xx

  13. Alex Says:

    Love that song. Cant wait to hear the album. 😀

  14. Sarah Says:

    awesome song!! omg. i’m excited for the new songs!!! cant wait

  15. Anja Says:

    awesome song, love it!!

  16. Tricia W. Says:

    I love it! I can’t wait for all this new material. Woohoo for New Song on the 17th’s haha.

  17. Pam Says:

    those lyrics are great, ladies! sadly, i can’t watch the video now cause i’m at school and youtube is blocked, but i will as soon as i get home. can’t wait!

    oh…and this was a nice HALF birthday gift for me! lol

  18. Pam Says:

    this verse is my favorite:

    On many cold nights I have driven to our door

    Hoping it would open

    Standing with the flowers in my hand

    Wilted up and waiting

    65 days, 300 more and nothing’s gonna change


    I’ll wish you back to me


  19. Marley Says:

    I totally knew that I should have not listened to that song but I did and now I’m crying. That song really sounds like me right now (my Dad just died less then 2 months ago). So hear I am crying at work when I have been trying so hard not to show my emotions lately. But then again y’all always make me a little teary eyed but not because I’m sad but because I’m really happy that your doing so well.

    I look forward to hearing the rest of the songs on the 17th of the month. I hope y’all are doing well and I can definitely hear the country accent coming out in both of you. 🙂 Have fun and keep on writing really heartfelt songs!

  20. Lauren Says:

    Amazing! Absolutely loved the song. Can’t wait for the new EP!

  21. Amanda Says:

    Aw what up, Vanilla?! It’s my birthday too! Haha. And I was just thinking this was the perfect birthday present to wake up to too, woohoo (: Good job girls, love the new song. A little sad, but still awesome!

  22. gtwallichs Says:

    Excellent and beautiful song. You both sang it amazingly. Can’t wait until 12/17! 🙂

  23. Anakellya Says:

    :O I LOVE YOU GUYS! – you have like no idea, i was so gonna email you and say: ‘ahh when are we getting to hear some new music??’ literally i was going to today, but then i checked this out and whooaaaaa LOVE IT (: so fitting in my life right now for many reasons. it’s a really really pretty song! LOVEIT! =)

  24. Kirsty Says:

    Really really beautiful song!! I listened to it over and over again and then thought I should probs stop lol! Thanks guys! :Dxx

  25. la90 Says:

    i love it. cant wait for the ep. will this song be on the EP? and when are we getting an LP? so many questions so little time.
    im all the way in bonnie scotland and its amazing what the internet can bring me,
    amazing harmonys, im a singer myself and u guys just blend like mac and cheese… weird analogy but soooo true.

    p.s. could u please tell kelly clarkson to get updating her blog… shes letting the team down!

  26. Amber Says:

    Really outstanding song, you guys! Like you said, kinda sad, but sometimes that’s what you (or at least I) feel like hearing. Maybe it’s the theme of the song, but it reminds me of Patty Griffin’s “Long Ride Home” — in a very good way.

    I’m very excited about getting new songs on the 17th of each month! Keep up the good work!

    And I can’t wait to hear about possible upcoming shows … perchance somewhere around Chicago. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  27. Erin Says:

    It is lovely. You both sound amazing.

  28. Pam Says:

    i just watched it and it’s gorgeous guys. i love it. and i just understood the whole ‘new song on the 17th’ concept, which is just fabulous…cause my bday is May 17th! whoooo

  29. Regine Says:

    Wow, that was absolutely beautiful. There’s something so true about how sometimes the saddest songs are the best ones, and I really connected with it. I was reflective as I listened to it, thinking about loved ones that have passed and the feeling of living through it and how hard it was trying to move on afterwards, especially with little reminders of them everywhere. You guys put a lump in my throat and chills up and down my spine.

    Thank you for sharing this song! It reminds me of Blu Sanders’ “Hold On”, which I think is also another beautiful yet sad song.

    I’m looking forward to the next new song on the 17th. 🙂

  30. Ali Says:

    This was so beautiful. My aunt recently passed away and this kinda encompasses how I’ve felt the last week or so, wishing I could somehow do something to bring her back. Life really isn’t fair 😦

    Thank you for writing this song ❤

    Can’t wait for the next song on the 17th!

  31. Panalee Says:

    My oh my ladies…if this is a preview of what’s to come, I’m getting really excited about the new EP. And I’m sure y’all are too 🙂 The lyrics…y’alls beautiful voices…what more could we ask for 🙂 It was breathtaking.

    Thanks for sharing it with us right before Thanksgiving. It just gives me one more thing to be thankful for 🙂 Have a safe and great Holiday!!!

  32. Amanda Says:

    Very well done! Those are some pretty deep lyrics, and you both sound excellent. I am more than excited about the EP. Yay!

  33. Holly Says:

    why haven’t I commented on this yet?! shame on moi

    I love the song, it’s so beautiful, in a sad way and we all need those songs every once in a while

    keep the songs coming, i love ’em! 🙂

  34. Elaine Says:

    Wow that was beautiful! I’m so excited for the 17th of December 😀 Totally ordering the new EP, can’t wait!!! I can definitely see myself doing some illustrations about that song, it’s just gorgeous. Inspiring stuff ladies, I need to get better at the whole songwriting gig and listening to that track makes me wanna go practise (again, just been playing Patty Griffin LOL).

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