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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everybody!!!


Hope you all have a safe and happy time with friends, family and total strangers everywhere!  



Here are the some of the pics we didn’t use for the Christmas cards…hope they make you laugh!

Blowing Kisses.pointing

New Song on December 17th!

December 18, 2008

So we are back in the USA & it’s 2:11am–so I know it’s technically the 18th…but I’ve been trying to upload this video for HOURS….so just pretend you watched it on the 17th…


kate (& jill too)


Chasing Storms

You’re chasing storms

You cannot fight

Following the trail of lights

Starting fires

You touch the flames

You’re burning up

You don’t notice a thing


Cause you’re tired from chasing the wind

And your feet can’t feel where you’ve already been

Are you right back where you started again


It’s all at your fingertips

But you can’t feel it anymore

You’re running past what you’re looking for 

It’s knockin’ down your front door

You can’t hear it

You can’t feel it anymore  

(c) J. Pickering, K. Rapier, 2008.

Some things aren’t fair…

December 17, 2008

So this post is to let everyone know how funny this Christmas Card fiasco has been.  Hopefully most of you have received Christmas Cards by now–if you asked for a replacement card–they’ll be on their way in a few days…we’ve been super busy….and they are actually all written and ready to go but Jill and I are both out of the country at the moment so we can’t mail them from where we are.  So no worries you ARE getting a replacement card.

But we wanted to explain just how crazy it has been and how seemingly unfair the USPS was to us.  And just for the record…we triple checked that the right name, went with the right envelope–so people must have just been sticking cards in random envelopes….who knows where the other cards ended up.  

jkcardjillandkatecardWhat happened to them???

New song should be posted soon.  Yay for the 17th!!



That’s right…we downloaded our own EP!

December 12, 2008

These pictures were taken at 2:23AM–so we were VERY tired and had a very long day…but we were SO excited that “Finding My Own Way” was finally up on iTunes we had to document it. 

Thanks for all the support!





December 10, 2008

That’s right…you heard correctly…at 2:23AM we discovered that our EP is FINALLY on iTunes folks.  Thanks for being so patient and supportive.  The past 24 hours have been a complete roller-coaster ride for us–thanks for sharing in all the highs, lows and the jitters in between. We can’t do it without you 🙂

Much, much, love-


December 9th…UPDATE :)

December 10, 2008


On our website ( we also posted another take of the video blog…just for laughs.  Good times video blogging 🙂


December 9, 2008
iTunes is having problems….it should be up there in a bit–but for now you can download at:

7:05 AM, Nashville, TN.

December 9, 2008

So we are up super early and yes, we realize the EP is not yet up on iTunes and we are trying to figure out where it has “found its way” to…haha…no worries, it’s still coming today…

While you’re waiting…go check out the BRAND NEW website! 

There’s lots of new stuff for you to check out on there, so click your little heart away!

Stay tuned for an update. 


Christmas card update…

December 8, 2008

Apparently, the USPS was not fond of a lot of our Christmas cards that got sent out…

Sorry for any damaged cards that you may have or may have not received…

We’ll send you a replacement card if necessary–just send us another email that says “replacement card” with your address included again. 



Tomorrow’s the day…

December 8, 2008

Well, kids…the days have flown by and here we are on the eve of December 9th. Yay! Kate and i are very excited for you guys to hear the new music…thank you all SO much for your awesome emails, comments, support….etc! 

So here’s the deal: We want a lot of people to hear about this EP release so we need your help! Think you can do it? We do. 🙂

Tomorrow, get the word out. Email your friends, leave it as your AIM away message, put it up as your Facebook status, make it a Myspace bulletin, Twitter it, Blog it, Vlog it, Smog it, Frog it…okay i got a little carried away with that, but you get the idea. 🙂  Tell everyone you know about the JillandKate EP “Finding My Own Way”….yeahhhh!

It’ll be on iTunes in America and worldwide!

Stay tuned tomorrow for multiple J&K updates… 🙂

-jill (and kate)