iTunes is having problems….it should be up there in a bit–but for now you can download at:

21 Responses to “YOU CAN BUY IT NOW!!”

  1. Rachel Says:


  2. Panalee Says:

    oh well, I’ll get it from there too when it comes up 🙂 Off to buy it!!! YAY!!!!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Omggggg, bought it….heard it….impressed!! i’m in love with the songs!!! good job ladies!!

  4. Anja Says:

    i looooooooooveeee it!!! well done girls.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    YAYYYY! I come back from classes and christmas shopping to find its finally up. Happy times…I’m making my housemate listen to it.

    She did get quite addicted to listening to pop song though a while ago (has just pointed out she is still) so she should like it.

    I’m lovin’ don’t.

  6. Panalee Says:

    Ohh emm gee!!!!! Just finished listening to it. Y’ALL ROCK!!!! I think both of you sound AMAZING. Your voices…pure. Your voices together…magical. Congrats again Ladies!!! Loving it.

  7. la90 Says:

    i cant

  8. la90 Says:

    i cant get over how amazing finding my own way the song is. even better now. and also very resonable price.

  9. Karin Says:

    i gonna have to find somebody who’s able to buy it for me… i don’t have paypal etc 😦

  10. Alex Says:

    WOW, The songs are great. I love “Never Coming Back”. I hear it on repeat. Great great job ladies. 😀

  11. marine Says:

    I love the record, the song ‘Finding My own Way’ is amazing 😉

  12. Amanda B Says:

    I loved “Finding My Own Way” when you sang a little of it, and I love it even more now. Seriously good stuff! Well done you guys!

  13. Amanda Says:

    This is my jams right here, ladies! I’m going on a road trip today too (leaving in about a half hour). I’m totally having full control over the radio because I think everyone in my car should have to listen to you girls on repeat. The end.

  14. rianne Says:

    it’s really great 🙂
    i really like Never Coming Back”
    good job girls :d

  15. vanilla Says:

    yay !!!! i raced home from work and its downloading now !!!!!

    i must say ladies ur EP is at bargin at $5.99 it works out at £4.15 of us in the UK !!!!!!

    cant wait to hear it 5 minutes and counting !!!!!!

    hope ur having a launch celebration !!!!!

  16. Fouts Says:

    hey ladies…

    so i rushed home from work and didn’t even take off my coat & sat down and Dled it and have been listening to it since!

    Beautiful…….Love it……..Awesome…….Great…..Wonderful…..heartfelt……i can go on….

    Thanks for all the hardwork y’all do, and also thanks to the guys for help producing this!

    Now all we need is live shows 😉

    Congrats, sit back with a nice glass of wine and enjoy all the awesome comments y’all are gonna get!


  17. Anakellya Says:

    bought it!
    SO HAPPY 😀
    i’ve put about the EP over all my sites aswell so that people can see, and BUY IT 😀
    here’s one which i’ve completely EP-ified :

    loveee x

  18. Inge Says:

    I’m downloading it right now i’m so excited 😀

  19. vanilla Says:

    ladies its awesome i love it !!!!! nice work

    i listened to it what 30 times on repeat and every track is heart felt and meaningful

    everyone must buy this EP !!!!!!

  20. Nic Says:

    Woke up at the crack of dawn in Australia to download, and i tell you worth every minute of lost sleep….

    Finding my own way was sooooooooooo much better than i was even expecting, after hearing the “vlog” version i had dreamed for months….

    Great job…

  21. Kelly Says:

    Wow ladies…just WOW!!! I’ve been listening all day and can’t get enough. Congratulations!!! You sound better than ever…your harmonies continue to render me speechless. Brava…Brava…Brava!!!


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