That’s right…you heard correctly…at 2:23AM we discovered that our EP is FINALLY on iTunes folks.  Thanks for being so patient and supportive.  The past 24 hours have been a complete roller-coaster ride for us–thanks for sharing in all the highs, lows and the jitters in between. We can’t do it without you 🙂

Much, much, love-


18 Responses to “iTUNES, iTUNES…GET YOUR iTUNES!!!!!”

  1. I'm just sayin' Says:


    I actually don’t have an iTunes account (I usually just buy the CD) but I’m going to get one so I can download your music!!! 😀 That’s right, because of you two ladies I will be popping my ITunes cherry!!! WOO HOO!!!

    By the way, the customer review by N-house for “East Coast Bound” was freakin’ hilarious…I’m just sayin’

    Cynthia from SF

  2. Tina Says:

    wooooo! i’ll do my best to buy your EP, it’s really annoying i can’t buy anything off the internet!

    btw THANK YOU SO MUCH for the card!!! you guys made my day! my week! my month! my year 😀
    ok so what a coincidence that i could take an earlier bus, then arrive at home just when the postman is there in the street. so i was thinking ‘hmm i wonder if he’ll bring the card, nahhh that’s too early i guess when it has to come from that far’ but there it was! aaah! lol i love it! y’all have beautiful handwriting too :p and the card is not damaged at all woohoo. merry christmas and a happy newyear! good luck with everything and thanks again!

  3. Pam [different Pam] Says:

    I woke up bright and early this morning HOPING it was there and there it was!! WOOHOO! So excited to hear the whole thing! I heard clips on cdbaby, but couldn’t buy it! Congrats ladies, I’m sure it’s going to be a hit!!

    Haha and btw, I have NO idea what could’ve possibly happened to the cards! I got this little plastic baggie with a note and i had like the front of an envelope. That was it 😛 hahahaha. I wonder what the post people do to them….hmm.

    Well congrats again on your EP release!!!!

  4. Inge Says:

    i’m listening to your cd all day on my work 😀 love it, i love finding my own way the most. it’s on repeat right now lol

  5. Amber Says:

    I love the EP, ladies! I bought it on iTunes this morning and listened to it 3 times on my train ride to work. I don’t know if I can begin to pick a favorite song yet … maybe after 3 more listens. 🙂 I’m glad iTunes got its issues worked out and I hope you sell many, many thousands of copies.

  6. insanoshano Says:

    Hey!! Just wanted to say i love the EP especially Finding my own way!! Yall’s voices are angelic!!

  7. Regine Says:

    I am currently dowloading your album off of iTunes! YAY! Amazingly enough, it’s in the Canadian iTunes, which made me very happy 🙂 I can’t wait to listen!

  8. Marley Says:

    Finally it was up on iTunes this morning….It was sad I was totally listening to Christmas music all day long because I said that is all I will listen to until your music is up!!! So today is JillandKate music day and I am loving it! I convinced quite a few people to buy the album and so far everyone really likes it. Most of them would have never bought it if I did not make them!!! ha ha Just being honest! But see now they like y’all… I even called my girls in Cali in the middle of the night on accident and told them to make sure they download it. Good news is one was in London but the other pretty much wanted to kill me. 🙂 Oh well it was sooooooooooo worth it!

    So thanks for the great early Christmas gift of your music. It might be the best one I get this year :)……. ha ha

    Oh yeah my mom said that she loves it (she just called to tell me that)! And she is a tough cookie to crack sometimes. So that’s positive news.

    Ok now that I wrote a book GOOD LUCK with selling tons of albums! Both of you really deserve it.

  9. Lindsay Says:

    Came across the site today after a search for info regarding your new EP–yay!

    Just wanted to say it was nice to meet you (slash sort of interrupt a concert viewing–my apologies) and a pleasure to tell you how I appreciate your music and beautiful voices in person. I remembered the date (hell yeah!) and was confused when I didn’t see anything new up on iTunes. So great to hear it’s up and running now!

    Definitely going to check it out and pass on the news. Hopefully shows are in the future–I’d be excited to get folks (and myself!) to the shows to hear you live!


  10. Anakellya Says:

    ahh bless you stayed up til then? :O wow! mind you, i probably would if it was the day of my EP release, wouldn’t be able to get to sleep 🙂

    ahh its so good to finally hear it 😀 IM LOVING IT! especially Finding My Own Way.

    shame Bring You Back To Life wasn’t on it, but i guess i didn’t grasp the whole concept of ‘new song on the 17th’ i was kinda confused how that was going to carry on after the EP was released, with the new songs being on the cd, but i didnt realise that you wrote so many they couldn’t all fit , therefore you performing them(: haha.

    sorry i just bantered on. – hope i made sense:P

    anyways Loveee x

  11. Maxie Says:

    I heard about y’all from Stephanie so I had to check the music out.

    I couldn’t get itunes to work (i think my internet was just being stupid) but I purchased it on CD baby. Can’t wait to listen 🙂

  12. x-wha-a-dork-x Says:

    I’m Downloading it now!
    I saw your new vid on youtube..& went on to itunes & it was there!! – i just need my new ipod soo i cn stick it on there & listen to it non-stop =] x

  13. Elaine Says:

    My new visa card arrived in the post today so I’m currently downloading it 😀 Can’t wait to listen, though I’m sure it’s awesome 😀

  14. SarahLee23 Says:

    Remember your ” Quick Fix Club” post, Kate? Well, that’s me when it comes to some things as well, and I was up all night into yesterday morning waiting for iTunes…I grew impatient and downloaded the EP from cdbaby! LOL! Good news is that I can transfer those MP3s over to my iTunes account so now I can carry your tunes on my iPod! LOL ( Stop me, I’m rambling…lol….)

    I love ALL the songs (naturally!) on the EP, but “You Never Know” and “Finding My Own Way” really tug at my heart! 🙂

    And to TINA…are you in the states? If so, and you read this, please send me your e-mail address so I can get in touch with you…I’d like to buy you the album from iTunes. 😉 You can reach me at:

    Peace and love, everyone!


  15. Lindsay Says:

    KATE, I found your song! JILL, I found your song! …err, songSss.

    F’in awesome. Love it!

  16. Cassie Says:

    yall made such a great EP! i love it! each song touches my heart one way or another, the lyrics are brilliant! yall are so talented! keep on rockin! =]

  17. Anakellya Says:

    :O i didn’t realise, it was up on the UK iTunes all along 😛
    sorry thats kinda random but i wasn’t sure if it was gonna be on it. anyway i reviewed it for youu 😀


  18. Carly Says:

    yay! Even Canadian Itunes 🙂
    Congrats guys!

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