Air In My Tires.

So I just had to put air in my tires.  I know some girls can do this lickity split…I understand it’s not rocket science, but I don’t like doing it.  I always think I’m putting too much air in and the tire is gonna explode…my hands always get this layer of filthy black stuff on them and I swear I don’t ever do it right anyway….

So that’s why I hate putting air in my tires…which I just did in the sleet/snow that is hitting Nashville.

So I’m consoling myself with some peanut butter M&M’s.  

So good.

So there.


26 Responses to “Air In My Tires.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The tire pump thingie at our petrol station has a pressure meter on it to tell you when to stop……..I also have a hand pump that has a pressure meter on it so you know when it’s got just enough air in. Might be handy to get one?

    but that sucks….and peanut butter M&M’s mmmmm I miss those.

  2. Clara Says:

    I’m impreesed that you can do that 🙂 And I sure hope the tires don’t explode :p

    And Btw peanut butter M&M’s must be the most gross thing I’ve ever heard of. That would probably be more like punishment for me :p

  3. Pam Says:

    aw man that sucks- i’d be the same way with the whole tire-blowing up ordeal. anyways, the weather sucks but it got me 2 days off of school in a row which is awesome!

    and i’m not a fan of pb, so i just ate some hershey kisses before.

    yummm 🙂

  4. Bridie Says:

    I feel exactly the same way when I make that trip to the petrol station, I try to pull in when there isn’t many people about to witness my embarrassing attempt.

    BTW Kate haven’t you heard about the Peanut Butter salmonella scare out there in the States, you are one brave lady!!!!!

  5. Erin Says:

    I find your way of consoling yourself very effective.
    Winter sucks.
    smile 🙂

  6. I'm just sayin'.... Says:

    Haha, I was always afraid of the tire exploding thing, too. Until I learned about this nifty little thing called a ‘tire gauge’. I thought I was brilliant for knowing about this tire gaugy thingy…I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about this “new” helpful device. My friends laughed at me 😦

  7. TB Says:

    I feel for ya! Although filling the tires don’t bother me, it must have sucked to try and do it in the sleet/snow!

    But yea peanut butter M&M’s? Mmmmm sooo good!!! I LOVE anything peanut butter!

  8. Tricia W. Says:

    Wow that sounds very familiar.
    WOOO for Peanut Butter M&M’s!

  9. Jaq Says:

    Whoa whoa whoa we had so much in common for about 25 seconds. I, too, just put air in my tire (singular) last night and I, too, have no idea if I put too little in or the opposite, if the tire is going to blow up and kill me (is that possible? could that happen?). So I stop randomly and just hope for the best. But, KATIE, as I was reading your blog guess what I was eating?

    Yah. Crazy.

  10. SarahLee23 Says:

    You’re one up on me on that one, Kate….I always have someone else put the air in because, like you, I am worried about putting to much in and having a blow out! Peanut butter M&M’s can pretty much cure anything….which reminds me how much I really miss Reese’s Pieces..LOL! 😉


  11. livin' vicariously Says:

    …speaking of tires…are you going out on the road with kelly…going out to do your own gigs to support the EP…or….? 🙂

  12. Erin Says:

    haha that was really funny..I don’t like doing it either and I always feel like the tire is going to explode in my face haha i don’t even know if that can happen but yeah…I was just at a gas station a couple of weeks ago that had this new machine that beeped when it was full enough, it was amazing and made me think that I need to invent something. People think of the most simply slash dumbest things ever and then they are like billionaires.

    Yeah…..definitely need to invent something.

  13. Amanda B Says:

    Dude, I just had to do the same thing yesterday and I was so pissed. It was freezing and snow/slush on the ground. I have no idea if I put too much or not enough in.

  14. Jessabell Says:

    Hahahaha your to random

    the things you blog i love it!

  15. Jaclyn Says:

    Haha, this is kind of Dad actually has compressed air pump things that he put in our garage that are powered by a compressor in our basement (his dream is a high-tech garage, that he can admire/work on his car – it’s a 1970 Chevelle)’s convenient because the hoses are long enough to reach every tire no matter where the car is in the garage 🙂 It also works really fast…but no matter what you always get black stuff on your hands.

    But peanut butter M&M’s? Why have I never had these? I’m assuming they are similar to Reese’s Pieces? Because I really love those…what’s even better is taking regular M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces and eating them at the same time 😀

    And I hear you about the snow…I had to walk to class in it was 24 degrees though so at least it was warmer than it has been..and at least my walk is only a mile or so…but the wind is awful…I hate when it snows sideways.

  16. M Says:

    Aw, and here I thought I was the only one who thought that the tire would blow up if you put too much air in it…I still don’t know if it’s possible. My ex was pretty handy with that and would always fill my tires for me. Now I just get my roomie to do it, he’s a do-it-yourself type. How’s Jill at fixing things? LOL. JK. Get a tire gauge and check your owner’s manual. It should say on there what the reading should be. As far as the ugly “film,” well, gloves? Also, peanut butter M&Ms are the $h!t.

    Anyway. Stay warm…and I would venture to say, enjoy the Bahamas. Ha. Oh, and where do I start a petition? I think y’all should open for Kelly! Y’all do your set (WE get to enjoy hearing y’all live!), and then y’all do backup when she comes out. See, I’m a genius, I know. 😉

  17. Marleyrae Says:

    You need to fill you tires with Nitrogen…

    That’s what I have and it never looses air! Every time I go in for an oil change they refill it and I don’t have to do a thing. I have had no problems at all since I started using it! And trust me I’m really hard on my tires….

    Oh yeah and I’ve already heard about the big snowstorm… My mom drove down here yesterday because she had no electricity or phone and there was a ton of branches down all over. It took her 2 hours to get out of her driveway! And I’m currently in sunny Florida… So there’s kind of no comparison. 🙂

  18. Pam [different Pam] Says:

    Oh geez. That is one thing I am dreading about getting my own car 😛

    This also reminded me of that one Jeff Dunham thing, where he’s talking about his daughter trying to put gas in the car. If you haven’t seen him before or this skit more specifically, check it out! Hilarious!

    And wow, now I am REALLY craving peanut butter m&ms….

  19. Anakellya Says:

    haha 🙂
    well atleast you attempted it – i’m guessing you succeeded too 😉 lol.


  20. Hope Says:

    ahh air in tires, i cant do it. i have the same phobia that i’ll make them explode, and knowing my luck, they probably would. i get my dad to do it for me lol.

    and peanut butter m&ms , how i miss them. i had loads when i was in the states last year , they are tasty. ive joined a facebook group to try and get them sold in england. mmm chocolate !!

  21. higzy Says:

    I tried tho’s peanut butter m&m’s one time in North Carolina thought they were really sickly, we don’t have them in Britain. American has so much sweet stuff, you even put syrup on your bacon! if you came to Britain you’d be like everything so sour lol.

    Kate try marmite on toast, its really nice not sure if you can get it in America, but you can in Britain and Australia. Buy it next time you come here from the supermarket or something. xxx

  22. higzy Says:

    btw its starting to snow in Sheffield, UK again. I love the snow up until it goes slushy! And i’ve never attempted to put air in my tires not yet anyways. i’ll notify you when i do and maybe you could give me a few pointers 🙂

  23. Jennifer Says:

    Higzy, Marmite is pretty much the same as Vegemite that you can get in the USA.

    I loved peanut butter M&M’s although American Candy is really sweet in comparison to british….I tried to get an American friend to try a sherbet fountain her reply after tasting it was “are you trying to kill me?!”

    We also have snow here in Leeds so after my numerous “Wanna swap weather” and “I want snooooow!” I have posted in reply on this blog looks like I finally got some snow….and it’s nearly my birthday so snow on my birthday would = Amaaaaazing!

  24. Katie Says:

    omgsh my dad totally tried to make me do that the other day!
    i was like no wayyy. there is some things that im just not meant to
    do and changing the oil and filling my tires are two of them! haha

  25. Jaclyn Says:

    I had to jump-start my car for the first time the other day…the battery decided it was going to die because I hadn’t driven it for awhile (guess I don’t have many places to go…especially since I walk or take the bus to campus)…sooo glad my Dad decided to give me jumper cables for my birthday last year (…yeah, wasn’t too excited about it then, but I was yesterday, lol)…I’m just proud that I could actually do it, since my roommates didn’t know how 🙂

    Now last year, when my brake lines rusted through and while I was driving I lost all brake pressure and couldn’t stop…that was frightening, but luckily since it was 2 o’clock in the morning, no one was around when I drove through a 4-way stop, haha

  26. Brooke Says:

    Hopefully those peanut M&Ms weren’t from the GA factory…Gotta watch out or you’ll have air somewhere else! Bahaha.

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