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Some pics…

February 28, 2009

Here are some pics from the last few weeks…
bahamasMy (kate’s) view from my room in the Bahamas…pretty freakin’ spectacular.

bridgeThis nifty bridge had sharks underneath…we’re such risk takers….

sbuck2Starbucks in the Bahamas was expensive.

sbucksBut that didn’t stop us from buying their drinks and taking pictures with their signs 🙂


pattyThat’s a shot of Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris and Shawn Colvin.  We went to their show in NYC.  SO GOOD!!!!

eyeI (kate) saw this pic in a magazine and took a pic of it…I like the colors.

big-ben*Almost Big Ben as seen in a quick drive by…

jill-puppyJill made a new friend…

kate-puppyWe found our new friend backstage at the Paul O’Grady show.  

jill-one-of-the-girlsJill is just one of the girls.

groupA group shot after filming the Paul O’Grady show.

zurich-riverTook a walk and found this pretty spot in Zurich.

That’s all the pics we got for now….more to come soon…


Mirror, Mirror

February 23, 2009

Randomly found this poem online and love it so decided to share. 

“Mirror, Mirror”

A young spring-tender girl
combed her joyous hair
‘You are very ugly’ said the mirror.
on her lips hung
a smile of dove-secret loveliness,
for only that morning had not
the blind boy said,
‘You are beautiful’?

by Spike Milligan 

gotta love good poems. goodnight from England.


Do NOT miss this…

February 20, 2009

First of all…thanks for all of your awesome comments about our new song on the 17th blog. We are having so much fun doing it. 

More importantly, we want to tell you about an AMAZING tour that you cannot afford to miss. Our incredibly talented friends are going to be going on tour starting…well, now…and if you live anywhere near where they are playing, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go check it out. 

The tour is called “The Renegade Tour” and features our friend Will Gray ( who we have told you about before…and our friends in the band Gretel ( who are also ridiculously talented. 

Here are the tour dates and a link to a press release that will tell you a little more about the tour. Support good music!


2/19/2009 – Bolivar, MO, Southwest Baptist University 
2/20/2009 – Jackson, TN, Union University – Barefoots Joe 
2/21/2009 – Knoxville, TN, Preservation Pub 
2/22/2009 – Nashville, TN, The Rutledge 
2/23/2009 – Nashville, TN, TBA 
2/24/2009 – St. Louis, MO, Fubar 
2/25/2009 – Dubuque, IA, Clarke College 
2/26/2009 – Chicago, IL, Cubby Bear 
2/27/2009 – Grand Rapids, MI, Calvin College 
2/28/2009 – Columbus, OH, Rumba Cafe 
3/1/2009 – Dayton, OH, TBA 
3/2/2009 – Mt. Vernon, OH, TBA 
3/3/2009 – Grantham, PA, Messiah College (lecture) 
3/4/2009 – Grantham, PA, Messiah College 
3/5/2009 – Arlington, VA, TBA 
3/6/2009 – Fredericksburg, VA, TBA 
3/7/2009 – Fredericksburg, VA, TBA 
*all dates subject to change.

Guess I Better Move On

February 18, 2009

Guess I Better Move On

I think I’m going just a little bit crazy
You’re never gonna change
And I’m a fighter but it’s getting late and I’m just about to break

I’ve been tripping on every step 
Ever since I put on these shoes
And all the roads we take
How come they never are the roads we’d choose

I’m falling fast 
I don’t think I’m gonna last

But I hold on til I hit the bottom
Then I let go cause it’s all I know
And it’s not like I haven’t fought it
But when everybody says it’s over
When everybody says it’s over
Guess I better move on

These are only words but they’re all that I have left
I’ve been chasing you climbing your ladders
You don’t ever stop to rest
And I don’t want to give in
Cause I don’t want you to win

I’m falling fast 
I don’t think I’m gonna last

But I hold on til I hit the bottom
Then I let go cause it’s all I know
And it’s not like I haven’t fought it 
But when everybody says it’s over
When everybody says it’s over
Guess I better move on
Guess I better move on

I’m fighting for every word
I want it so bad it hurts
But you have stolen every bit of hope I had and I don’t think I’m gonna last

(c) J. Pickering, K. Rapier, 2009.

Now just because we are so dorky…we thought we’d show you how hard it was to shoot this video…it’s okay…you can laugh with us!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2009

Hey everyone!

Well, we are getting to celebrate Valentine’s day with some Fender guitars, some sand and a whole lot of really cool people 🙂  We are in the Bahamas getting ready for a show with Kelly and the gang…woohoo!

The resort we are at is beautiful!  The water is clear and it was in the high 70’s yesterday….it’s no lie that they call this place Paradise Island! 

Make sure you show lots of love today…tomorrow is not guaranteed. So love, love, love today.


How to get through rehearsing…

February 10, 2009

To get through rehearsals you have got to have some snacks…Right this second we are loving some Triple Ginger Snaps from Trader Joes.  

gingerHappy Tuesday.


jill is…

February 7, 2009

jillfor those of you who were wondering where i am…

here i am.



48 in a 35.

February 7, 2009

Those are words you never like to hear.  Especially when coming from the mouth of a police officer.  Yes, because you’re a smart person you’ve already put it together.  I got a speeding ticket today.  It’s me, Kate. My first speeding ticket ever.  It all happened so fast–I had just turned onto a bridge and do not really see how I could have already made it to 48 mph but all of a sudden this motorcycle cop (which let’s face it are the WORST kind) is coming towards me, turns around and pulls me over.  I had no rush of adrenaline, no fear of getting a ticket because I had NO idea I was speeding or doing anything wrong.  I was actually on my way to find a Starbucks because I was needing some major caffeine.  Being in an area of Nashville I do not know well, I had my iPhone in hand with my directions…and BAM…48 in a 35 happened.  

All this to say–Nashville has the nicest police officers…well my officer was nice.  He even gave me very simple directions to Starbucks.  He also told me about traffic school so the ticket wouldn’t be on my record.  Ahhh….so it really wasn’t that bad.  It all happened so darn fast…I’m glad it happened in Nashville…

And I think Jill got her first speeding ticket almost a year ago to the day…weird.

So folks, slow down and save yourselves from hearing the words 48 in a 35. 

Love it.