48 in a 35.

Those are words you never like to hear.  Especially when coming from the mouth of a police officer.  Yes, because you’re a smart person you’ve already put it together.  I got a speeding ticket today.  It’s me, Kate. My first speeding ticket ever.  It all happened so fast–I had just turned onto a bridge and do not really see how I could have already made it to 48 mph but all of a sudden this motorcycle cop (which let’s face it are the WORST kind) is coming towards me, turns around and pulls me over.  I had no rush of adrenaline, no fear of getting a ticket because I had NO idea I was speeding or doing anything wrong.  I was actually on my way to find a Starbucks because I was needing some major caffeine.  Being in an area of Nashville I do not know well, I had my iPhone in hand with my directions…and BAM…48 in a 35 happened.  

All this to say–Nashville has the nicest police officers…well my officer was nice.  He even gave me very simple directions to Starbucks.  He also told me about traffic school so the ticket wouldn’t be on my record.  Ahhh….so it really wasn’t that bad.  It all happened so darn fast…I’m glad it happened in Nashville…

And I think Jill got her first speeding ticket almost a year ago to the day…weird.

So folks, slow down and save yourselves from hearing the words 48 in a 35. 

Love it.


32 Responses to “48 in a 35.”

  1. jessica Says:

    i remember my first speeding ticket..it was right when i got my G2 i was so excited i could drive without an adult but then i got caught by an undercover police officer hiding in the damn corn field in a back road. i cried my way out of the ticket and he didn’t put it on record..thank god. ever since then i never ever speed . soo kate i totally understand how you must of felt when he pulled you over!

  2. I'm just sayin'... Says:

    Vehicles are just not on your side lately are they? haha

  3. SarahLee23 Says:

    I remember the first time I was pulled over…I wasn’t issued a ticket, but I was in the smallest of towns, and was pulling out of a parallel parking spot. I went down a block, made a semi u-turn, and before you know it, I was pulled over. The cop, I kid you not, said Clint-Eastwood-style, ” Ma’am, there are no U-Turns on Main Street”. To this day I laugh at him saying it…and make sure that I pull no more “u-ies” on any main street! 😉

    I am sorry that you got a ticket, Kate…..and you certainly deserved a Starbucks drink after that!

    Sending ya hugs,

  4. Erin Says:

    haha shit. damn tickets!

    Can we just face it though, like honestly come on now..

    sometimes…..the speed limit is too slow, what’s a girl to do?

    ps you’re so cute and love blogging. where the flip is Jill?

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Eeep speeding tickets suck…I mean not that I drive but my friend got his first one on our first long road trip, a 9 hour drive on his birthday up to scotland and he got pulled over on our way back home.

    Again the officer was really nice with all of us and we found it hilarious that he was like “Wait until you’re out of scotland before speeding, since we’re on a new program where we’re really having to cut down on speeding, but as soon as you get out of this village you’ll be fine”
    After we were like “Oh yeah cause it’s fine to speed in England just not Scotland!”
    I wouldn’t mind but his was only 3mph over the limit and our friend was admittedly driving a lot faster but nope our car gets pulled over for 3mph over!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Rephrase: our other friend in another car was admittedly driving a lot faster…

  7. Jaclyn Says:

    It’s soooo hard not to speed when you live in an area where you have to drive so far just to get to a grocery store, lol…the speed limit is 55, but it still takes 15 minutes to get there so most people go between 65-70…I’ve never been pulled over before though….my Mom actually works for a police station (records clerk, not an officer) so I’m friends with all the officers back home (most of them I’ve known since I was in the 1st grade)..unfortunately that doesn’t get me anywhere when I’m at school, haha

    My cousin got pulled over for reckless driving though…which is worse than speeding I guess….she was going 91 on the freeway (where the limit is supposedly 70, but most go at least 80 here in Michigan..if you don’t, you’ll be passed/tailgated/flipped off…haha)

  8. Anakellya Says:

    ahhh that sucks.
    but how weird that you got it the same day Jill did a year ago :O

    hope you found the starbucks 😉 haha .


  9. la90 Says:

    i remember my first ticket. i was on my way home from work at 2am and i was going 50 in a 30 and they pulled me over and gave me my ticket. my mum was gonna kill me cause i had only passed my test 6 months. 🙂

  10. Fouts Says:

    haha the next time i see y’all, i am giving both you and jill one of my brother’s NJ state trooper PBA cards!!!

    I would own all of the Garden State P’Way, the NJ Turnpike, Highway 1 south and Highway 13 and the I-4 in florida if i didn’t have one of those bad boys…..

    what can i say i like speeeeeeeeeed!!!

    Can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeve for the “New song on the 17th” this time around!!

  11. rhonda Says:

    only in nashville. i just love tennessee. it’s a lot like texas, everyone is very friendly. i may be going to nashville tonight, so if i get pulled over by a cop on a motorcycle, i’ll ask him if he remembers ya. ha it makes me smile everytime you mention tennessee. i can’t imagine living anywhere else. i’m glad you are having a good experience her as well.

  12. Tina Says:

    Awww that sucks 😦

    I’m learning how to drive… but I’ll keep in mind that the 7th of February is a dangerous day to get a speeding ticket :p

    Anyway, I’m glad it won’t be on your record!

  13. Elaine Says:

    Honey, you had your iPhone in your hand with directions? Isn’t that also breaking some sort of law? You’re lucky the officer was nice though, some of them are just total power-trippers!

  14. Tricia W. Says:

    wow at least you got a nice cop.
    glad he told you about traffic school so it doesn’t stay on your record. If only all the police officers in the world would take a lesson for Nashville police things might go a little smoother haha.
    Can’t wait for New Song on the 17th!

  15. Erin Says:

    Bummer. My brother had to do traffic school. He did it online though so I don’t think it was that bad. My mom got pulled over once, her cop was a jerk.

    At least you got what was most important, Starbucks.

    Can’t wait for the new song!

  16. vanilla Says:

    now im no goody goody 2 shoes but im luckly enough never to have been given a speeding ticket …..watch it now i bet i get one now (good job i cant actually drive my car at the mo its broken and needs fixing)

    but anyways …. kate if u had done that in uk not only would u have a ticket for speeding the police would have had u for holding ur phone too !!!! that would have been 3 points and a £60 fine plus ur fine u would have got for speeding ……. ouch !!!!!!

    glad to hear u got to starbucks though lol

    hope jill & yourself are well x

  17. Kelly Says:

    It’s tough not to speed in TN. The interstates there…like here in AL are much like NASCAR speedways. If you’re not pushing the limit…you’re going to get run slap over! I guess it’s gotten in your system…that need for speed… 🙂

  18. Erin Says:

    I’d have to say that actually the BEST cops are cops on bikes. They are pretty much amazing.

    My sister got pulled over by a bike cop for running a stop sign. Like really? You’re really chasing my car on your bike?


  19. Becca Says:

    I had to take traffic school last year when I got my first and only ticket. It sucks. But if you can, just rent the dvds at Blockbuster and do it at home. It’s much better.

  20. TB Says:

    That’s not too bad… At least it was your first one. I have had 8 speeding tickets within 3 years. Expensive! Especially when I had to get lawyers for 4 of them because they were WAY over 15mph!! But the good thing is I only have 1 on my record. Haha. Its hard to drive slow in fast cars!

  21. Deb Says:

    Ive never gotten a ticket but I did get stopped by a police officer for drink driving my wheelchair in the middle of a road, lol My sister was sitting on my knee at the time with her friend was standing on the back of my chair (GOOD TIMES) lmao x

  22. paintersoflight Says:

    Police are exceptionally nice in Nashville. When I got in the car accident in Nashville the weekend of the Kelly concert, the police man was so sweet about it amongst all my freaking out!
    Sorry to hear you got a ticket though!

  23. Amanda Arch Says:

    ugh sorry, that last comment (the paintersoflight one) is me, I totally keep forgetting that im logged in under my school profile and post on your and aa’s blog. Whoops, my bad.

  24. lindsay c Says:

    nashville cops are nice. once, i told one i was heading downtown to pick up a friend at a bar. since i was “doing i nice deed,” i was set free. i guess he thought i was picking up a friend so she wouldnt drive under the influence. in all honesty, jokes on him. thank goodness i have a drivers license from elsewhere–that helps me in addition to the nice nashville cops.
    good luck in the future w/ speeding and finding starbuckses.

  25. Lauren Says:

    ahhh that sucks..but at least you got simple, easy directions to starbucks!

  26. Jenny Says:

    way to go kate!! haha jk.. that is a cool story. thanks for sharing!! this weekend me and my friends went to washington dc, to go walk around.. we parked in a parking garage and we thought since its the weekend you dont have to pay.. it was friday, and we got back in the car.. we got a nice ticket for 35 bucks…we were pretty pissed, we were like, um excuse me its the weekend.. wtf then we see i sign later that says, monday-friday pay meter, weekends are free.. we were soo confused cause to college kids friday as soon as classes are over, it is the weekend. we all are going to chip in so its all good, just annoying.. hahaha..ok well thanks for the story!! love you!!

  27. E Says:

    or the words, “slowing down @ 102”.

    I won’t go into the actual limit. I will say that I just wanted out of the state of Ohio.

  28. thesethingswillchange Says:

    haha dang it now i have the song “I’m so paid”
    stuck in my head because of your title.. haha
    “..doin 90 in a 65..”

  29. M Says:

    Aw, speeding tickets suck. At least you got a nice cop, I’ve had two (and one was a speeding trap, but whatever), which is quite good considering speeding is a way of life here in good ol’ GA.

  30. Bam Bam Says:

    Just a heads up on the traffic school, they only let you do that once a year apparently here in good ol Nashville. I got pulled over by a moto cop near downtown saying I was doing 45 in a 25 after just coming off an exit ramp and THEN turning after a complete stop. Not happening in a jeep. Went to court, and the cop didn’t show. Now I still have the traffic school option plus fighting the ticket IF this situation ever came across my plate again. The judge said my name and that was it. All over. If it’s a packed house apparently you have a better chance of getting off. Luckily for my job I work closely with metro, but the moto cops are their own thing apparently & this is def a tow happy town…def watch for that one!! Meters all over end at different times (usually 5 or 6)

  31. higzy Says:

    gutted! my sister past her driving test about 3 months ago and she just got flashed by a speed camera, she was goin 34 in a 30, so she now has 3 points on her license and a fine. i hate speed cameras they’re everywhere in sheffield, dunno if you have em in the usa, dont think you have.

  32. Brooke Says:

    Go to driving school on a weeknight — they won’t keep you the whole 4 hours 🙂

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