Guess I Better Move On

Guess I Better Move On

I think I’m going just a little bit crazy
You’re never gonna change
And I’m a fighter but it’s getting late and I’m just about to break

I’ve been tripping on every step 
Ever since I put on these shoes
And all the roads we take
How come they never are the roads we’d choose

I’m falling fast 
I don’t think I’m gonna last

But I hold on til I hit the bottom
Then I let go cause it’s all I know
And it’s not like I haven’t fought it
But when everybody says it’s over
When everybody says it’s over
Guess I better move on

These are only words but they’re all that I have left
I’ve been chasing you climbing your ladders
You don’t ever stop to rest
And I don’t want to give in
Cause I don’t want you to win

I’m falling fast 
I don’t think I’m gonna last

But I hold on til I hit the bottom
Then I let go cause it’s all I know
And it’s not like I haven’t fought it 
But when everybody says it’s over
When everybody says it’s over
Guess I better move on
Guess I better move on

I’m fighting for every word
I want it so bad it hurts
But you have stolen every bit of hope I had and I don’t think I’m gonna last

(c) J. Pickering, K. Rapier, 2009.

Now just because we are so dorky…we thought we’d show you how hard it was to shoot this video…it’s okay…you can laugh with us!

50 Responses to “Guess I Better Move On”

  1. Anakellya Says:

    HAHA! – to the laughing one!
    WHOAAAAAA! – to the final singing one 🙂

    great song i loved it. loving the laughter 😛 i have days like that, when something is a little bit funny, then you just cant stop laughing at all 🙂 it’s great lol.

    xo. ❤

  2. Clara Says:

    hahahaha, I laughed my but off!!!

    Great song though! 🙂

  3. Karin Says:

    HAHA! Haven’t laughed so hard in a looong time! The second video was hilarious!
    Great song btw 😀 LOVE the lyrics! I can absolutely relate to “Guess I Better Move On”!
    Seems like KC finally learned how to use a camera! 😀

  4. higzy Says:

    LMAO LMAO LMAO! I was like this when I was filming one time at university as I’m on a film and media course, it seriously took us like 20min to do this 10 second shot. When you get the giggles you get the giggles!!

  5. higzy Says:

    forgot to say awesome song, keep em coming!! you know maybe you guys should be the support act for Kelly when she comes to the UK it would be great to see you perform and you’ll get recognize by more people. OH YEAH I FORGOT, I’M GOING TO THE PAUL O’GRADY SHOW IN LONDON TO SEE KELLY I SO FORGOT!! ITS MY FAVOURITE TALK SHOW, HE’S SO FUNNY, KELLY WILL BE AMAZING ON IT, AND I GET TO SEE HER PERFORM LIVE WOOHOO, HOPE YOU GUYS WILL BE THERE, AND I DONT KNOW WHY I’M STILL WRITING IN CAPITALS 🙂

    Byee xx

  6. Lauren Says:

    hahahah the laughing video is just hilarious! The song is abosolutely amazing, the lyrics are so beautiful.

  7. Fouts Says:

    ok thank the lord tricia is awake in the other room cause i am laughing my ass off right with y’all….

    Great Song! Thanks for toughing through it for us 😉

    Happy Birthday Mama Pickering!!

  8. Tricia W. Says:

    Man what a great video to wake up to haha. After laughing I feel all awake and ready to start my day 🙂 . It’s ok I get laughing fits where there’s no way I’m going to be able to finish whatever it is I’m doing, so I give props to you Jill for getting through that. Especially when your friends around you are laughing too haha.

    Love that song a lot…even with the laughs 😉

    Happy Birthday to Mama Pickering!!!!

  9. Carly Says:

    Wow I keep saying this every month, but i think this one is my fav!

    Impressed that KC learned how to use a camera 😛

    Thanks for making my day girls 😀

  10. Marleen Says:

    I love the new song! Great lyrics.

    And… the laughing video.. so hilarious! KC can use a camera, jeej! 😀

    Thanks girls, I’m looking forward to the next 17th song already 😉

  11. E Says:

    Very nice. My favorite part of this one is the harmony. There are no duos in pop music and you ladies need to have your voices heard.

    Any chance of “New Song on the 17th” being filmed at a live show?

  12. TB Says:

    Loved the song! And I really hope you guys didn’t stay up that late to put the videos up. YouTube was being stupid lastnight(earlier this morning). But we appreciate you guys waiting for YouTube to work to put them up. Definitely look forward to the 17th each month!

    Poor Jill couldn’t stop laughing and then KC would laugh and poor Kate just wanted to get the video done. LOL it was pretty hilarious to watch!

    And props to KC for working the camera again. Least she knew how to turn it off this time. I kid I kid…. LOL

    You guys crack me up.

    Thanks for the song and laugh!

    Have fun on promo tour!

  13. E Says:

    Just realized there is Aly & Aj but they don’t count b/c they are manufactured teen pop. And there is Tegan and Sara – you guys could give them a pretty good run for their money. Your voices have them beat by a mile.

  14. Jaclyn Says:

    Ooooo, I love the song!!! I can definitely relate, and your harmony is amazing, seriously.

    And I love that laughter is contagious because watching the “outtake” made me crack up too (which I needed because I’m really stressed out right now with school and my car deciding not to start..again..I think it’s a problem with the alternator 😦 )…anyway, I’m glad you decided to upload that one too 😀

    The best times are the ones with friends where you just can’t stop laughing…unless it’s while you’re in class…I have a professor that gets overly excited about microbiology and sometimes my friends will make a joke about something he says and it’s just so funny…especially if it’s one where they add “that’s what she said”….and then I feel really immature, haha (but it’s funny!)

  15. Jaclyn Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say, I’m looking forward to next month’s new song 😀 It’ll come just in time for my birthday (which is the 19th…and I’ll be 21…I’m excited)

  16. Holly Says:

    awesome song, my favorite yet!!

    And all the roads we take
    How come they never are the roads we’d choose

    so clever you guys are, if I had to describe your lyrics I would say they are emotionally clever….wait does that even make sense? lol I THINK what I mean is they are full of emotion yet clever and fun at the same time…

    and wow at the other blog haha I must say I was laughing out loud, too funny!

  17. Samantha Says:

    Love the new song!!! Kelly cracks me up in the background with all of y’all laughing in the second video. The lyrics are fabulous though, and I can’t wai tuntil we buy a copy of the song. 🙂

  18. M Says:

    Well, this song is pretty awesome. I’m so digging the lyrics. I mean, who can’t relate? The “outtake” video is hysterical…once you start, it’s like you can’t stop. But good that y’all were able to make it through it. Thanks for sharing that one as well. It sure made me laugh in this cold, rainy day… And you know, “Jesus loves laughter.” (Hey, that’s what she said! Ha!)

    BTW, did y’all send Kelly to film school? Her camera work is getting way better! 😉

    You know, I’ve realized, (and it has nothing to do with y’all), but really, I should date a musician. Um, I guess I felt like sharing that, lol.

  19. Liz Says:

    Definitely my favorite song so far ladies. 🙂 Such strong and relatable lyrics…

  20. Jessabell Says:

    Bahahahahaahahaha SWEET NIBLETS!!!
    i think i cried laughing at that.. seriouly you guys are hillerious..
    jill you blame thrower lol
    Kelly you was worse that jill laughing hahahaha
    kate.. eventually you just had to go with the laughing no way you was getting through that song without it..

    LOVED the blog

  21. Monica Says:

    for the song…the song was great =) i think almost everyone can find some sort of way to connect with the lyrics and that is always awesome to me when it comes to songs.

    about the laughing…yea, that was funny. i pretty much just love laughter because other people’s laughs make me laugh & i don’t even need to know what’s funny. laughing, it’s good for the soul 🙂

    i’m one of the worst at controlling laughter, especially when you’re supposed to go into serious mode right after a funny situation…by that point i laugh at anything.

    good job ladies! loved the song! happy birthday to jill’s momma!

  22. Michelle Says:

    haha that was hilarious.. love the song.. you guys have amazingg voices, it would be soo cool if you guys opened up for kelly next tour!

  23. Lindsey Says:

    This was sooo funny! I couldnt stop laughing! Especially the second video! I love all your songs and can’t wait til you do your own show

  24. Erin Says:

    you guys are lovely, even if you had the giggles.
    kate, it was a good attempt to keep it going.
    happy birthday to your mom jill!

  25. Amanda B Says:

    You guys that was a GREAT song! All of your songs have great lyrics, you should do this for a living! 😉 Harmonies were spot on as usual, even with the laughing.

    “How come they never are the roads we’d choose” very nice.

    Yes Kelly, Jesus does love laughter, and her laugh is super contagious. I felt a little awkward laughing out loud since I’m at work. My co-workers probably think I’m koo-koo.

    I’m going to have to remember the “dead puppies” thing. That is horrible and funny at the same time!

  26. vanilla Says:

    ok ive been really poorly over the past couple of days and u guys have just made me feel 10 times better, i havent laughed so much in ages !!!!!

    u guys serious crack me up and i totally blame kelly for all of it lol

    besides from the laughter awesome song !!!! totally love it x

  27. Becca Says:

    love the new song!
    the lyrics are beautiful 🙂

  28. Jennifer Says:

    Once again love the new song, this is one I would want to really hear recorded in the studio.
    Laughing at you guys in giggle fits made me feel better anyway since I’ve been so ill lately.

    Also for anyone wanting a copy of the songs to listen to on the go etc I have been making them up into an album (Hope this is ok that I’ve done this) I’ll keep posting them on EastCoastBound each month also to keep everyone updated.
    I did make a little album art for it since I am OCD about having album covers haha. You can download it here…

  29. Pam Says:

    those lyrics relate to me sooo much! i love them.

    and it’s horrible how you guys have some of the most contagious laughs…because i couldn’t stop laughing either! haha

  30. Elaine Says:

    That was awesome! Love the laughter, been having a few days like that in work myself – apparently the recession is an hilarious topic in the graphics department LOL.

    I totally agree you guys should be the support act on Kelly’s next tour 😀 Plus then you HAVE to persuade her to stop in IRELAND!!! I know I’ll probably fly over to the UK if she doesn’t, but Ireland’s awesome, you should insist 😀

  31. Miranda Says:

    Awesome song! Love the lyrics and the harmony. I’ve been enjoying the blog and the new songs.

    I have to say I also love those days where you just can’t stop laughing. It might mean it’s hard to get things done, but, hey. Not a terribly reason. 😀

  32. Tracy Says:

    Jesus loves laughing…..Did you say Princess????…I think i said Jesus but thats ok… LOL …Thanks for sharing a song with us each month! I appreciate them. You guys rock!!

  33. Tina Says:

    Amazing new song, love the lyrics, can’t stop listening!!

    And the second video was so funny!!! So happy y’all decided to upload it as well 😀

    Can’t wait for the Europe performances and the new song next month! Yay 😀

  34. I'm just saying... Says:

    Oh my godness, that was HILARIOUS. You have a great laugh Jill. Its SUPER contagious…I was laughing the whole time, which made the people around me feel a little uncomfortable but screw them that was funny!

    Great song by the way….you guys never disappoint when it comes to the song department.

    Do you happen to know if you guys are going to put these songs on a CD (you should call the CD “17”…haha) or maybe somewhere where we can download them? ‘Cause I’m a big fan and I would love to have more of your music on my Ipod.

  35. Amanda Says:

    You guys are adorable, haha. Ahhh the giggles!! Gotta love em. Anyways, great job on the song!! Seriously, it was beautiful 🙂

  36. Hope Says:

    ok i think thats the funniest thing ive ever seen !!!! you girls made me laugh so hard, cheered me up after a rubbish day so thanks for that ! its was when u kept singing, “i think im going just a little bit crazy” and then u burst into laughter !!! LMAO !

    love the song too, i can relate to that, beautifully written as usual !

    have fun when your over here in England, i tried to get Paul Ogrady tickets to come see you but there werent any left 😦 bad times. hope ya have a blast tho and keep rockin, another fab NSOT17 << that doesnt really work does it ….. 😛

  37. Erin Says:

    I feel like I say this every 17th..haha..but that was my favorite song..Can you make a ghetto album of “New Songs on the 17th” and just rip the audio from the videos to make it. And then you can sell them for like 10 cents. What a wonderful idea. You should probably do it.

    The outtakes made me laughing. Jill, i’m glad you are “happy” haha

  38. Erin Says:

    okay that made no sense. but it’s totally fine, you know what i meant haha

  39. lc Says:

    hahahaha. who cares if you cant get something done…laughing is FUN.
    don’t u love happy? haha 🙂

  40. rhonda Says:

    I could not stop smiling as i was watching this video. ya’ll have such an amazing connection and it definitely comes across in your music and your sound. as for the laughing – it is contagious. as i was watching the second video my younger daughter came over and we were both laughing. this caught my older daughter’s attention so she came over and joined in the laughter. man, if the world could be more like that what a better place it would be. keep doin’ what you do. god has truly blessed you with a voice and with each other.

  41. Emma Says:

    OMG you guys crack me up, i hate when i get the giggles like that lol
    Lovin the song though!

  42. jess Says:

    awesome song! i’ve never commented on here before but i just wanted to say that i think i love every single song i’ve heard from you two. you guys are amazing and thanks for sharing your songs with us!

  43. Dani Says:

    your laughing made me laugh and then next thing i know it i’m crying from laughing so much.

    thanks for making my day brighter 🙂


  44. rachel Says:


    AWESOME song. great lyrics and i love the guitar! can’t wait for the next song! i agree, you should make a cd with all the songs you’ve done on the 17th!

  45. Jill & Kate: Guess I Better Move On… « Method Uncertain Says:

    […] Kate. Sick sick harmonies, their voices sound as one, the best part is they’re funny as heck (read their blog), yet their recent EP, Finding My Own Way (plug…plug), is filled with some of […]

  46. Duidy(: Says:

    hey! I’d looooveeee to have the song! how can I get it? (:

  47. Rebecca Says:

    This song is SOOOOO good. I wish there was an mp3 of it! That second video made me laugh.

  48. Rebecca Says:

    Also I forgot to add that I love your voices! Can’t wait to see you guys for Kelly’s tour stop in San Diego!

  49. Melissa Says:

    OHMYGOSH!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It seriously was wayyyy shuper good!!!!
    Is there anyway i could get the guitar chords for that song????

    *loved it!!!

  50. kim Says:

    I love this song! Great lyrics 🙂

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