New Song on the 17th!

So, we decided to do something special for this new song on the 17th…it’s St. Patrick’s Day….it’s Jill’s birthday tomorrow…so why not do something special?

We recorded a new song called “Sarah” and we posted it on our myspace page. It’s a very broken down version–just us and guitar.  

Go check it out…and if some of you are sad that you aren’t seeing us in a video blog…hold your horses…we’re uploading a video blog we did at SNL the other night.

Love, hugs and Shamrocks all around…


29 Responses to “New Song on the 17th!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Awww yay! I’m going to listen to it right now. Happy Birthday tomorrow Jill! I’m excited for the video. 🙂 I watched ya’ll on SNL and you rocked it!

  2. Pam Says:

    i’m REALLY interested to hear this song by the title because i had a realllly bad experience with a sarah. but i’ll report back once i listen!

    and totally pumped for the SNL vid! (btw- you guys rocked)


  3. Amanda Says:

    I think my job blocks MySpace, lame. Oh wait, I shouldn’t be on MySpace at work? Oops, haha. can’t wait to hear the new song, ladies. I too will report back once I’ve taken a listen. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, and happy almost birthday Jill!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Oh how i missed Jill and Kate! soo much! you guys are just so busy!! well im glad your having fun!! im going to check it out after i watch my shows. So happy to see you and to read your blogs! love you ladies!!

  5. SarahLee23 Says:


    Jill…Kate! I must tell you that I LOVED the “Sarah” song (I’ll give you two guesses why…ha!). Of course, I love ALL of your music, but I am kinda partial to this one… 😉

    I have loved watching you all over the tv! I am totally keeping my fingers crossed that you all end up here in Texas for a tour stop!!!! 😀

    I went to bed last night, laughing to myself about the St. Patrick’s Day blog from last year ( “have a wee dram!”…too funny! 🙂

    Jill – a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!! I hope that you have a blessed day and many more happy birthday’s to come! 🙂

    ( A side note for Pam- not ALL Sarah’s are bad! LOL 😉 )

    Hugs, peace and love,


  6. Pam Says:

    so i just listened. wow. i don’t know if this is really the meaning of the song, but i got it as like sarah is this perfect girl that can do no wrong and you’re wondering like, ‘wow what can i do to be like her and have such a great life?’ at least that’s how i look at it.

    it’s scary how relatable that is, really. by any chance could you post the lyrics?
    oh and i’m totally adding this to my myspace page right about…now!

  7. Panalee Says:

    What a beautiful song. Y’all just keep getting better and better every time I hear a new song. I wish more women, myself included, could be like “Sarah”. Brava yet again 🙂

    On another note, I have a little surprise for y’all 🙂 It’s for Jill’s Birthday and just because y’all are awesome. I linked my photobucket account, where I put your surprise…but it’s protected. I’ll sending the password via myspace message. Hope you like it!!!

  8. Katie Says:

    dang your new song makes me so emotional!
    haha i feel like such a loser! but thats ok.
    i love it and i love you guys cant wait to hear moreeee.

  9. Jen Says:

    Wow. Great great song.

  10. Erin Says:

    What a beautiful song. I love it!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Birthday Jill!!! Have 12 drinks for meeee 🙂

  11. becca Says:

    ok, so i don’t think i’ve commented before, but i love y’alls music, and the blog is hilarious, but i just had to comment on the song…i think it is absolutely brilliant. like seriously, amazing. after listening to it, i was seriously in a kind of awe…it was that good. so great, great job, y’all. love it.

  12. Jaclyn Says:

    Yay!!! New song 😀 It’s kind of like that person you wish you could be…the one that does everything right while you just sit on the sidelines and watch, wondering how they can be so perfect…I can definitely relate…if that’s what it’s about, haha (I’m horrible at analyzing things, lol)

    Happy birthday Jill!!! Haha, mine’s on Thursday…21, woohoo!

  13. I'm just sayin'... Says:

    Steve Carell!!! I LOVE him….The Office is HILARIOUS…one of my favorite shows!:D

    Happy St.Paddy’s day!! And Happy B-day Jill!! My birthday is on the 24th so, WOOHOO!!! 😀

  14. Sarah Says:

    awww, love the song. guess why? 😀

    happy birthday jillll. enjoy YOUR day with family, friends and lots of alcohol 😀

  15. Anakellya Says:


    it sounds to me like it may be about a little kid or something. because it’s like “she’s always first to say i love you… she always bounces back… dreams in more than white and black… when she falls down she laughs” it sounds really sweet 🙂 i could be completely wrong about the kid thing but that’s what it sounds like to me 🙂

    xo. 🙂

  16. Clara Says:

    Happy birthay Jill 🙂 Have a fab day!

  17. Karin Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope you have a great day!!!

    awww, thw new song is sooo beautiful! love the lyrics! “sarah” just seems like the person i guess everybody wants to be… she’s not perfect, she falls down but bounces back; she doesn’t care about what others might think about her… she’s just herself, not afraid to dream, not afraid to take her chances. this attitude, not trying to please others, knowing you’re not perfect – and not caring about that – is just so admirable! (…at least, that’s how i interpreted your song…)
    THANK YOU for writing this song – it’s very touching and inspiring – and it really made me think about how i want (and not want) to live my life!

  18. Anja Says:


  19. Marleen Says:

    I love the new song “Sarah”.. it’s so beautiful!

  20. vicky Says:

    happy birthday jill! party hard! love the new song! and you all looked like you were having a great time on snl. great times!

  21. Becca Says:

    I finally just listened to Sarah, and its a BEAUTIFUL song. The lyrics are so good.

  22. Becca Says:

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Jill 🙂

  23. Sarah Says:

    This song is really good, I really like it.

    Happy Birthday Jill! Hope you have a good one with lots of cake and alcohol but I don’t really suggest putting them together haha

  24. girl Says:

    love the song !!
    happy birthday jill

  25. Emma Says:

    Happy Birthday Jill, hope you have a good one!

  26. Amanda Says:

    Finally listened to “Sarah”, and what a beautiful song it is! You girls get even more amazing over time, goodness.

  27. Kelly Says:

    Haven’t heard the song yet…headed that way now. Wanted to wish Jill a Happy Birthday!! Fellow pisces here (my b’day was Monday). Great sign!!

    I really loved the SNL performances. You all looked like you were having a ball. I think this album is going to be great fun to tour all around…for y’all as well as the fans.

    Off to the J&K MySpace…

  28. Hope Says:

    happy belated birthday Jill !!

    im listening to ‘sarah’ atm , i agree with the comments above, i wanna be like sarah. very inspirational song once again !!

    your harmonies kick ass btw !!! love it

    Hope x

  29. Maggie Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Jill!!

    I finally got a chance to listen to the new song and I love it! I’m partial to songs that are stripped down like that, tho. :o)

    The guitar reminds me a lot of the opening of KC’s song, “Don’t”

    Get job, girls! Keep up the awesome work!!

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