Jill’s Birthday Bowling Extravaganza…

cupcakesSo this past Wednesday, March 18th, we were in Chicago and decided to celebrate Jill’s birthday with some bowling & impromptu karaoke. It was a grand occasion…we saw fine forms of bowling and…what birthday is complete without pink Hannah Montana cupcakes???

Yet, I (kate) had an interesting thing happen on this festive evening. The injury happened right in between these two pictures….take a look at the “before” and “after” pictures.

groupSomeone (not naming names…) thought it would be funny to smash a cupcake in my face…yet along with the  cupcake in my face went the candle and plastic Hannah Montana star RIGHT in my eye.  


This, however could not stop the amazingness of the evening…so we partied on and sang our hearts out at a dive karaoke bar. But, the next day I did see a Dr. and he told me I had a hemorrhage in my eye. Stupid cupcakes…and I even picked them out.  Good times. 


33 Responses to “Jill’s Birthday Bowling Extravaganza…”

  1. Pam Says:

    oh snap! i hope you’re not blind or anything haha. those cupcakes look delish (like my lingo?) hope you had a great night of drunk karaoke haha! and i hope you had a great day jill! 🙂

  2. Monica Says:

    Kate…you seem to run into the worst, unexplainable accidents.
    But, I’m accident prone, and i feel your pain (figuratively & literally).

    Who knew that Hannah Montana, supposed to be happy & fun for young girls, could attack and do damage. Yikes!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Oh dear….that actually sucks….but in fairness it wasn’t quite the cupcakes fault it was the cupcake smasher who didn’t think hmmm candle…star maybe not good combination with a face? oh dear.
    Note to people remove sharp objects from cakes before letting them make contact with a face…

    I think by the time you’re like 30 you’ll be able to make a book of random injuries and accidents.

    Hope your eye gets better

  4. Jenny Says:

    aww kate im sorry! that sucks!! im glad you still had a nice time. even though im not a fan of hannah montana (at all), those cupcakes looked really good! good job picking them out!! I hope when im 25 (i think) I hope im just like you guys!! crazy and silly just being myself!! I love you ladies!! Kate I hope your eye feels better and Jill I hope you had an awesome birthday!!

  5. Fouts Says:

    thank you very much….it is now 10:50pm here and i want cupcakes darn it!!

    BUT its good to see that your eye is ok, now you know, that Kate and Hannah Montana cupcakes don’t mix well!!!

  6. E Says:

    I never liked Hannah Montana….what are your feelings now?

    Kate – I saw you guys on Oprah and you looked ok – so I hope that means you are feeling ok too. I hope it is a quick and speedy recovery.

  7. TB Says:

    Wow that sucks! Ha your friends don’t seem too concerned in that picture! Lol… Hope your ok though!! Sounds like a fun birthday though! Liquor and karaoke; karaoke is not my thing but I do like to have some drinks and laugh at the people “trying” to sing. But since a few of ya are singers I’m sure you guys sounded just fine(even with a drink or more in ya)… What songs did ya do??

    Hope you had a great birthday Jill!!!

    Oh and you totally should have singled out the person that smashed Hannah Montana in your face! Not cool lol, should have taken sharp objects out first.

  8. TB Says:

    Oh and I was gonna say that the boy in your pictures looks a little like Justin Timberlake. Or is that just me?

  9. Pam [other Pam] Says:

    Awww Kate! That’s such a sad cupcake accident!!!! I knew cupcakes with decorations like Hannah Montana stars were just too exciting to be actually good for anyone!!!! Hope your eye feels better soon and I’m glad to see you didn’t let the cupcake smasher ruin your night!! Looks like you all had a blast!!

  10. jess Says:

    haha omg its justin timberlake..when he was younger!

    aww kate that must of been painful! i can just see you telling the doctor ..”yeah i got poked in the eye from a hannah montana cup cake” .

  11. jess Says:

    wait..was it jason who shoved the cup cake in your face? the first pic it looks like he is about to !

  12. Erin Says:

    holy shit that is the best story ever hahahaha ahh sorry about your eye but that’s really funny haha i love that it was a Hannah Montana cupcake. Thats the topper. haha

    feel better – ) (thats your non-existent eyeball) haha so mean sorry hahaha

  13. lawgrl101 Says:

    Aww that’s sad about the cupcake in the eye. Slightly funny, but unfortunate. Sounds like something that’d happen to me. I usually have those kinds of injuries. Glad y’all still had fun.

  14. Jaclyn Says:

    Aw, that doesn’t sound fun 😦 (well, the eye part, haha)…I opted for funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting and a death by chocolate cake (we needed two, lol)…much safer because they don’t come with plastic objects on them 😛

    But since it was my 21st everyone bought me drinks (I think I had like, 7 shots and a strawberry daiquiri) …I’ve never done shots before..or been drunk or even tipsy…lol…it was fun…this was only a few hours ago so I guess my typing skills are ok 😀 , but I’m not too sure why I’m telling you all this, hehehe

    My roommate got a scratched cornea once from her contacts and had to put these thick drops in her eye…I can’t even think about putting something like that in there..makes my eyes water….I hope it’s not too painful though and that it gets better soon!

    Oh, and my friend angela, who’s over my shoulder right now, gives a thumbs up to the hannah montana theme, hahahaha

  15. Amanda Says:

    Aw, glad Jill had a happy birthday!! I like that her shirt matches the cupcakes, haha. I prefer red velvet cupcakes (Magnolia’s in NYC have the best red velvet cupcakes everrrr!!!), but the HM cupcakes look pretty sweet too. Pink cupcakes = automatically awesome because they are pink.

    Eye injuries freak me out. I’m glad you’re okay though! Seems like Jill’s Extravaganza was good times indeed.

  16. Clau Nader Says:

    See, I’ve always said it… Hannah Montana cupcakes are dangerous! But ppl just don’t believe me… haha.. NOT!!! lol…

    We learned something out of this…
    The most efficient weapon to be safe and sound from thieves will always be a Hannah Montana cupcake. Petite and handy, easy to carry. And if you call in the next two seconds you’ll recieve a whole HM cupcakes box for free!!! With weapon license included!
    CALL NOW!! 01 800 HM-CUP-CAKE

    haha, anyhow.. hope you Jill had a great time on your bday and that you Kate have already recovered from that terrible accident! =)


  17. vanilla Says:

    hope the person that did it feels guilty !!!!! lol

    jill it seems like had a great birthday and wot better to celebrate it with an extravaganza of bowling and karaoke !!!!!!! and maybe a few beers !!!!!

    kate hope ur eye gets better soon and jill a belates happy bday


  18. Lauren Says:

    Well, that actually sucks but i’m impressed you partied on!! Hope your eye is better!

  19. Elisabeth101 Says:

    I guess not many ppl can say they got into a bitch fight with hannah montana lol! 😀

    Yeah, the guy does look a bit like justin timberlake! Who is he? 😉

  20. Hope Says:

    awww poor kates eye !!!
    ahh well the cakes look tasty so hopefully it was worth it.
    happy birthday again jill !

  21. Marleen Says:

    What a great way to celebrate Jill’s birthday, looks like fun!!

    .. well except for the fight with the Hannah Montana cupcake! Hope everything is ok with your eye Kate.. injuries like that are always scary. But I bet the person who’s responsible was quite upset aswell. Sometimes you just don’t see the bad things that can happen with actions that are meant to be funny.. especially with HM involved.. 😉 Accidents can happen in the weirdest places with the weirdest things.. be aware ya’ll.. be sweet to everything involving Hannah 😛

    Loved the performance @ Oprah 😀

  22. higzy Says:

    Sounds like you had a great night! apart from your eye of course! u’ll be seeing HM everywhere you go now lol.

    all the best, and happy bday Jill awoohoo!!

  23. Katie Says:

    haha im diggin the hannah cupcakes.
    hope you had an amazing bday jill
    and kate good luck with your eye! ah! haha


  24. Emma Says:

    Awww poor kate, hope you feel better soon hun, damn that Hannah Montana. lol.
    Jill hope u have a fab day, wish i could have seen the karaoke, bet you had a good giggle.

    Take care ladies

  25. cassie b Says:

    awhhh kate! im sorry to hear about your eye! 😦 i hope it gets better real sooooooon! =] buut i do have to say that as long as you had a great time thats all that matters! haha

    PS Happy Belated Jill!!!! =]

  26. Anakellya Says:

    ohh no that sucks (about the cupcake in your eye. not the party haha). but atleast you didn’t let it ruin your fun 🙂
    hope you had an amazzzzzzingggg birthday Jill! 😀 😀

  27. rhonda Says:

    i knew that hannah montana was bad news the first time i saw her in that bleach blonde wig. ha i actually enjoy a good episode of hannah montana. well, i hope everything is going well for you, aside from the cupcake attacking your eye. great seeing ya’ll all over television these days. keep doing that thing you do. god bless.

  28. Marleyrae Says:

    Oh Kate!!! That really sucks… But it does totally seem like something that would happen to you!! Who knew Hannah Montana was do darn dangerous. I hope you get better soon.

    I’m glad y’all had fun and I’m glad that Jill had a great Birthday party.. I so would have never guessed HM cupcakes but wow that’s special!!!

    Have fun and I’ll see yall in Florida!!! Oh yeah you totally need to work on the backup singer dance moves for at least one song there… I’m just saying that KC and Sunshine Band has been the best so far and that is mostly due to the backup singers and singers dance moves!!! ha-ha But I’m totally not kidding… 🙂

  29. Callie Says:

    dude, that’s what you get for being nice, i guess!
    you pick out cupcakes and then they just come back to bite you in the ass. 😛

  30. Erin Says:

    kate, you have the strangest injuries.
    did you at least get to eat a cupcake afterward as a means of retaliation?
    i hope you feel better.
    sounds like you had a lovely birthday jill 🙂

  31. Brooke Says:

    Kinda brings a whole new meaning to that song “I can’t wait, to SEE you again!” Hahahaha, I had to say it! 🙂

  32. Gage Says:

    JASON!!!!!!! hahah I hope your eye is all better! Y’all are so funny! Can’t wait to see you in UTAH

  33. Gage Says:

    JASON!!! Haha I hope your eye is better soon! That must have hurt! Y’all are funny! can’t wait to see you in UTAH

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