There is hail falling, tornado sirens blaring, rain pounding…

Glorious time to be in Nashville.


27 Responses to “Storms.”

  1. vanilla Says:

    not good !!!!

    becareful if there’s a tornado on the way, we dont want u blowing away …..

    Happy Easter xx

  2. Panalee Says:

    That does not look nice at all. I hope you ladies are being careful. I wouldn’t want to be out in ugly weather like that.

    I could post a picture of what’s outside my window (Sunny skies and palm trees) but that’s not nice 😉

    Just stay safe.

  3. G Says:

    Might be dangerous, but I love that kind of weather!
    Be careful, though!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Tornadoes are like one of my biggest fears…… and I don’t even live in a state where we get them very often, but whatever. They scare me. Stay safe!

  5. Tina Says:

    OMG! Be careful y’all 🙂 And blog again soon so we know that you’re safe haha..

  6. Pam Says:

    oh snap stay inside! (i think that’s what you do…idk i don’t live in a tornado area haha)

    btw- i’m sure the car infront of you loves that their license plate on the internet 😉

  7. Pam Says:

    oh and the title just reminded me of “Chasing Storms”. haha man i’m gooood 😉

  8. Monica Says:

    OH SNAP. Be careful, girlies.
    I’d be crying. I’m bad with storms.

  9. Monica Says:

    Kate! I just realized…your secret admirer commented on this bloG!!

  10. Jaclyn Says:

    That doesn’t sound nice.

    I’ve only ever been through one natural disaster…a hurricane…Bertha (lol)…I was 8 years old…it was while we were vacationing in North Carolina…the beach house we were staying in was destroyed 😦

    But yeah, stay safe!! 🙂

  11. rhonda Says:

    i hope ya’ll are ok. i was in woodbury, which is about 50 miles southeast of ya’ll. i am a school teacher and we had our beta club kids at school practicing for state convention. we had to take cover three different times. speaking of beta convention, if ya’ll are in nashville tuesday you should come by the opryland hotel and check out some young talent. there is a group and special talent competition. it is pretty amazing. truly inspirational.

  12. Jessica C Says:

    stay safe!!!!

  13. Jess Says:

    I am SOOOOOOOO sick of rain…May better bring flowers!!!!!!!

  14. SarahLee23 Says:

    Please stay safe!!

  15. Erin Says:

    be safe.

  16. 1wildegirl Says:

    Hope y’all are safe…and for the record, thanks for sending it my way. It’s hitting North Georgia now. Atlanta is bracing for it.

  17. Amy Says:

    Yikes! Stay safe!!

  18. cassie b Says:

    wow!!! =/ im so happy yall are safe! thats insane! hopefully since the storms passed there will be nothing but good weather for a long time 🙂

    happy easterrrr (in advance)!!! 🙂

  19. JenMichelle Says:

    🙂 ThIs Is My FiRsT pOsTeD rEpLy. So tHrilliNg I KnOw. As FoR mE I loVe tHaT kInD oF wEaThEr 2 dO jUsT tHaT sTaY iN bEd aLL DaY, iT’s NoT tHaT gOoD wHeN yOu HaVe 2 gO tO wOrK aNd yOu’Re nOdDiNg OfF aT yOuR dEsK, lOl.

    HoPe AlL’s GoOd. Yall TaKe CaRe.

    hApPy EaStEr!!!

  20. Vicky B Says:

    spring is not kind to western tennessee! you made it ok, enjoy easter and start blogging some more! we so love it 🙂

  21. Anakellya Says:

    man, is it only the uk that doesn’t get that kinda weather? i really wanna experience it. haha, is that weird ;P

    hope you guys stay safe 🙂 don’t go ‘chasing storms’ 😉

    happy Easter 😀

    xo. ❤

  22. Jennifer Says:

    ^^ Ana we do get tornados in the UK just not as many as other places in the world…although considering we’re such a small island the on average 33 a year we get are enough. But the last time we had any in the news was in 2007.

    Anyhow girls saw on your twitter you said you were safe so glad to hear it…..Tornadoes both scare and facinate me.

  23. Selena Says:

    The blog title reminded me of ”Chasing Storms” too! Good song; bad weather! I saw your tweet about being safe and sound. That’s great, but I’m sorry y’all had to go through that mess at all. Take care!

  24. higzy Says:

    Gutted mate! Weathers abit crapy in England too. I luckily flew outta Florida one time just before a hurricane hit. Hope you didn’t get too wet, i wanna go to Nashville some time with all the country music history there sounds like a cool place.

  25. Lauren Says:

    Ahh be careful you guys, stay safe!xx

  26. Pernille Says:

    Whoa – glad you are both safe. Never been to Nashville – or really any place in the States other than LA and NY but tornado weather, hurricanes, just the thought makes me never want to visit places that have that weather. BTW, I hadn’t listened to your EP in a few months, and just started listening to it again. Finding my Own Way is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Your voices were destined to find each others.

  27. Beth Says:

    EEEEk i’m moving there in June..please be sure all the nasty weather is gone by then!! Scary stuff..glad y’all are safe!!

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