New Song for April 17th!

36 Responses to “New Song for April 17th!”

  1. TB Says:

    Woohoo! It’s 3:30am here and I am exhausted! But this is an awesome cover! Love me some Sheryl Crow!

    Kate love the hair! Jill couldn’t really see yours but I’m sure it looks good too!

    Oh do you guys like Stevie Nicks? If so her and Sheryl did a great duet of this song. I was raised listening to Fleetwood Mac so I love it! But take a listen for yourselves:

    4yr old niece will be waking me up in 2hrs!!! So I am off to bed!

    Goodnight girls!! 🙂

  2. TB Says:

    FYI: You guys started doing ‘New Song On The 17th’ in November! (Bring You Back To Life) 🙂

    Ok seriously have to sleep now. So bye for real this time!

  3. Tina Says:

    Love the song, it’s really beautiful! And y’all are way too funny haha.

    Your hair is looking good, Kate 😀

  4. Clara Says:

    That was really great!! Hadn’t heard that song before, but it sounded awesome! Especially with Y’alls beautiful voices 😀

  5. Lizita Says:

    I just watched True Blood for the first time today, and Kate you look a lot like that girl, wich I can’t remember her name…. Suzie or somethin’… Except the smile…:)

    Anyway…Have y’all heard ‘Gravity’ by Sara Bareilles??? Great great song! one of my favorites! if y’all like it I think you should cover it some time. would love to hear it 🙂

    stay cool, HA! Lizzie :*

  6. Kirsty Says:

    I friggin luv this song and I friggin luv ur cover!! I got Sheryl Crows greatest hits album and I couldnt stop listening to it!! And now I’ve just realized I haven’t got it on my ipod! Thanks for reminding me to put it on! My fave from that album is Leaving Las Vegas…hint hint lol! And Kate livin the doo! And so funny that your hairdressers are called Mary and Joseph!! Haha!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Hadn’t heard that song before but after hearing you two sing it I might go check it out!

  8. Lauren Says:

    ^What Jennifer said. Amazing song, loved it!

  9. Ruthy Says:

    Love the sound you gurls give this track, i wanna itune it 🙂

  10. rhonda Says:

    love your cover of that song. better than the original.

  11. Pernille Says:

    Absolutely LOVE the cover. You guys are seriously amazing!!!!

  12. E Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that. My favorite thing about it was the way you were able to switch off leads like relay racers – smooth and effortlessly.

    Your gorgeous harmonies are perfect music for a perfect spring day. Very cool song choice too. Sheryl Crow writes some of the most heartfelt lyrics.

  13. Pam Says:

    that was really pretty guys. oh and kate- i got 5 or 6 inches off a little more than a week ago and i dyed it. 🙂 i rarely do either, like whenever i get a haircut i wait a few months and something drastic.

    k enough rambling- hope you guys are having a great spring too!

    and Lizita- you mean Sookie? haha i love that show

  14. Monica Says:

    Y’know, i actually never heard this song…
    But it’s really awesome.

    And I agree with E above me with this comment “Your gorgeous harmonies are perfect music for a perfect spring day.” I have barely listened to anything else this month. It’s pretty much you guys (and platinum weird) playing nonstop on my ipod. Loveee you guys!

    Someone else pointed it out, too, the names Joseph and Mary… that’s funny and Joseph did an awesome job on your hair Kate!! Can’t really see Jill cuz it’s dark but I’m sure it’s fabulous too =)

  15. Amanda B Says:

    Not to sound corny or anything, but I am convinced that you guys were born to sing together. Your harmonies are amazing!

  16. Erin Says:

    Your hair is pretty.
    The cover was lovely as well.
    Great song.
    Your harmonies give me chills.

  17. Michelle Says:

    Great song to choose girls! Such a goregous song and it’s perfect for your harmonies.

    Awesome ❤

  18. Jaclyn Says:

    I love that song! It takes me back, haha…I think that song originally came out when I was in 1st grade 😛 …you did a great job on it 😀

    And nice haircuts! I really need to get mine done soon, but there’s only 1 person I trust to do it (back home)…and in 2 weeks I move back home anyway, so may as well not waste a trip, lol

  19. Pam Says:

    forgot to mention…. i hate to say how much i was terrified that you were going to sing “The Climb” after you guys mentioned how much Jill loves it haha.

  20. Selena Says:

    Good choice! 🙂 “Strong Enough” is one of my favorite Sheryl Crow songs, and y’all did a great cover. Well done! Nice hair too!

  21. cduggan13 Says:

    you two are ridiculously talented… thanks for another great song on the 17th. i usually fall in love with a song a certain way and even when the original artist tries to change it up it never quite compares. this is so far from my normal feelings… when i want to hear this song from now on it’ll be your version. thanks for sharing and keep the blog posts coming!

    and in regards to your last blog: for the yankee fan in me, i have to say go yanks.. sorry jill! as a baseball fan, fenway is one of my most favorite ball parks. however nothing will ever be able to compare to being at the last day of the old yankee stadium and opening day of the new yankee stadium. now if i can only see them win a world series in person, life = complete.

  22. vanilla Says:

    nice !!!!!! i love new song on the 17th

    its cool u mixed it up with a cover …. cant wait for more

    hope ur both well


  23. Linda Says:

    Awesome song, and great harmony! I Loved it. I noticed you used a still camera, instead of someone video taping you, lol, at least you 2 were able to keep a straight face this time around, and no giggling. Have a good day, and have fun in Barbados…..then again, how could you not?

  24. Amanda Says:

    I always feel like my comments are repetitive, but I really, really loved this! I have a soft spot for Sheryl & this cover was awesome.

  25. Amanda Says:

    Oh, also! Regarding Happy Snack Day! We do that at my job during the middle of the week. A good snack seems to perk everybody up! I think its a marvelous idea. Haha. Everyone should do it.

  26. Panalee Says:

    This was a fantastic cover!!! You both sound amazing, as usual 🙂 I loved that y’all did a cover. It was something different to change it up a bit, though I have enjoyed all of your new songs too 😉

    I can’t really see y’alls new haircuts, it’s too dark. I can tell that Kate’s hair is shorter and Jill’s is darker, I think…but I’m sure its beautiful. Funny about the names of your stylists too.

    Adding another note about Happy snack day…I tend to do this alot. I just love to cook (bake more specifically) and I don’t like to eat what I bake so I usually pawn it off on my best friend or bring it to work 🙂 They call me Betty Crocker…it’s fine.

    So another long comment to basically say that y’all rock!!!

    Btw, Jill-your facial expressions make me smile 🙂

  27. higzy Says:

    great song!!

  28. lindsay Says:

    your voices are (*sings*) awwwwwe.sooooome.

    thanks for sharing guys! : )

  29. Becca Says:

    very nice 🙂

  30. Deb Says:

    WOW…………..AMAZING!!! x

  31. rhonda Says:

    just saw some pics of you and kc at the march of dimes walk in nashville. thank you so much for being involved in such a great cause….even when the weather wasn’t all that great.

  32. TB Says:

    Ditto on what Rhonda said! But can I just say that you guys got let off easy! The Nashville walk was only 2 miles!! The walk I’m doing this weekend is 6 miles long!!

    But its fine because it is for a great cause and after that I can go unwind, have few drinks and celebrate my birthday! yay!!

    Hope you guys are doing well and have a great time in Barbados!!! Take some pictures! 🙂

  33. Anakellya Says:

    cant believe i havent commented on this yet.
    i loved it! brilliant 🙂 you guys are amazing. and i swear i’ve heard that song before, i know i have 😉
    anyways love xo. ♥

  34. Ewelina Says:

    Nice song!!!!:D
    Please see movies: or
    Polish fans are waiting for you!

  35. Jaqueline Says:

    would you like to give me your hair? haha 😀
    I loved the song, it’s cute :} and I love you with kelly *-*

  36. Anakellya Says:

    ahh this is so late but i’ve just realised i have a sheryl crow cd with this song on it 😀 i knew i’d heard it before! i’ve had this cd since i was like 9 haha.
    anyways amazing cover (: i ❤ both versions. yours & sheryl’s. 😀 although i am enjoying yours more 😀 lol.
    love xo.♥

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