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Spain & Germany

May 25, 2009

barcelonaOverlooking Barcelona.


Flying to Germany. The Swiss Alps beneath us.

baden baden

Baden-Baden, Bermany.

clouds baden

Clouds rolling into Baden-Baden.

Some pretty scenery we’ve been enjoying.



Hong Kong!

May 24, 2009

Well we made it to Hong Kong last night and it’s pretty amazing over here! We are 13 hours in the future from home in Nashville…but don’t worry…we won’t tell you guys what happens…haha…

Last night at dinner we learned our first Cantonese word.  It’s “thank you”…but we didn’t learn how to spell it so we’ll just spell it out how it sounds.  “Mmm-goi” Yup. Now you’ve learned something new.

Mmm-Goi for all the good music recommendations in the comment section…hearing about new music is the BEST.


Some pictures from the crazy travels…

May 22, 2009

ash jill kate

This was in Las Vegas…Ashley, and J&K hanging out pre-show!

window washer

This was the view out of my (kate’s) window. See that tiny spec of a person hanging on a rope-that’s a window washer! Looks like he should have cleaned my window…hhahaha…


After we shot Ellen we got a super AWESOME tour of the FRIENDS “Central Perk” set….and Jill grabbed the guitar. I mean, who could be on set and not sing a little smelly cat?

So excited!!!

kate friends



If you watch Ellen a lot, you’ll know the significance of this picture 🙂


Jill is definitely giving a thumbs up! She was worried people would think it’s a thumbs down so I’m clarifying 🙂 Jay Leno was super fun!


This was flying from Vegas to LA.  I love snow covered mountains.


Many more to come….



A Great Recommendation…

May 22, 2009

I love when friends recommend music to me….I get excited because nine times out of ten I’m going to love it.  And with all of these massively long flights ahead of me I love having new stuff on my iPod. So I was told to downloaded this album ” All The Faint Lights” by Steve Moakler and I have not stopped listening to the title track. Not even sure what the rest of the album holds….but this song is ridiculous.  The lyrics are killer.  Go and listen to this.  You’ll thank me & I’ll pass along my thanks to my friend Trisha for recommending it to me 🙂

Did I mention it’s 4:46am in Germany and because of time change madness I’m blogging instead of sleeping… 



Song on the 17th…

May 17, 2009

Well….it’s the 17th.  And we are in NYC…and we have a new song to play for you guys…but due to our traveling schedule…we are stranded with no guitar…no piano…so we will post the song as soon as we have access to a guitar or piano 🙂 We thought about trekking down to Guitar Center and just picking up a guitar and waiting for someone to kick us out…but our fear of rejection kept us dry and out of the rain in our hotel rooms.  We should have access to a guitar/piano in the very near future…

But just because we don’t want to leave you with nothing on this 17th…here is a picture of us last night, backstage at Zootopia.  We are both 5’9 and were standing straight up tall. Yup.  This pic should make you laugh a little. 

Much love,


photoPS.  thanks to jason halbert for taking the pic…

Window Seat

May 15, 2009

This is the view out of my window seat right now…that’s huge! Hahaha!!!


PS. First time posting a pic from my phone to my blog…hope it works…

Trying this out…

May 13, 2009

So I downloaded the application WordPress so I can blog from my iPhone…so I’m trying it out.

I’m kind of afraid I’m gonna make lots of spelling errors because typing on the iPhone can be tricky sometimes…so forgive my mistakes in advance.

We’ve been in CA for six days and I have loved pretty much every minute. Let me tell you why…

First, I got to see my super good friends from college (Chris & Jenielle and their ridiculously cute baby girl) who live in Orange County. Seeing old friends is always a good time.

Second, the weather has been gorgeous. Sunny but not too hot. Crisp.

Third, got to hit up some of my favorite food places in LA which if you know me at all….makes me über happy.

And last but definitely not least I get to perform on some of my favorite TV shows. Life is good people.

Ok–there’s my first blog from my iPhone. We’ll post some CA pics soon 🙂


Wango Tango Fun!

May 10, 2009


May 4, 2009

4341_522299121895_68401088_31140593_6335929_nn68401088_31140592_2705410While walking around Boston yesterday we saw these gorgeous flowers and stopped by this adorable cupcake shop called “Lulu’s.” Fun times in Boston!