4341_522299121895_68401088_31140593_6335929_nn68401088_31140592_2705410While walking around Boston yesterday we saw these gorgeous flowers and stopped by this adorable cupcake shop called “Lulu’s.” Fun times in Boston!

15 Responses to “YAY!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    awesome!!! the flowers are beautiful and those cupcakes look sooo good!! have a great show tonight!!! 🙂

  2. Regine Says:

    Oh those flowers are so colorful, and the cupcakes look yummy! 🙂

    BTW, I saw your tweet on seeing Adele and The Script, and yeah both are awesome! YAY for awesome music and Boston. I’d love to visit there soon.

    Have fun gals 🙂

  3. Erin Says:

    my neighbor’s tulips look just like those! it makes me happy.
    and those cupcakes look delightful.
    have fun girls!

  4. Pam Says:

    those are so pretty! i haven’t been to boston in over a year- i need to go soon!

  5. Jaclyn Says:

    I love tulips! The one in our yard is out right now (yup..just one, haha…I think it’s there by accident though 😛 )…but it’s still pretty 🙂

    I really should visit Boston in the future, I’ve never been…looks like a pretty cool place 🙂

    Anyway, hope you’re having fun out there!!!!!!

  6. Anakellya Says:

    awwwww prettyyyy 🙂
    i would ❤ to go to Boston but i’ve never set foot in the USA before lol. i’m sure i will go there some day 🙂
    love xo.

  7. higzy Says:

    Send me one of thos cakes in the post they look right nice!!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Tulips and cupcakes – two of my favorite things! 🙂 Glad you’re having such a wonderful time!!


  9. Amanda Says:

    Dear Jill & Kate,

    Driving home from Boston was a nightmare. Do all people in Massachusetts drive on the shoulder of the road? I was pretty much scarred for life. Kickass show anyway. Lady Gaga was a tough act to follow, but y’all brought it. Keep up the good work!

  10. Jaclyn Says:

    I was trying to remember what those flowers reminded me of yesterday but I just couldn’t think of it….then when I woke up this morning, I remembered, lol…in Holland, MI there’s a Tulip Time Festival this time of year…I think it’s just to celebrate spring, but I went once and there were a bunch of Dutch people dressed up and dancing in wooden shoes (for real – http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c387/kittycat319/493991354_986274cd4e.jpg )…and there’s a tulip farm (I didn’t know that you could farm tulips, but apparently you can)

  11. 1wildegirl Says:

    Tulips and cupcakes….who doesn’t love spring! And I’m guessing this is a “Kate” post? Hope y’all had a great show with Lady Gaga. Chick is def weird, but her music is catchy. At least it seems that way after a drink or two. 😉 For the record, yes, Boston is the sh!t!

  12. Selena Says:

    Nice pics. I’m glad to hear y’all had a pleasant time in Beantown. 🙂

  13. Ewelina Says:

    sweet flowers;d

  14. Jaqueline Says:

    wow! Tulips are my favorite flours, but we don’t have here. And if you wanna have one, you’ve got to buy it (just my mom do it, it’s expeeensive).

    Cupcakes? I can’t imagine how is the taste, but it looks delicious! God!
    I realize I’ve got to meet Boston, or anywhere in U.S.A.! (especially “Lulu’s”) hahaha

    girls, I was thinking how much I love your blog. I always talk about the things I learn here at my English classes, every Saturday morning. There we learn american culture, so here I do too 🙂 and I love it.
    Take care, love you 2! ;*

  15. Monica Says:

    so i must have totally forgotten to comment this… but yea.
    I’m gonna have to check out LuLu’s soon. I’ve never been, but those cupcakes look pretty sweet. I really want one now.

    Anddd I am still jealous you girls saw Adele. I was dyinggg to go but wasn’t able to. I will see her live one day. She has an amazing gift.

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