Some pictures from the crazy travels…

ash jill kate

This was in Las Vegas…Ashley, and J&K hanging out pre-show!

window washer

This was the view out of my (kate’s) window. See that tiny spec of a person hanging on a rope-that’s a window washer! Looks like he should have cleaned my window…hhahaha…


After we shot Ellen we got a super AWESOME tour of the FRIENDS “Central Perk” set….and Jill grabbed the guitar. I mean, who could be on set and not sing a little smelly cat?

So excited!!!

kate friends



If you watch Ellen a lot, you’ll know the significance of this picture πŸ™‚


Jill is definitely giving a thumbs up! She was worried people would think it’s a thumbs down so I’m clarifying πŸ™‚ Jay Leno was super fun!


This was flying from Vegas to LA. Β I love snow covered mountains.


Many more to come….



20 Responses to “Some pictures from the crazy travels…”

  1. Carly Says:

    Great pics!
    You know how cool it would have been if you girls could’ve done “The New Song On the 17th” on the set of Central Perk… wishful thinking i know!

    Have fun overseas girls πŸ™‚

  2. Monica Says:

    more to come? that’s exciting!!

    love the pics! all three of you are beautiful in the first one =) and the tour on the Friends set? Pretty dang sweet!!

    looking forward to see what else you girls have to share.
    have fun and be safe on your upcoming crazy travels! =)

  3. Monica Says:

    oh and… i’m totally digging the scarf jill’s wearing

  4. jessica Says:

    love the pics!!
    ok so i am making this bet with a friend and i think jill’s eye shadow in the first pic is the color “steamy” from m.a.c…am i right??

  5. caroline Says:

    to the girl who posted a question above this..jill and kate don’t respond to fan questions on here so don’t bother asking what color her eye shadow is. kinda pathetic when jordin sparks keeps in better touch and replies to a lot of her fans when she has way more .

  6. Jenny Says:

    awesome pictures!! looks like you had a great time in every place! and I am uber jealous of you going on the friends set.. thats the best show ever!! and as a huge fan I want to thank Jill for singing smelly cat!! πŸ™‚ love all the pics!!! you ladies are awesome!!

  7. tim Says:

    Leno? Ellen? No big deal. Talk to me when you do an interview with the Portsmouth Herald

  8. Jaclyn Says:

    That last picture is breathtaking! I really want to go and see mountains one day, hahaha…any mountains, it doesn’t really matter πŸ˜› …except the Appalachian’s, I’ve driven through those plenty of times and they’re more like big hills…mountain wannabes…(although I do think eastern Tennessee and Kentucky are beautiful)…I want to see really dramatic mountains, like the ones in that picture πŸ™‚

    As for the Friends set…I’m jealous…that is really really cool.

    And more to come? πŸ˜€

  9. Anakellya Says:

    i loveedd those pictures πŸ™‚ you girls, always having fun! ;D
    i am so jealous that you got to go to the friends set! i didn’t even know it was still there lol. that’s amazing.
    SMELLY CAT SMELLY CAT WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING YOU? SMELLY CAT SMELLY CAT IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT πŸ™‚ haha!! you guys should have filmed yourselves doing that as your song on the 17th! ahhhh.
    and that last picture took my breath away! beautiful πŸ™‚ although i gotta say, i wouldnt have thought from Vegas to LA there’d be snowy mountains. i’ve alwasy heard it’s hot there. okay, im stupid.
    love xo. πŸ™‚

  10. Lizitanorway Says:

    CENTRAL PERK!!!!!! I hate you so much! that’s so freakkin’ awesome!!:)

    Hong Kong… you’re going to Hong Kong but not to Vennesla, Norway?? WTF??? something’s wrong with the universe….

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  11. Hope Says:

    wow , you went to central perk, i am soooo jealous !!!

    love the pic with jill and her guitar !!! you should so cover that song hehehehe πŸ˜›

    and seriously, that guy washing windows omg, i couldnt do that ! do you think he gets paid ‘danger’ money ! i would demand it eeeeeekkkkk !

    hope you both are well !
    Hope xx

  12. Pam Says:

    that’s SO AWESOME that you got to see the Friends set! i’m really jealous.

  13. Selena Says:

    Thanks for sharing those pics. Y’all got some really good ones, and it looks like plenty of fun was had on the crazy travels. It must’ve been so cool to visit Central Perk! It’d be awesome to hear your rendition of Smelly Cat. Haha! πŸ˜€

  14. vanilla Says:

    smelly cat from the friends set should have been the new song on the 17th lol πŸ™‚ but i sooo wanna visit the set that would be so cool

    awesome pics cant wait to see some more im loving the mountains shot its beautiful it inspires me to jump on a plane and fly everywhere and of course take pics out of windows


  15. SarahLee23 Says:

    Many thanks for sharing the pics! It looks like you all are having such a great time! πŸ™‚

  16. Amanda Says:

    Oh, the life of Jill and Kate. Haha. Sweet pics, girls.

  17. Lauren Says:

    Amazing pictures! How exciting you got a tour of the friends set!!

  18. Jennifer Says:

    Ok just looking at that window washer guy made me feel like I was going to have a panic attack haha heights do not do well for me!

    Uber Jealous you got to go on the friends set! Thats so cool!

  19. lindsay Says:

    HOLY JEALOUSNESS. Friends is my favorite show and I’d love to see that set. You lucky ladies, you! Thanks for sharing the pictures : D

  20. Jaqueline Says:

    I loved the pics! There’s so much great things! Friends, Ellen, Vegas, backstage… I love the view out of window seat!
    haha, of course it’s a thumbs up, look at your faces :}
    love you guys

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