J&K Back in the Day…

So we thought we’d share something special with you guys (still feeling bad that we have yet to post last months SOT17th…)

The last time we were both home at our respective houses we both went digging through old family photos…

Here are some of the highlights…


Here is Jill as a wee little babe…rockin’ an awesome red hat.


Yup…that’s Kate.  Look at those CHEEKS!?!



Jill learning some tunes.


While Jill was learning some tunes…Kate was hitting the slopes.


Supporting the Celtics and a favorite past-time.


That’s me, Kate, driving a watercraft of some sort. Look at how bitchin’ my fashion sense was back then? Heart shaped blue glasses?  I rock.


Hope you guys got a little chuckle out of these.  We did.

More pics from the various travels coming soon.


27 Responses to “J&K Back in the Day…”

  1. bbb Says:

    these pics are awesome!!! love them! you were adorable as babies:)

  2. pernille Says:

    Aww you were both so cute. Love them. Hope you share more.

  3. Kris Says:

    i had a giggle still im wondering if you have left Australia yet

    i REALLY REALLY want to tell you girls something but really dont want to on here coz really dont know if you read these comments so if there is anyway of you tellin me you do read these please do coz im dyin to tell you but dont want to just put it out there for the world to see and you girls dont lol

    Aussie Kris

  4. Jenny Says:

    i did get a good laugh from those cute pictures of you two!! you were adorable!!! thanks so much!!

  5. Holly Says:

    aww jill and kate in pigtails, so cute!

  6. vanilla Says:

    awww them pics are awesome !!!!

    lovin the one’s of kate in her ski outfit n jill in her beloved celtics top

  7. Lozzy Says:

    Awwh, how cute!
    I thought I’d comment on this post, just to tell you guys how much i love you =D!
    Can’t wait to see you back here in the UK =D

  8. Anakellya Says:

    Hahaa i definitely got a few chuckles from those (: but in a good wayy cause they’re super cuteee photo’s !

    My personal faves were: the first one of Jill, awesome hat, too cool for school i’d say fo’ suree 🙂


    The one of Kate hitting the Slopes, yup, you can’t deny that grin and awesome shades that will never go out of fashion :L

    haha keep the pics coming!
    eeee i’m seeing you guys perform TOMORROWWW 😀 AHHH!


  9. Erin Says:

    So cute! Kate, you have a thing for sunglasses don’t you?

  10. jessica Says:

    those pics are awesome! you should post more pics of you guys when you where younger.

  11. Amanda Says:

    Awww, baby J&K! How presh 🙂

  12. jacinta Says:

    Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Pam Says:

    oh jill, the celtics shirt. some things never change 🙂
    and yes Kate, THOSE GLASSES ARE BITCHINN i love them! haha

  14. Erin Says:

    you guys are so frickin cute! 🙂

    I say we get 2 songs on the 17th this month. Whoop Whoop

  15. Lauren'JH Says:

    New blog on my birthdayy! 🙂
    Awesome pics, lovin’ the sunglasses Kate lol
    WoopWoop 🙂

  16. Jennifer Says:

    Hehe they made me chuckle, I love going through old pictures……I always wonder why my sister managed to avoid the embarrasing pictures but there are so many of me. My mum put them all in a card for my 21st for the whole world to see! eeep!

  17. Katharina Says:

    Aww you both were freaking cute!

  18. TB Says:

    LOL those are toooooo adorable!!

    Those cheeks Kate are flippin’ cute, I had cheeks like that too and everyone thought it was just the cutest thing to squeeze them!

    Thanks for sharin’!!

  19. DylansMommy Says:

    lovin the red hat in the first picture….cool that ya left it on…my son takes his hats off the second that I put them on him 😦

  20. Monica Says:

    i’m so glad i took a break from my paper to check out the blog…
    it was worth it =)
    wayyy too cute. I’m pretty sure i used to have red heart shades when i was a youngin… and yea those marshmallows made me really want to have s’mores right now.

  21. Jaclyn Says:

    omg, adorable! Those big blue eyes in that first picture, aww

    and Kate, heart shaped blue sunglasses were pretty awesome, but not as cool as these mickey mouse ones I used to have, lol: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c387/kittycat319/n22425759_32596379_8024.jpg

  22. Lauren Says:

    ahhh loving the pics, girls!

  23. Selena Says:

    Sweet! I like this blog. It’s so fun to see y’all as youngsters. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Jaqueline Says:

    God, look at those cheeks! haha
    How cute baby you were! Lovely babies. I’d buy you two. hahaha

    I love you girls.
    Can’t wait to see you in tour, here in Brazil, who knows 🙂 i’ll wait

  25. Linda Says:

    haha, how cute. It’s so fun looking back at old photos. It sure makes us all chuckle at ourselves. Hope you guys had a great trip!

  26. higzy Says:

    cute photos, kate you look a lot lie kelly when you were youger! and it was great meeting you both outside of the Marriott hotel, i’m the one that told Jill that i can play finding my own way on guitar 🙂

  27. Marleen Says:

    Great pics girls! 😀 I also enjoy looking at pictures from back in the days, always fun. Thanks for sharing.

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