New Song on JUNE 17th… “TEXAS”

Some of you guys have been asking us to play “Texas” so….here it is! 




Everything’s bigger

Everything’s better

Everything’s fine in Texas

So send me a postcard 

Write me a letter

Drop me a line 

From Texas


Maybe down in Dallas

Or Austin or San Antonio

Texas is the best place you can go


When I’m feeling restless

I call my friends in Texas

You know they’re the best a girl can get

They’re the best a girl can get

And when I’m feeling restless

I call my friends in Texas

Cause you know they’re the best a girl can get

They’re the best a girl can get


And they understand

How to make me smile

How to make me laugh

How to put me back on my feet again

Even when I’m far 

I’m feeling their big hearts

Feeling their love no matter where I am


Down from Dallas

And to Austin and San Antonio

Texas is the best place you can go


When I’m feeling restless

I call my friends in Texas

You know they’re the best a girl can get

They’re the best a girl can get

And when I’m feeling restless

I call my friends in Texas

Cause you know they’re the best a girl can get

They’re the best a girl can get


And it’s true

Everything’s bigger, everything’s better

Everything’s fine in Texas

You know when I’m feeling low

You know when I’m feeling low


When I’m feeling restless

I call my friends in Texas

You know they’re the best a girl can get

They’re the best a girl can get

And when I’m feeling restless

I call my friends in Texas

Cause you know they’re the best a girl can get

They’re the best a girl can get

46 Responses to “New Song on JUNE 17th… “TEXAS””

  1. Kelly Says:

    Wow! I was just staring at the screen and it freaked my freak! I get two new songs for the price of one now! Sweeeet! Feedback to come. Love the Kong pics! It’s on the top of my must see list. Looks beautiful…through the fog. =) Glad y’all are home safe.

  2. Pam Says:

    funny song…considering that neither of you are from Texas…i’m pretty sure.

    haha thanks for posting! 🙂

  3. Erin Says:

    that’s a super fun song and i love it.
    now you ladies are all caught up 😉

  4. E Says:

    Thank you….more than words can say. I am letting all my girls in Texas know about this song as soon as I finish saying, thank you…again.

    -E 😀

    p.s. — I heard a mention of maybe, possibly a live J&K show? I hear NYC audiences are stellar.

  5. Pam Says:

    ^i second the NYC comment 🙂

  6. SarahLee23 Says:

    From a Southern girl, born and raised right here in Texas, THANK YOU! 🙂 I LOVED this song! 🙂

    Many hugs,

  7. vanilla Says:

    i must say that has to be one of my favourite songs ive heard u sing i loved it !!!!!!

    tbh ive never been to texas but its one of my many goals in life to go cause it just sounds so freakin cool !!!! and an awesome place to visit and this song rocks cause its about texas !!!!

    and if u do do some live shows please do one in the UK cause we love ya x

  8. DylansMommy Says:

    loved it

  9. mandeetuh Says:

    haven’t heard this song in forever, and i love it

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Loves it! Although I found I ended up singing the chorus cause it’s uber catchy…to which my friend was like “but you don’t have any friends in texas!” I was like ah hush! hehe

  11. Jenny Says:

    thats an awesome song! i love it! and this was a very cute video. it cheered my up, cause i was having a pretty crappy day. so thanks! love you!!

  12. Selena Says:

    Wow, what a cool coincidence! Earlier today, I was thinking that it would be neat if some time y’all took requests for the Sot17th, and “Texas” happened to be one of my top picks! 🙂 I didn’t even have to ask, and it was delivered. Sweet! 😀

    Thanks for another great song. I’m sure Kelly would be quite fond of this one too!

  13. 1wildegirl Says:

    so, apparently, Texas is where it’s at…and I have to admit, that chorus it stuck in my head. very catchy.

  14. jacinta Says:

    Another great song. Thanks for posting 2 this month. Like the hats you’re rockin’. 🙂
    “You spit on me” LOL! Poor Jill.

    Hopefully I won’t have posted twice because it wouldn’t go through the first time.

  15. Christina Says:

    I’ve gotta say. This is my new theme song to my LIFE.
    and yall will stay my favorite forever if you put it on myspace so i can make it my page songgggg!!!

    hahah love you girls!

  16. Mary Says:

    Great song!! Loved it!! San Antonio is the best:)

  17. Jaclyn Says:

    Ooooo, I really love that chorus! And the hats are awesome 🙂

    P.S. – If you ever do a live show in Detroit or Grand Rapids, I’m SO there…or even Lansing or Ann Arbor 😉

  18. Anakellya Says:

    that was worth the wait 🙂
    what a brilliant song. such a feel good song aswell 🙂
    might have to take a trip to Texas to see what all the hype is aboutttt 🙂 lol.
    would actually die if i went thereee, i soooo wanna go!

    great song, less than a month til the next one lol. and great job again to Stix 🙂

    love you guysss xo.♥

  19. Tina Says:

    Oh my, this song is so awesome!!! Very catchy indeed ha. I really want to go to Texas too someday! Thanks for this awesome birthday present ladies! 😀 (even though it’s the 18th, gotta looove time zones!!)

    Oh and hello Stix!

    Excited about the next song already 🙂

  20. Amanda Says:

    Okay this song was SO cute. It made me want to give all my best friends BIG hugs, even though none of them are from Texas! Haha. I loved it. Also, this Stix character is adorable. I am just sayin’… 😉

  21. Kris Says:

    I so love love love this song its my fave song by Jill and Kate by far
    haha cute hats btw never seen Kate in a backwards hat before well do i have to say it i prob dont but i will Kate is so cute in the backwards hat haha haha ok i think ive said enough bout my crush haha try not to mention it again in future blogs but i cant promise anything haha

    Jill please stop trying to nail Kate in the head with your guitar haha

    • jacinta Says:

      Hey Kris – if Kate would stop spitting on Jill then maybe Jill wouldn’t have to keep trying to impale Kate with her guitar. Just sayin’. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Kris Says:

        Hey Jacinta hahaha thats true i prob would try and impale her with a guitar if she spat on me too haha

        Kate stop spitting on Jill and Jill will stop trying to nail you with the guitar lol sounds like a logical suggestion dont ya think LMFAO

  22. Clara Says:

    Sounding great guys! 🙂

    Next week… special guest KC?

    Song: Empty As I Am?

    Just a proposal, I just really wanna hear that song!!!!!!! 😀

  23. Anneleen Says:

    Hi Jill & Kate!
    I’m a Kelly Clarkson fan but I also reaaaaaly like your music!
    Whoehoe that song texas was posted on my birthday! 😀
    Thanks guys! ^^
    I really love this song!
    I should realy visit texas soon 😀

    Byee greetz from Belgium! ^^


  24. Marleen Says:

    Girls, this song is just awesome! Can’t get it out of my head.. and I love the lyrics. Makes me wanna go to Texas 😀 I also like the Gretel cover!

  25. bbb Says:

    yes, this song is just awesome!! I’ve always wanted to go to Florida but now I want to go to Texas!! ( I’m from Europe, Poland:)
    And I have a question – why new songs are realased always ( almost..:P ) on the 17th? anybody knows? I’m very curious:) so please If you know let me know.
    and I agree with Clara – you can sing with KC Empty as I am!! that would be AWESIOME!

    • Kris Says:

      if you watch the first song on the 17th on you tube they will tell you but its just what they decided thats all lol

  26. Anja Says:

    soooooooo good ♥

  27. Gage Carlsen Says:

    K y’all have done some epic stuff but that song is AWESOME You two are so freakin talented I wish I could work with y’all some day! I agree.. Sing Emty As I am with kelly!!! I absolutly LOVE this song! RECORD IT!! You two could not do a live show cause you’d laugh in the middle of every song! haha thats awesome though. I wish I had happy people like you around me all day. Im surrounded by a bunch of onry asses!

  28. Gage Carlsen Says:

    and whoever said y’all are not from Texas are dumb. Listen to the lyrics! There saying how great Texas is and how great friends are that are from Texas. Cause Texas ROCKS!

  29. Amanda Arch Says:

    Haha this song is so upbeat and fun. Kinda makes me heart smile a little 🙂

  30. Kris Says:

    Jill, Kate i love you i woke up in a good mood this morning its friday 19th june and the reason i woke up in a good mood is because i had this song Texas in my head lol

    • Kris Says:

      so still awake and i still have the song in my head even when in listening to music im singing to ‘Texas’ haha not the song playing how weird is that haha

  31. Anakellya Says:

    just an idea, next EP: all the songs on the 17th, but done in the studio 🙂
    i’m just sayinnnn.


    love xo.♥

  32. Jaclyn Says:

    So, I woke up this morning and this song was stuck in my head. 🙂

  33. Rosalind Says:

    More cowbell!

    Haha, *Sorry* I was compelled to write that; it wasn’t even voluntary. Maybe it was the tambourines that did it. Anyway, that RAWKED and I hope you play live again sometime. Woohoo to JillandKate playing live! Cuz that’d be awesome.

    PS, I’ve been keepin up with your other performances thanks to youtube and you guys sound amazing on the new songs!!! I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. So props to you both. ( :

  34. higzy Says:

    that the best one yet, beats finding my own way! i like the more funky stuff you do. btw the song Empty As I Am is awesome, kelly sung a line to us when i interviewed her when you were in london. interviewed her on monday 8th for the totally saturday show. can hardly remember it but its been caught on camera so. love the texas song, and the lyrics are so true i know a girl sarah who lives in San Antonio and you described her exactly in the lyrics 🙂

    • jacinta Says:

      Higzy, I can’t wait to see your interview just to hear a line from EAIA. Keeping my eyes open over at the Express since they’ll have the vid link when it’s available. 😉

  35. Jaqueline Says:

    WOW! *-*
    It was my birthday gift, that day (06/17) was my b’day 🙂 wohoo
    thankyou for the gift, I love it, haha
    great song! All I ever want is to go to Texas (I love Texas style), or any other place in States.
    You know, Texas seems like my state.
    “Even when I’m far
    I’m feeling their big hearts”
    and it seems like the brazilians
    we’re cool people 🙂 we’re texans!

    Love you girls! Love the HK pics.
    kiss :*

  36. Monica Says:

    so i swear i left a comment on here, but apparently i didn’t. well i love it =) it’s very catchy and fun. i love the random pauses for laughter. laughter is contagious. 😀

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