Happy Hour


This was our happy hour this Saturday evening 🙂

Oh hail King Sonic and your Vanilla Cokes & Vanilla Dr. Peppers. 


22 Responses to “Happy Hour”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    They just put one of those in by me! haha…they used to advertise all the time but the closest one was like, an hour away…now there’s one across the street from the wal-mart 😛 …I haven’t been there yet though.

  2. jacinta Says:



  3. Selena Says:

    Mmm…sounds good! Sonic has such a large variety of drinks & slushes. 🙂

  4. Erin Says:

    Wooooo wasted haha

  5. Anakellya Says:

    haha nicee (:
    but i’ve never heard of Vanilla Coke before. sounds… interesting to say the least :L


    • jacinta Says:

      Vanilla Coke is gross in my opinion. Vanilla DP rocks! Whoever got that is obviously the coolest. 😉 😉 j/k

  6. Erin Says:


  7. Pam Says:

    they just opened one in NJ last week. like really…it’s the ONLY ONE here. so i passed by it twice yesterday and they had to have a cop outside the parking lot because it was filling up so quickly.

    so i have yet to have sonic so far in my life. cherry limeade…i’m coming for you one day!

  8. Elena Says:

    Love me some Sonic. Was there yesterday. Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper, yummmmmmmmmmmy!

  9. Amanda Arch Says:

    Aww this blog makes me sad that there is no Sonic in Canada… *tear*

  10. Jennifer Says:

    You can get Vanilla Dr Pepper?! Whaaaa? I need to try that, but I doubt we’ll get it in the UK for years! Always the way with things like that. But I love Dr pepper and Vanilla so sounds like an awesome combination to me.

    • jacinta Says:

      It’s goooooood.

      • Jennifer Says:

        I am actually so jealous right now! I need a vacation to America soon it’s pretty upsetting that it’s been nearly 2 years since I was there *sighs* Even if it’s just to try Vanilla Dr Pepper I need to go haha

  11. Deb Says:

    Wow u guys have done a lot since ive been gone. I was in care/respite for a couple weeks, I finally caught up. Love the new song and all ur pics. x

  12. Kris Says:

    i have no clue what this happy hour thing is. what is it? please inform me im out of the loop

    • jacinta Says:

      Hey again Kris –
      Happy Hour at Sonic is where they offer drinks for .99 cents (that’s what it is where I live..may be different elsewhere). If you don’t know what Sonic is, it’s a fast food place. The “drinks” are like, Dr. Pepper, Cherry Limeade, Vanilla Coke…stuff like that. No boozin up at Sonic. ;P

  13. Beth Says:

    mmm I just had a cherry limeaide for happy hour today…now off to enjoy margarita mondays at a local mexican restaurant:)

  14. TB Says:

    I love Sonic’s drinks!! Vanilla Rootbeer is where its at though! Lemonade limeade is good too.

  15. Monica Says:

    Thanks for making me want some sonic. it’s been 3 years since i went for the first time 😦
    But! in about 2-3 months one should open here! I’m super psyched =)

  16. Sarah Says:

    Cherry Limeade is where it’s at….yummmmmmm

  17. Jaqueline Says:

    Thanks Jacinta for explain these things, haha.
    Guys, I really want to prove Vanilla Coke or Vanilla Dr. Peppers. I’ve already heard about it.
    I loved the names. I just don’t know it doesn’t exist here in Brazil. I think I’ll open a Sonic, so I’ll be rich. 🙂

    love you girls,
    kisses :*

  18. Samantha Says:

    Man do I love sonic. I like getting a diet coke or a diet dr. pepper and having them add some vanilla syrup. It’s delicious.

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