Kate’s Trip to Canada.

So this last weekend we were heading to Canada to perform at the Much Music Awards.   I had spent a few of my days off with my family so I was flying from Chicago all by lonesome.  I get to the airport, nice and early…two hours before my flight…check in….go sit at my gate..all the routine nonsense. My flight was supposed to take off at 3:45.  So at around 3:00pm they announce that the flight had been cancelled. Awesome. So I call the airlines and they book me on a 7:25pm flight on a different airline. So I park my butt at a Chilis with my book (currently reading “My Sisters Keeper”) and chow down on some chips and salsa. I figure that’s a good way to kill 4 hours. Well, then at around 5:00pm my 7:25pm flight gets pushed back to 9:25pm. Then, not twenty minutes later that flight gets cancelled. At this point I’ve got laughter that cannot be controlled. I am so amused. So I call the airline again and they book me on a flight that leaves at 9:25pm. An hour later it gets pushed to 11:40pm. And I was like…WOW. That’s some time to kill. Then it gets pushed back to 12:40am…and I’m thinking…geez oh peet this is gonna be the LONGEST day ever. So I’m still chillin’ at the airport when at 10:00pm they cancel my third and final flight of the evening. I can’t get my bag back that evening and they rebook me on an 11:20am the next day. So I hop in a cab and go crash at my cousins house…I was really happy that she only lives ten minutes away. The next morning my flight actually doesn’t get cancelled..WOOHOO…and I arrive in Toronto 🙂 But sans my bag. They have NO idea where it is but promise me that it’s probably on the next flight in. Fast forward 6 days later and my bag arrives back in Nashville at my house.

Yup, my bag is gone for 6 days. Pretty awesome.

That’s my story.

Canada was amazing. Crowd was rockin’. The Jonas Brothers were precious as pie. Good to see some of you out there!!


28 Responses to “Kate’s Trip to Canada.”

  1. meee Says:

    I wonder what adventure your bag had in those 6days? Interesting scenario. Glad u got it back kate 🙂

  2. vinniethebull Says:

    Pardon my name. Its cause I’m a Taurus, not a gangster lol. Anyways, that is the craziest thing I’ve heard in a long time. What the heck airline or in this case airlineS were you using. Maybe I can avoid them. Glad you finally made it to Canada. I’m looking forward to seeing you folks in Los Angeles.

  3. ellecc Says:

    Holy MOLY! For some reason you were just NOT meant to be in the skies that night, ey? Glad you made it safely and that you’re bag made it back…eventually.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jaclyn Says:

    I’m halfway through My Sister’s Keeper right now..I want to finish it before I go see the movie 🙂

    But wow, that’s a lot of waiting around and cancelled flights…and I was complaining on Tuesday because I had a 4 hour layover in Atlanta on my way to Florida, lol…but our flight was at 5:20am and I was running on 45 min of sleep..but on that flight from Flint to Atlanta we were in the very last row, so we had no window, our seats didn’t recline, and we were right next to the bathroom…at least it was only 2 1/2 hours long..and we landed 20 min early (and then found a quiet place on the floor of the airport to sleep…quiet meaning the least loud/busy because Atlanta is one busy airport, lol)

  5. Lizitanorway Says:

    ohmyGOD!!! what kind of shitty airport is this?? you seem to have taken all this crap with amazing grace…. I can see myself gettin’ pretty grumpy in such a situation…HAHA!!
    Well, I’m glad it worked out and that you had a good time.

    P.S. I am currently listening to All The Faint Lights due to your reccomendation! thank you for that! and thank you to Jill for reccomending A Falling Through!! one of my fave’s!

    Y’all should check out Open my Eyes by Cambria Detken. that’s my reccomendation for today 😉

    Love y’all!!

  6. Jenny Says:

    wow Kate, thats rough. Me and my sister had a day like that. It was a crazy 24hrs. I am sorry you were by yourself for that flight. And you didn’t have your bag, man that really sucks. But I am glad that you finally did get it back. My friend went to Italy and her mom bought her all new clothes, they lost that and never got it back. My friends mom was pissed. Glad that didn’t happen to you! And Im glad you had a good time!! the performance was incredible!! Hope you enjoy some much needed rest!!

  7. Lizitanorway Says:

    or Marc Broussard The Beauty Of Who You Are, and Gavin’s Song.
    SUCH beautiful songs!!!! he is a genious and has the sexiest voice in the world! 😉 😉 😉

    I promise you’ll like them!!! …if not there’s something wrong with you….

  8. Linda Says:

    That’s funny, but, not really, because there is nothing worse than hanging around airports, especially by yourself. Did you break out in song when the luggage arrived? ” my life would suck without youuuuu” haha 🙂

    If only bags could talk, I bet there was a story to tell if they could 🙂

  9. Holly Says:

    holy moly! what a day, I woulda flipped out haha

    omg, My Sister’s Keeper is AMAZING… just saw the movie yesterday and I cried through most of it… at one point when it was quiet you could hear a symphony of sniffles going on throughout the theatre

    it was great to see you and Jill there! 🙂 have no idea what you guys were trying to say to us haha JoBro fans are roudy things and by roudy I mean crazy.

  10. Samantha Says:

    My Sister’s Keeper is a great book. I still need to go see the movie.

    It seems like a lot of bags being missing has been happening a lot lately. I flew on American for a wedding last weekend and they lost my bag and then told me they put it on the wrong flight, but that they would deliver it to my aunt’s house (where I was staying) in a few hours. I proceeded to tell them how much I needed that bag because my bridesmaid’s dress was in it and the wedding was the next day.

    Flash forward to it being 7:00 at night, my suitcase was suppose to be there by 6 and I then get a phone call from the people who deliver the suitcases to tell me that they won’t be giving me my bag until after 1 a.m. And sure enough I got a phone call at 2 a.m. with my bag. At least I got it before the wedding. Another cousin of mine, same weekend, flew in and they also put her luggage on the wrong flight. She wasn’t as lucky. They didn’t deliver her suitcase until late. I guess there seems to be a problem lately. Although, flying back in I did see one of the workers driving the luggage make a sharp turn and a suitcase came off the cart and no one went and got it. I shook my head thinking that’s someone’s bag.

    I’m glad you got your bag back and hope the awards were fab.

  11. Erin Says:

    kate you poor thing. i’m sorry your bag ran away/was kidnapped. at least you had fun!

  12. Lauren Says:

    Geez hahah unlucky much? My sister’s keeper is an amazing book, love it! Went to see the movie with my sister yesterday and although it’s different, they still capture the heart of the book. We were both in tears with it!

  13. 1wildegirl Says:

    wait a minute…..you fly commercial? 😉 No, seriously, that sucks…but at least you got you bag eventually.

  14. vanilla Says:

    how the hell does a bag go missing for 6 days ?????? at least u got it back

    good job u had ur book otherwise u would have been really bored, were gooing to see the movie version next weekend for my sisters birthday

    hope ur well xx

  15. Pam Says:

    THAT SUCKS. i would have cried if i were you. i kind of want to read My Sister’s Keeper, but i’m going to read 19 Minutes first….hopefully it’s good because i couldn’t get into The Tenth Circle. 😦

  16. Amanda Says:

    Haha, I was going to make the same comment as Pam. I probably would have cried. You’re a trooper Kate!! What a rough day. You seemed to just roll with it though. I admire that. I would have been pretty cranky.

    As I’m making this comment, a commercial for DQ’s Brownie Batter Blizzard just came on. Did Jill ever get hers? Haha. It does look gooood. Too bad there isn’t a DQ anywhere near me.

  17. Regine Says:

    Aw Kate, that is horrible! I would’ve probably freaked out over a) being stuck at an airport all by myself only to find out that my already-twice-cancelled flight was cancelled for a thrd time, and b) the airline misplacing my luggage. What airline was it? I know of an airline or two that is notorious for cancelling flights and misplacing luggage…

    Thankfully you got your stuff back and had a great time in Toronto! In the end, it all ended well, even with the stress inbetween.

  18. Kris Says:

    so im asuming you had to buy clothes while in canada coz it would be a little gross for you to wear the same clothes the entire time haha

    AWWWW Honey i feel for you presonally it has never happened to me i dont fly often and i have only been out of Australia once went to Ireland BY MYSELF mind you and was crapping it the entire time haha. The worst airport i have ever had to walk through is Frankfurt and you can get totally lost if you dont get directions, it was crazy I was freaking out. then when i got to my gate i had a 5 hour wait for my connecting flight and this woman who was going to catch the same flight as me sat next to me, so i fell asleep and when i woke up she was gone and i though i had slept more than 5 hours and missed my flight so i was a little stressed and worried until i finally found the woman and realized i hadnt over slept haha I was really glad to get to Ireland and be in the company of my friend i tell you what her hug at the airport just was the best thing that she could have ever done at that point haha

    Anywho im talking about myself when i shouldnt be haha Kate i really you never have to go through that ever again its sucks having to hang around a airport

    Take care Kate always love the blogs so please keep em coming

  19. Amanda Arch Says:

    Happy to hear that you are reading My Sisters Keeper, it is such a great book.
    True story… while I was reading the book last fall I was nearing the end and I was taking the bus to get to work and I had to stop no less than 5 times in order to prevent myself from bawling my eyes out and looking like a complete tool. Of course, I am a complete sap and cry over books, movies and television shows all the time lol.
    Holly and I went to see the movie last night and despite the huge changes that they made, it still made a great movie!
    I really hope that they make 19 Minutes into a movie too! Jodi Picoult is a great writer and all her books are so dramatic that they can make good movies. Whoever said they couldnt get into Tenth Circle… really? I really liked that book!
    Sorry to hear about your travel problems on the way to Canada, I swear, Canada really wanted you to come here… Chicago just didn’t want to let you go… you know how it is… being awesome and all… lol!
    It was great to see you and Jill at the MMVA’s too. What was Jill trying to say when we asked her to repeat herself a couple times and then she gave up? haha I am seriously curious about that.
    Anyway, hope you come back soon, the airport incident can’t happen twice right? Haha!

  20. jacinta Says:

    You poor thing! Sounds like you stayed positive during the whole thing..so that’s good. Funny story (for us), so thanks for sharing.

    You guys all rocked it on the MMVAs. Woohoo! Sorry to hear KC’s neck was hurt around that time though. Anyway, great performance!! See ya in CA in about a week. Yay me!

  21. Jaqueline Says:

    What adventures! My God! haha. I hate missed bag.
    But Kate, your iphone is with you, isn’t it? 🙂
    You rocked in Canada *-*

    have a nice Sunday
    love you girls,
    kisses :*

  22. Monica Says:

    Yikes! That sounds frustrating. Not sure I would have been able to stay calm after the 2nd cancellation.

  23. Miranda Says:

    Ouch. That’s rough. Your bag must have had some fun though! Who knows what it was doing for those 6 days!

  24. Selena Says:

    Wow, that’s crazy! Must’ve sucked. 😦 I wonder what the deal was with all the delays. Dude, it’s a good thing you didn’t have an emergency or you would’ve been flat out of luck, I guess.

    I’m glad you and your bag eventually arrived. Hopefully, the next flight will go much more smoothly.

  25. cassie b Says:

    good LAWD thats a royal pain the ass right there. lol. i woulda had mixed emotions ha.. i woulda laughed but by the third cancellation i woulda been so angry ha. but they say everything happens for a reason ay? im glad you were able to stay with your cousin and that you finally made it to canada safe. im sorry to hear your bag got lost for 6 days. thats gotta be pretty annoying too but im glad it reached you again! bet you were stoked to see that! lol. take care!

  26. hopecarney Says:

    ugh i hate airlines but that is just some bad luck there !!!!

    i had my own canadian type adventure this week. coming back from seattle to the summer camp where i am working atm, got lost, busy traffic and decided to keep going till we saw something we recognised. ended up about 1hour from the canadian border !!! bad times. the girl scouts in the van found it hilarious though lols.

    hope ure ok , its good u saw the funny side of it !!!

  27. Jennifer Says:

    That sucks so much! I’ve been lucky that I’ve only ever had one delayed flight, but unfortunately it spoiled a surprise my dad had planned for me and my mum, which was he had a limo set to pick us up from the airport in NY .He found it very hard to sneak off, find a phone to call the limo company to tell them and we found out about the surprise.
    Even worse was we got into the limo at 12.30 NY time so 5.30am UK time give or take when we’d been awake since 6-7am UK time the day before, so we weren’t all that awake enough to appreciate it.

    I read My Sisters Keeper three summers ago and it was the book that got me into Jodi Picoult, now I’m addicted to her books she’s such an amazing writer. Did you finish the book then? what did you think?

  28. higzy Says:

    wowwwwww! i had to wait 7hrs once on an exchange flight at 12am. that was from Newark- Toronto- London. What was funnny, i an British and when you arrive in Toronto there are 2 ques (lines) one for Canadian residence and one for US, i didn’t know which one to go into, went into the US que and they wondered what state i was from until i gave them my passport lol. I’d feel right sick if my bag got lost, guess it would depend what was in it. The show looked great online.

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