Sometimes I feel crazy.  I think because my life is a little crazy.  I’m either moving at 100mph or I’m at zero. Either I’m running around with no time on my hands or I’m sitting on my hands with nothing but all the time in the world. I wonder if other people feel like this?

I saw a preview for this new show on FOX called “more to love” and this girl said these words. “Love isn’t just for skinny people. It’s for big people too.” Why thank you. Thank you for clarifying.

This is a fun weekend for me. My parents are coming to visit me….our good friend Meghan is coming to visit from Boston. It’s gonna be a big weekend ‘o fun 🙂

I want to be super tan this summer. Being tan always makes me happy. Thank you very much Vitamin D.

I’ve also seen billboards & advertisements for water parks recently. I wanna go. I love water slides, lazy rivers and water fun in general.

I also would like to take some self defense classes. Something about knowing how to kick someone’s @$$ when you really need to would be awesome. 

I was pretty impressed with the fireworks in San Diego this year. They have new ones like smiley faces & hearts. Fancy.

I got some vanilla powder from Coffee Bean and brought it with me to Nash. I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. Vanilla powder makes all things better. Tea or Coffee…it’s all good.

I haven’t been very good about taking pictures…I shall work on this.

I think I’m boring myself. Yup…

Don’t be jealous of my complete awesomeness.


33 Responses to “Random.”

  1. thesethingswillchange Says:

    1. I definately know what its like to be at 100 and 0..
    2. whenever i tan i feel like i lay out forever but yet i never get any darker.
    3. come to wisconsin dellls that will satisfy all your water slide needs. haha
    and 4. ive always wanted to take self defense classes too. i always wanted to show off some mad butt kicking skills. haha

    oh yeah and your blogs make my day! 🙂
    have fun this weekend.

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    I hear you about the time thing…my whole summer (with a minor exception of two weeks ago when craziness abound) has been the “sitting on your hands” kind, but I know once the end of August comes it’ll be 100mph until the end of April (with a pit stop in December).

    I’m glad your family is coming to visit…all I want to do is get away from my family right now, lol, they’re driving me insane, that’s why I love going back to school where I’m clear across the state, but can still go home for an occasional weekend or holiday, that’s how I like it.

    I am very jealous of anyone who has the ability to tan because I can’t…I’m either red or white…and I burn even with spf 45 on (as was proven when I went to Florida…also not used to the sun being about 2 feet from the Earth’s surface there, haha)…I mean, I’ve had 2nd degree burns and sun poisoning on more than one occasion.

    Also, speaking of Florida, I am never ever going to swim in an ocean again after nearly drowning in the Gulf of Mexico…there were some pretty big waves but we needed to cool off (the heat index was 105)..so we went in (the water temp was in the 80’s, hardly refreshing anyway)…and I got knocked over by a wave and pulled under by an undertow and inhaled/swallowed a gallon of saltwater (gross).

    And don’t feel too bad about not being good at taking pictures….I went on vacation for a week and took 3 pictures the whole time…none of which I am actually in, haha. I did get a really good one of my Grandad though, he never smiles and he smiled for 1/2 a second and I caught it on camera. Go me.

    Now since I’ve left the longest comment in history, I will stop…since nothing I said is even remotely interesting. I’m just bored and avoiding things (and people).

  3. erin2484 Says:

    I think the reason why you feel like its 100 to 0 is that when you’re really busy, you are like non stop but then even when you do have things to do, because you are used to the fast life, you get bored. I feel that way a lot. And while you’re super busy in your crazy life all you want is some time to relax and then when you get it, you’re bored and want to do something. We are pretty funny and ridiculous aren’t we? haha

    Anywoo..I agree on the tanning. Love being tan. Everyone looks better tan, i think…

    My cousin and I were talking about being attacked because we’re crazy haha and I decided that I am really pretty stong and think I could beat almost anyone up unless they were a body builder. My cousin laughed at me. haha and then I laughed at myself because really?

    Don’t know about Vanilla power but I had some french vanilla coffee creamer stuff. It was wonderful.

    Yeah I think i might be more awesome than you. I think you wrote this probably 2.5 seconds ago and i have a pretty lengthy response for ya. haha it’s whatever

    See yaaaa 😉

  4. jacinta Says:

    You are awesome, Kate. I can’t imagine living the life you do and staying sane. There must be alot of highs and lows to it all. I just love your random thoughts. I’m very glad to know that love is for big people as well as thin people. 😉
    Enjoy your weekend with family, friends and your vanilla creamer. Yum.

  5. Jaclyn Says:

    So even after the novel I wrote, I still have more to say…but really, I just wanted to point out this site: http://www.givesmehope.com/?page=1 …it’s pretty amazing 🙂

    • Amanda Says:

      I know this was intended for Kate, but I kind of love that website. Thanks for the link!

    • Cate Says:

      Holy Cow! Went on and checked out this website and honestly never been so inspired! Times are pretty rough at the min and a website such as this can give that little glimmer of hope that people need! Thanks for the link…..u have GMH for today!
      Now going out to do a nightshift with a tear in my eye…of happiness thou, so its allowed!!lol Thanks x

  6. Kris Says:

    Kate rambles i had no clue that she did that lol no seriously i would sit and listen to Kate talk all day if i could lol

    Kate your lucky i wish i had your life my life is sitting on my hands type thing i have all the time in the world im never busy

  7. I'm Just sayin'... Says:

    “Don’t be jealous of my complete awesomeness.” haha I say that all the time…and I mean it. haha just kidding…or am I.o_O

    I love Random blogs! Great stuff! Thanks for the randomness! 😀

  8. Kris Says:

    totally off topic but has anyone else noticed the smiley face at the very bottom of this page in the blue section

  9. Amanda Says:

    I can relate to the 100 to 0 thing. For the past 2 weeks I was on the go constantly, and now this week I have absolutely nada to do. I’m spending quality time with my little cousins tomorrow, so I guess it’s a good thing to have nothing to do 🙂 By next week I will be here-there-and-everywhere again! Then my life slows down in August, and starts back up again before September rolls around. Just remember, at whatever speed you’re going at, enjoy the ride!

    I saw that “More to Love” commercial and was utterly confused by it…….

    I want to be super tan this summer too! Right now, I’m only kind-of-sort-of tan, and I have a little patch of sunburn on my back (where I missed putting sun block on), haha. The weather has kind of sucked for the last month (or two or three), but this past week has been GORGEOUS, at least during the daytime. I hope it stays like this! I need to work on my color.

    Funny that you mention self defense classes now because I was literally just Googling for some in my area about an hour ago. I found a few places that offer them, along with other types of classes too. I think it’s super important for anybody, but especially women. Definitely go for it!

    Hmm, that’s all I’ve got for now! Haha. Later Kate.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    I really know what you mean about 1 – 100, these last three weeks have been like that for me. I went from not having anything to do, no job, no other activities. To just having too much to do and trying to fit it in, planning fundraising sending letters for my Girl Guide group & SeniorSection, setting up bank accounts, planning a quiz night for our community (fundraising), planning for a camp next week, taking a group of kids on saturday ice skating, planning my QG qualification, Permit, Leadership, taking over admin stufff for the Guides, Centenary event planning & Application (100 year celebration stuff). I think I prefer being at 100 though, being at 0 I HATE I got so frustrated for the 2 weeks after my degree with nothing to do.

    I wanna get a tan too but sitting in an office, doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen!

    Speaking of vanilla things http://tiny.cc/VsWbi possibly the best vanilla tea ever! Next time you come to the UK find a whittards because their Vanilla tea is just amazing!

  11. Jason Says:

    I totally agree with the 1st paragraph, i feel exactly the same. Finally i get 3 days off and i’d rather be in work beacuse im so bored

  12. Pam Says:

    i saw that Big Love advertisement, and i thought the concept was tacky to be honest. well no s*** people of all sizes can be loved? idk sorry about that. just needed to let out some steam haha.

    at least you can get tan- i’m basically white out- i can rarely get a good tan, just a nice old sun burn….fun 😦

    but yes, i actually am jealous of how awesome you are. 😀

  13. Holly Says:

    – my life is VERY boring at the moment. I’m hoping it will pick up sometime soon, kinda jealous of your sometimes non stop lifestyle

    – aww, hope you have a really great time with your parents and your friend! I’m hoping my parents will come visit me sometime this summer… clearly I’m not important enough for them to make it a priority :p

    -not gonna lie not a big fan of water slides… well big ones at least… or roller coasters… or anything like that haha totally not an amusement kinda person, though I do enjoy a good lazy river haha

    -S.I.N.G (solar plexus, in step, nose, groin) all you need to know…. thank you Miss Congeniality 😉

    -pictures, yeah get back on that would ya! haha maybe a vlog would be good too 😀

    -I really do enjoy your complete awesomeness ❤

  14. Erin Says:

    Um waterparks are awesome. I’m going to Wisconsin Dells soon and I’m very excited. I’ve come to the conclusion that everybody looks better tan. Not necessarily that overbearing I’m orange/really really brown tan, but with some color. My life is pretty boring so I’m jealous that you have some crazy in your life. My town’s fireworks were not very good this year. I think they cut back, plus they started when the sun was still going down…not a good idea. After watching the movie Taken I decided that I want to be a ninja like Liam Neeson, so you are not alone on the ass kicking thing. I’m always jealous of your complete awesomeness. 🙂

  15. Selena Says:

    You’re not alone in feeling like that, Kate. As for me, it so often seems that there is too much going on and I’m overwhelmed or not enough and I’m bored. It can be difficult to find balance, for sure.

    Having that sun-kissed look can be nice, but for the sake of the health of your skin, if you want to be tan, please do a quick spray-on. UVA/UVB rays are not to be welcomed!

    Have a lovely weekend with family and friends…and I hope you’ll be able to fit in those self-defense lessons, water park rides, and more of that vanilla powder into your life!

    Thanks for blogging!

  16. Monica Says:

    so, i saw that commercial and was slightly bothered by it…it’s kind of depressing that a show needs to be made for others to realize big peeps need some love. i guess i hate dating shows in general.

    and i’m really wanting a tan. i barely have one. i want to be able to spend a really nice summer day at the beach, but i doubt that’s gonna ever happen with all this cold, cloudy and rainy weather. 😥 But i’ll survive. i’m not a big fan of water parks though… because i think i have a fear of water. i wonder what that’s called – aquaphobia? i’ll have to google that.

    you get on those self defense classes! when you become super famous, you’re gonna have to kick some paparazzi butt 😉

    hope you and your vanilla powder are having a fun time in nashville =P and hope you enjoy your time with family and friends!! 😀

  17. Jaqueline Says:

    Oh, Kate, you’re really good ’bout taking pictures! I love when you do it. I wish I could be that good.
    Don’t be boring yourself 😦
    Life’s good. Sometimes the boredom really sucks our lives, but it’s not a big deal. Like now, I’m on vacations, all my friends are far from here, and I have all the time to do.. do nothing! haha

    Sometimes I don’t like to be tan, cause here in Brazil we really do tan! We have too much Sun! It’s too much hot. So, it’s not hard to be tan, you’ve just walk on the street and you’ve got tan!
    I love water parks, you know, all these kinds of tropical places we have a lot here, and it’s pretty cool. It’s fun.
    I love lazy rivers, I love to swin at rivers, waterfalls, etc. The nature is awesome! You should come to Brazil girls! 😀

    “Love isn’t just for skinny people. It’s for big people too.” The girl who said this is really smart. It’s totally truth.

    Spending time with family and friends is the best thing to do.
    Someday you should share with me this vanilla thing, this must be delicious. 🙂

    I love random things too. Love you Kate, have a nice weekend!
    Love you Jiiiiiiiill, take care!
    kisses :*

  18. K Says:

    I love fireworks! I just happened to snap this shot on the 4th…

    But these are my personal faves…

    Enjoy your peace….

  19. Deb Says:

    I know what u mean Kate but im at zero 24/7. Having so much time on ur hands can mess u up. I get lost alot. I dunno if thats kinda similar to how u felt? IF NOT………… I MAY NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP!!! lol x

  20. Whitney Says:

    I’m a long time lurker, first time poster.

    Water parks are great! I live in Ohio, home of the largest indoor water park in the nation. They’ve got a ride in there that’s a giant toilet. Personally, I will never ride it again. I lost my top going down it. Awkward.

  21. G Says:

    I can teach you some Kung Fu Kate!
    Love your blog entries!

  22. Anakellya Says:

    yes everyone is infact jealous of your complete awesomeness Kate :L.

    sounds like you are having an AWESOME timeeee (:

    i tried vanilla powder in my coco frappucino from starbucks yesterday, have to say, MMMMM it was GOOODDDDD! so glad i had it (: and it’s FREE! how good?!?! (:

    kickin’ people’s ass would be good to know how to do. i got a few asses i’d like to kick recently :L.

    you should definitely go to a water park! or a beach or something. makes summer so awesome (:

    much love! ♥

  23. jacinta Says:

    Miss Kate – could you please force your friend (a.k.a. Jill) to post a blog for the fans?

  24. jacinta Says:

    Oh, nevermind..I just read her last tweet and I don’t think any of us will be hearing from Jill for a while. Here’s to Jill’s drumming dreams! Watch out Chris! 😉

  25. Clau Nader Says:

    I live in Mexico City, so I must say I’m always moving at 100mph.. there’s no option here. I just wished I could have some days off (cuz u gotta know… my college is not giving us vacations!!! they’re completely nuts!!!!! and it happens that the day I graduated from High School was the day my pre-college course began.. so i havent had any vacations for …. lets say a huge while… )

    Also, since I live in this kind of scary monster-ish city it would be a great idea to take some self defense lessons.. and it would help as exercise as well.. I’ll think about that, thanx for the idea =) though I’d love to take Zumba or Swimming classes.. aahhh tough decision!!! (money and time issues)

    Im one of those big people that girl talks about, so yaaaaaay, thanks for lettin me know luv is for us too… ¬¬__

    omg, i luuuuv everything water… If only I had a few days off, i really need a break 😦 im sorta colapsing here from exhaustion !!! I’d love to go to an unknown quiet beautiful jungle-ish village, with a great river and waterfalls, where I could spend the whole day relaxing, watching an incredible nature view, with lifetime beer, steak and quesadillas, a piano a notebook and a pencil by my side and of course good smooth jazz or lounge music as my company…

    WOW, im such a dreamer… I just cant help it! I always say: My life is the bunch of experiences and dreams are what keep it on its way.

    3:38 am.. i hadnt notice.. great.. see? the hours in my days are just not enough !!! tomorrow gotta go record some chorus for one of the tracks of my Vocal Training final exam… wooooooot wooot !!!!

    luv u guys! keep it up!!! (yeah, whats with the pics kate!? show us some framessss c’m on! and Jill, I totally understand the drummer dream, the thing is I havent turned it to reality yet since i dont have a Xbox nor PS)

  26. Jaclyn Says:

    Oh yeah, I played Rockband once at my friend Eddie’s apartment, haha… I was AWFUL at the drums…like there aren’t even words for how awful I was, lol…guitar I can do, drums not so much.

    The only game system I own is SuperNintendo so no Rockband for me at home. I’m still happy with my Mario Kart and Donkey Kong though 😛

  27. jess Says:

    having a “tan” just shows the radiation damage from the sun. sorry i live with a family of doctors . once those people who you envy for always being”tanned” you won’t envy them when they have skin cancer lying in bed getting body parts surgically removed.

  28. Pernille Says:

    I love Rock Band – Jill. I’ve been playing drums on it for awhile now on it. I finally got a 98% on expert and felt soooooo proud of myself. Wish I could consider myself a ‘real’ musician, but it is just a video game so I fail.

    Watched the videos of Indio and Del Mar shows. Everyone and everything was amazing. I hope to see you guys in Europe next year.

    • jacinta Says:

      Pernille – I was at the Del Mar show and it was awesome! Hope you get to see the new show in Europe cause you’ll love it. My brain couldn’t handle it. I was 4 rows away from J&K…and Kelly, of course. 🙂

  29. Rosalind Says:

    Hey K, I was walking with a friend through a dark alley one time and someone made a comment about the alley being kind of sketchy. I was like, “Not to worry, I watch Buffy.”

    While there may not be any science to back it up yet, I think he felt pretty reassured. Case in point: Watching Buffy always helps, self-defense-wise. But *yeah* you should totally take some classes.

  30. Samantha Says:

    If you like water fun I recommend that Kelly take you to New Braunfels. Take the Comal not the Guadalupe river. It’s a freaking blast. One cooler set aside full of beer that floats next to you, great friends, hopefully great weather, and the river. It’s like 11 bucks for the whole day. A school bus with a trailer full of inner tubes takes you to the top of the river, when you’re done floating to the bottom you get up and a bus takes you back to the top. Repeat the process all day for maximum fun. Followed by what I suggest as the best barbeque you’ll eat after all of the drinking, heat, and water fun, which is Rudy’s which is right across from the river. Their creamed corn is to die for.

    The reason why I suggest the Comal and not the Guadalupe is that they tell you before you go down the river for the Guadalupe to be careful because there are little rapids and that like an hour and a half into it there will be a fork in the river. Paddle your way to go left. If you go right the current gets bad and pulls you under and people have died drowning. My question is what bright person thought to tell people this before they drink and go down the river because let me tell you a few beers later and you hit that fork you can’t remember which way the lady said to go.

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