Who knew?

Who knew Jill was this cool?

33 Responses to “Who knew?”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    Jill is awesome. The end.

  2. Holly Says:

    pshhh, I always knew 🙂

  3. jacinta Says:

    Look up ‘awesome’ – it says, ‘See Jill’

  4. vanilla Says:

    nice glasses !!!!

  5. Emma Says:

    I always knew, Jill rocks! Lovin them glasses, me wants!! lol

  6. Clau Nader Says:

    I knew.. the whole time… dont really need to be wise to know that actually.. ha… =)
    what glasses are those? they’re pretty cool huh!

  7. TB Says:

    I think we all knew! Lol but seriously love that your rockin’ the pink glasses!

  8. Erin Says:

    Jill has started a new fashion trend. We all knew she was cool, but this is just a friendly litle reminder.

  9. rhonda Says:

    that looks like the “hung over” look to me. ha just kidding. love the pic.

  10. Pam Says:

    i did! J, you’re looking fly. love the shades.

  11. Monica Says:

    oh snapppp. this just triples the coolness i thought jill had 😉
    lovin the pink shades. they’re pretty hot =)

  12. pernille Says:

    Some of us knew! 🙂 Jill has ALWAYS been cool, but this cements it. Love the picture.

  13. 1wildegirl Says:

    Ha, was Jill going for the “jaded rock star” look? ’cause she nailed it. 🙂

  14. erin2484 Says:

    I sure didn’t. Wow, you’re really neat Jill!!!!

  15. Anakellya Says:

    haa Jill you cool chick (: i always knew it deep down.
    you’re lookin’ so ‘Hollywood’/Street heree:) haha

  16. Selena Says:

    Oh, I think we had some inkling! 😉
    Cool pic. Jill rocks!

  17. Beth Says:

    The jill I know is even cooler than this. She holds back a lot of her coolness for plain folks like the rest of us. She doesn’t want to overwhelm us. she’s so considerate.

    • jacinta Says:

      LOL Beth. Falling at halftime shows and sliding down muddy hills with her guitar – it’s all a facade so we’ll feel more comfortable and not be overwhelmed by her complete coolness. 😉 😛

  18. Amanda Says:

    Silly, silly girl.

  19. David Says:

    Pretty cool, Jill. You guys rock!

  20. Jason keley Says:

    i knew Jill was this cool. Pickering is awesome!!

  21. I'm just sayin' Says:

    I did.

  22. jacinta Says:

    off topic – sort of – again:

    that was just about the best performance of AG on Letterman that I’ve seen yet. way to go. and we got to see more of Jill’s coolness cause she was right behind Kelly and couldn’t hide. so there.

  23. Jaclyn Says:

    Yeah, seriously, that performance was PHENOMENAL, and I’m not just saying that to boost anyone’s ego, haha, it was really that great of a performance.

  24. Brad Says:

    And to think, I was convinced none of you took part in the diva behavior. Sunglasses indoors one day, Cristal & demanding only blue M&M’s the next. Only a matter of time 🙂

  25. Kris Says:

    Shyeah Jill is cool and whom ever doesnt know it should be informed of Jill’s coolness

  26. Anakellya Says:

    be careful not to give her a big head though, she’s beeing told she’s cool a lot all at once. could be a lot to take in!! 😉
    but its trueee:D

  27. dani Says:

    muy linda…..;) super coll
    saludos desde venezuela

  28. SarahLee23 Says:

    I think that you are BOTH cool! 😉


  29. Sarah Says:

    and what about a “cool kate” pic? 😀

    2 more days until the 17th. can’t waitttttttttttt for a new song 😀

  30. rhonda Says:

    watched your performance on letterman. jill was all up in that camera. ha my only complaint is that a random girl was separating the dynamic duo. i am very OCD so i need ya’ll standing next to each other. just kidding. great perfomance. ya’ll looked incredible and sounded incredible

  31. Jaqueline Says:

    I knew. And that’s a big truth!
    Jill rocks!

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