New Song on July 17th!!!

63 Responses to “New Song on July 17th!!!”

  1. Pam Says:

    already commented the actual video on youtube (mine was the one admitting i am creepy…)

    anyways, i’ll say it again. that was gorgeous and you should definitely finish it one day! good to hear you guys this past Tuesday in NYC. (hense i say “hear” and not “see”…i had many tall people in front of me) 😦 haha

  2. Monica Says:

    LOVE it.
    I might have been refreshing youtube until it showed up =X
    But yes, definitely continue writing it because it is great and I’d like to hear what it’ll sound like when it’s finished.

    Speaking of coming to see you at shows, i’ll be seeing you in 2 weeks! I’m going to see you sing at GMA. It’s gonna be my first time in NYC, so don’t disappoint me! Not like you can, though 😉 Hopefully I’ll run into you girls 🙂

    Have an awesome filled day 😀

  3. bbb Says:

    I LOVED it so you must finish it girls:) LOVE you!

  4. Monica Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say… Jill I LOVE your outfit. Well, your top and hat, since I can’t see the whole outfit. But it’s extremely cute! Pink looks good on you!

  5. Clau Nader Says:

    BEAU-T-I-F-U-L !!! =) Did I say before that your voices make a perfect harmony?… oh, yeah, I did.. dont care, will say it again: YOUR VOICES MAKE A PERFECT HARMONY!!!!!!
    well, maybe if you came to Mexico I could go see you guys… im just sayin… haha.. 😀 I really hope I will, sooner or later.

    Have a greaaaat Friday =)

  6. Bianca Says:

    amazing as always (: It was great seeing you girls last tuesday! (: You both were so nice! Can’t wait to see you both at GMA in 2 weeks. Finish writing the song! Its beautiful.

  7. Myriam Says:

    I agree with the person who said they liked Jill’s outfit too =)

    Anyways I love the song so far.. almost as much as Guess I Better Move On which says a lot because it’s one of my favorites you guys have done. You guys should definitely finish it.

  8. Jaclyn Says:

    LOVE it! Really, I do. Definitely continue with that one!

    I hope to see you guys at the show I’m going to too!! Haha, only…57 days 😛 …I might have a countdown…(and so you don’t have to count, that would be September 12th in Michigan 🙂 ) I can’t wait =]

  9. Holly Says:

    you guys are so cute! lol

    LOVED what you guys have so far, I vote for you to finish it!!

    p.s I have a journal like that for songs and such… except it’s not cool and doesn’t actually have “Journal” written on it OR and coffee stains 😛

  10. Tara Says:

    Loved it! You should definitely finish.

  11. Jaq Says:

    So, girls, I liked the song. And honestly what I like so so so much is watching you guys do what you do. And by that I mean, you are so entertaining. Kate I was wondering if you could show us the journal again. And the coffee, and the pens. Can you guys just talk in front of the camera about nothing much at all? It’s fun to watch:)

  12. Becca Says:

    I love seeing how you write your songs, because your song journal is exactly like mine, and our writing styles are very similar as well. I can relate. Beautiful song by the way. Beautiful voices as well 🙂

  13. Kris Says:

    hey girls i loved the song so far and i love when you two just ramble and saw random things sometimes finish the song coz i really would love to hear the rest of the song

  14. Kris Says:

    oh and isnt it summer so im just wondering why you two are wearing jumpers and long sleeved tops

  15. I'm just sayin' Says:

    God I wish I had talent. You guys are amazing…great song (as usual)!!

  16. Tracy Says:

    Woot! loved the song! Thanks for sharing, you guys rock!

  17. Erin Says:

    i really like it! i can’t wait to hear the rest of it. 🙂

  18. Amanda Says:

    I like the color of your living room. It looks cheerful! Haha.

    Anyway, fabulous job as always ladies 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the finished product eventually, hopefully!

  19. Pernille Says:

    Jill – I loooooooove your outfit. Your hat is absolutely adorable! Amazing song girls and hope to hear a final version someday.

    I love your Songs on the 17th (even when you guys are delayed)

  20. Alyssa Says:

    sounds great so far!!! i can’t wait to hear the rest of it! 🙂 great show in NYC on Tuesday…it was so fun! 🙂

  21. Steph Says:

    That was really awesome! I hope you guys finish it. I was wondering if you guys have thought about doing a song from your EP or from East Coast Bound? I think that would be pretty awesome to see an acoustic version.

  22. JenMichelle Says:

    Hey Jill&Kate, I loved your last song, “Texas” because I live in Texas and I was gonna send you a postcard but I don’t have your address so I figured I could drop you a line from Texas instead. Love the new song. My birthday was yesterday on the 16th so I pretended like you wrote the song just for me. Even though you obviously didn’t but that’s ok. Right? I was even gonna write u guys and see If you could do it New song on the 16th just for me and my birthday but that’s a little pretentious and it doesn’t sound as good so I changed my mind.
    Love you guys!!!
    And Happy B-Day 2 Me!!! Yay I’m 25!!!! 🙂 (Feel Old) ;(

    • Kris Says:

      hey i turned 26 a month before your birthday dont say you feel old coz it will make me feel old lol

      • JenMichelle Says:

        Ok, Not old. But it still feels weird. I’m no longer in my early twenties! 🙂

  23. Selena Says:

    You two have done it again! Thanks for another great song (well, part of it;)). “Far From Me” is definitely worthy of finishing, so perhaps, y’all will share the rest on the 17th of something. Haha!

    I also enjoyed the chatter about your song journal, coffee stains, etc. Y’all are so entertaining. 🙂

  24. Gage Says:

    Kate, Your so pretty! I want to marry you! Jill your gorgeous too but Kate is my dream girl! I hope I meet you two someday! Y’all are hella talented! Thanks for the awesome music!

  25. Christina Says:

    i love it 🙂

  26. cassie b Says:

    wow!! i cant wait to hear the rest of it! and that’s definitely my way of saying that ya’ll have to finish it! i loveeee it! its catchy and the lyrics are amazing! way to be! thanks for sharing it with us! cant wait to see yall on september 3rd in allentown! =] hope the tour and shows are going well ❤ keep on rockin! take care!

  27. Anakellya Says:

    HAHAA, you two are just like sisters! it’s so freakin cute! Jill’s like the older, mature one. and Kate’s like the one who always likes to get in trouble or whatever;) hahaa.
    anyways, onto the song – I ADORED IT! suupperrr goooddd, and the lyrics are brilliant!

    thankyou for letting us experience it with you (: hahaa

    love you guys, hope to see you rockin it in the UK soon!

  28. Lauren Says:

    I’m just gonna get straight to the point : AMAZING.

  29. tex Says:

    I don’t mean to brag, but I can tell on first listen when a song is really good or eh. This one is really, really good. 🙂

  30. E Says:

    Very nice ladies. Please complete this song. So far it is very good.

    This song is being written from the perspective of someone who said/did the wrong things and had to watch the other person give up on them and let it go.

    For some reason it reminded me of another of your songs – in a good way. “Guess I Better Move On” – is told from the perspective of someone who tried in every way to make the relationship work and the other person was just too much at fault.

    I have this whole mental image of a person in a car DRIVING (good word change) away listening to Guess I Better Move On and the other person standing on the curb (maybe sitting) watching the other person leave and listening to Far From Me.

    I feel like your songs are great chapters of a book I can’t wait to read yet I know the more I read the quicker it will be over and I don’t want it to end. Thanks for sharing the music and the writing process.


    p.s. Apologies for acting all Annie Leibovitz on Tuesday and asking you to take 18 pictures. I will throw the camera under the bus and say it wasn’t mine – what kind of camera has a 10 second delay between the flash and the actual picture snapping.

  31. Bianca Says:

    I agree with the person who said it would be awsome to see an acoustic version of a song off of your EP or East Coast Bound (:

  32. vanilla Says:

    u dare stop writing it !!!! i likey 🙂

    cant wait for the full version, lovin the involement or the insight into what u guys do its totally awesome :):)

  33. Nic Says:

    Love the song guys!!!
    Kate you crack me up!!! Just keep bringing us in!!! HAHAHA

  34. Deb Says:

    I loved it too. Dont ever stop writing, Music is whats keeping me alive (SERIOUSLY) x

  35. Kayla Says:

    Just wanted to say I think you girls are amazing. Your voices fit so perfectly together.

  36. Lizzy Says:

    I love this song! I literally cannot stop listening to it! Your harmonies are AMAZING! Keep writing 🙂

  37. ellecc Says:

    Dear Kate,

    Exactly how many coffees have you HAD? Haha.

    Dear Jill AND Kate,

    Beautiful voices. Since “you could sing the phonebook” has become so cliche, I’ll just say…you could sing the Starbucks menu…and it’d all sound good to me. Hm, that COULD be kind of fun. Can’t wait to hear that on your next “Song on the 17th.” : )

    Have a glorious day–enjoy this not-so-stinkin-hot weather!


  38. Brad Says:

    Beautiful song. Makes me selfishly want another EP asap. Kate, you may want to limit your coffee intake. Just saying 🙂

  39. Michelle Says:

    Love it!!.. you guys are amazing.. i cant wait to see you both at the Syracuse concert!! im going to try very hard to meet you guys haha!

  40. cduggan13 Says:

    i find it hard to believe that anyone on here is going to tell you they hate something you’ve done and to stop writing… keep writing! the song is wonderful and i can’t wait to hear how it finishes up (because we will get to hear it when it’s done, right?!) thanks again for the new song on the 17th, always a great thing to look forward to.

  41. higzy Says:

    cool stuff!

  42. Emma Says:

    Love the new song guys! I think that is gonna become one of my faves of yours so DO NOT throw it away lol.
    Good luck with it and thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  43. Jaqueline Says:

    I love it! That’s a great song. You guys rock 🙂
    come to Brazil and sing it to us.
    love your videos and you girls.

    kisses :*

  44. Jennifer Says:

    Only just got to see this as I’ve been camping all weekend. I do really like it though so deffinately post a video of it once it’s all finished 🙂 Deffo don’t throw it away.

  45. Myra Says:

    Y’all write really awesome songs!! And i LOVE this one!! so don’t stop writing it, KEEP goin!! Haha, and y’all are hillarious!! Peace 🙂

  46. Ashley Brock Says:

    I absolutely LOVED the song. you guys are really great. I love both of you.

  47. lu-lu Says:

    I loved what youve done so far with the song. I bet its going to be even more amazing when its finished!! yous are brilliant singers and song writers!! keep it up! 🙂

  48. Renea Says:

    You girls are amazing,and have such beautiful vocies.U 2 r so much fun to watch..I really love the song.Can’t wait to see u when u come to Texas.

  49. inlovewithkate Says:

    J and K I love the new song. You are amazing.

    Kate I think you are one of the most beautiful women ever. You are both uber talented and I hope to meet you one day.

  50. Christina Says:

    Kate, you’re mannerisms are very “KC” lately.

    • Stupify Says:

      Kate’s mannerisms are VERY VERY KC. She is a clone – wants to be KC. I am ok with that, because Kate has a good voice and her and Jill are great with KC.

      • Amanda Says:

        Ehhh, I don’t think she wants to be KC. I think she probably likes being Kate just fine. I think that when you spend so much time around a person, it’s hard NOT to pick up on some of their habits, especially when they’re a positive influence in your life. I’m sure KC has some Jill and Kate mannerisms, and Jill probably has some Kate and Kelly mannerisms too. I know when I’m around my best friends constantly, I begin to talk just like them, and I pickup on some of their gestures and what not as well. Haha. That’s my two cents 🙂

      • Myriam Says:

        kate > kelly clarkson
        (that means kate is kind of more awesome)

  51. Samantha Says:

    Love it! Y’all crack me up. Can’t wait for the next song. Sadly it’ll be after my 24th birthday (Aug. 6th). Hope we get to hear more of this song too though. Keep it up! 🙂

  52. Julia Says:

    Love it! great lyric… hope u’ll finish it:)

  53. Heather Says:

    love this song!

  54. Soundgeek Says:

    i liked it….well the part that i heard. can’t wait to hear the rest.

  55. Amanda Arch Says:

    I know I am like a month behind here but I have been busy! So I am just catching up on my J&K blog posts…

    I do not think I could ever hate one of your songs, you guys are such great lyricists and your harmonies are to die for. So it is pretty hard for you to write a bad song…
    Maybe you should sing one of your so called bad songs for me so that I can finally be like “oh that is what a bad song by Jill and Kate sounds like.”
    Anyway, look forward to hearing the rest of it.

  56. Nicole Says:

    I am really behind commenting on this but I love it! since I’m like a billion days behind – have you finished it? You should put the entire version if you have!!

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