New Song on August 17th…East Coast Bound!

51 Responses to “New Song on August 17th…East Coast Bound!”

  1. Khitam Says:

    Okay so my computer is real ghetto and it doesnt let me watch embeded videos. Can you please upload this video on yall’s youtube account? That would be FANTASTIC….thanks

    ps. LOVED the show in Springfield

  2. Erin Says:

    taking it back a bit. lovely as always!

  3. Steph Says:

    that was awesome! thank you soo much jill and kate! see you both in chicago on the 27th!

  4. Monica Says:

    Loooooove it =D I’m listening to it again =) And if yall are taking requests, I’d so love to hear Save Me or The Basement one day!

  5. Pattie Says:


  6. Jacinta Says:

    BEST EVER!!! I love ECB. Kate, thank you for playing the guitar AND pronouncing your last name (even though you pronounced it wrong and I lost my bet). You both sound amazing!! Made my day. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Jacinta Says:

      my favorite part

      Kate: put on some sweatpants and sunglasses if you’ve got ’em..if you want to
      Jill: aaaaand…people
      Kate: *strums guitar*
      Jill: no

  7. Jennifer Says:

    One of my favourite songs πŸ™‚

    Any chance of you girls doing a version of Empty Hands for one of the songs on the 17th? ❀ that song.

  8. sheena Says:

    You guys are great!! Let’s hear it for Kate on the guitar!!! woot woot!

  9. Tanisha Says:

    awesome as always ladies. I was totally wondering if Kate played any instruments, so that was pretty much answered for me with this video haha ooh if y’all are taking requests I wouldn’t be opposed to hearing Save Me or Let Me Go =) enjoy the rest of your evening ladies

  10. Holly Says:

    loved this! loved the sweatpants and sunglasses even more! haha

    I second the request for Empty Hands, it’s my fav! πŸ™‚

  11. LInda Says:

    Thanks girls. AWESOME harmony. This is one of my favorite songs of yours, so, it doesn’t matter if you did an old one. Kate, I’m impressed, you done good girl.

  12. Bianca Says:

    Good job on guitar Kate! Love this song. But yes I second the amazing harmony comment. y’all sounded great! Love the pink sunglasses. Jill, I am jealous you have TWO. Can’t wait to see you girls in Kentucky on Thursday!

  13. E Says:

    Always fun. Always beautiful. Always brings a smile.

    Thank you Ladies!

    See you in Iowa on Saturday with 20+ of my favorite peeps. I am diggin my new cowboy hat purchase so be on the lookout!

  14. Jaqueline Says:

    I loved the sunglasses
    I love when Kelly record your videos
    I love East Coast Bound cd and song
    I love you just the way you are!
    Hope see you here in Brazil, I’d love it! haha
    kisses ;*

  15. Jes Says:

    I’m from western ma. and this song describes everything i LOVE about New England!!! Job well done ladies, you’re awesome!

  16. erin2484 Says:

    That was pretty, although it’s not the same without the screaming Red Sox fans in the background πŸ™‚

    haha you guys sound awesome, loved it!

  17. Jenny Says:

    aww that was cute!! i love that song!! i agree with everything that Jaqueline said!! I love you ladies!! and everytime kelly records she laughs and its so funny cause she makes you laugh!! and great job kate!!! you were awesome!! almost as good as jill!! almost lol. thanks kate for saying your name!! its a beautiful name!! can’t wait to see you guys on the 3rd!!!

  18. Selena Says:

    The title track is one of my favorites on East Coast Bound. Studio recorded or live, y’all sound so good.

    Thanks for playing the guitar (nicely done, btw), Kate and for saying your last name. It’s pronounced the way I thought. Woohoo!

    I guess I’ll throw in a request for Empty Hands as well. I’d be interested in hearing it too.

    Take care JillandKate and have an awesome time in KY.

  19. Panalee Says:

    That was totally awesome!!! Love that you brought back a huge favorite. Can wait to see you ladies this weekend…it’s going to be rockin’ πŸ™‚

  20. Pam Says:

    first Kate, i love your name. it sounds so proper and it’s awesome haha. and second, when you mentioned that it’s French, it reminded me of this… (fast forward to 2:02)

    i love the sweatshirt/sunglasses combo. would’ve been awesome if you guys bursted out singing “Sunglasses at Night”, but hey i dont even know if you taped this at night to be honest haha! πŸ™‚

    loved the flashback to ECB…so excited when a friend told me that this was the new song! and awesome job on guitar Kate! don’t worry, i would’ve messed up more than twice. i suck at playing it.

  21. Myriam Says:

    Loved that! And thanks for pronouncing your last name and playing the guitar Kate! That was awesome.

  22. Jaclyn Says:

    Ohhh, loved it! That song came up in my alarm clock shuffle this morning haha πŸ™‚ East Coast Bound is one of my faves, along with Tonight and Save Me πŸ˜€ …and You Might Break My Heart…and Finding My Own Way. Love that Kate played guitar πŸ˜€

    I never would’ve known you messed up if you hadn’t said anything lol

    I love that you pronounced your last name, I was pretty close with how I thought it sounded…at least it’s not like, 12 letters long and lacking vowels or something πŸ˜›

    I’m rockin the pajama bottoms right now…not quite sweats, but equally as comfortable (I figure if I put them on, I may actually go to bed at a decent time…since I’m moving tomorrow, gotta be well rested, lol)…would’ve done the sunglasses, but it’s already pretty dark in my room and they are polarized, so sometimes it makes the computer screen look all funky…and I don’t have cool pink ones like you guys do.

    I can’t wait for the show in MI in 26 days….not that I’m counting down or anything. Have fun at the other fair shows in the mean time, I heard Indy and IL were rockin…what with Jenna the rockstar and the Edward Cullen cutout from Khitam haha…while you guys are partying up in Iowa (at what I’ve heard to be the best state fair ever, lol), I will be partying with Kenny Chesney and 80,000 other drunk people haha. good times for everyone πŸ™‚

  23. 1wildegirl Says:

    SCORE! Kate playing the guitar and saying her name…guess y’all DO read your comments?! πŸ˜‰

    Anyway. Love, love, love ECB. So thanks for bringing back an oldie. I’ll toss my hat in the ring for Empty Hands as well, or maybe Don’t You…you know, if y’all are taking requests. Cannot wait for the next Sot17th!

  24. Elle Says:

    I just wanted to say that you guys are ridiculously talented. Great songwriting, great harmonies, great music. I always like hearing what you guys come up with on each 17th.

    On a side note: I’m gonna echo whoever started it above and say that I’m also a fan of β€˜The Basement’. However – I have to admit that I absolutely love β€˜You Might Break My Heart’. It’s in my top ten most played on iTunes. So, kudos on creating that one :-). Keep up the good work Girls!

  25. Jacinta Says:

    Ok, because I’m a dork I had to know if “honorarily” was a word…it is.

    “In an honorary manner” – YUP

  26. Amanda Arch Says:

    Awww, the good ol’ days.

    Hearing you guys performing this old school J&K song totally brings me back to the days of the messageboards on
    You guys have come such a long way πŸ™‚ Pretty proud of ya’s I must say!

    and Kate you are totally rocking those pink sunglasses and sweatpants.

  27. vanilla Says:

    old skool j&k ……… i loved it !!!!!

    kate ur rockin the sunglasses n sweats look πŸ™‚

    great performance ladies cant wait for next month πŸ™‚

  28. Caise Says:

    Why aren’t you 2 KC’s opening act?! Damn you two are brilliant!

    What kind of guitar does Jill play?

  29. higzy Says:

    Kate your awesome on guitar, haven’t seen you play before and like everyone else lovin in sweatpants and glasses. That song should be played at a red sox game or something πŸ™‚ great lyrics, you guys are great writers!!

  30. Amanda Says:

    Awww I’m so excited to finally see this! I got the “tweets” last night, but I was camping till now. You girls are adorable! Is that awkward? Haha. You really are though, and your harmonies are amazing. Thanks for whipping out the guitar, Kate! You did a good job. I’m also diggin’ the shades ladies. I think they upped your cool factor πŸ˜‰ For sure.

  31. karen Says:

    Good Job guys!! Sounded awesome!! lovin the shades. Where is Ashley???!!! Wish she was in your movies more!!

  32. Jonathan Says:

    I love your voices girls. That was a cracking tune. Your voices are very complimentary – can’t wait to hear more from you. Would love to hear you two and Kelly sing something together – that would rock my socks off. PS Tell Kelly to sing “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan soon, as her version of it is amazing. I wish I was straight as you three girls are stunning – Kelly your eyes are mesmerizingly beautiful. Love seeing girls that have their heads screwed on and very well grounded. Come to Scotland soon you lot. Love you all…..sorry love y’all.!!!

  33. anakellya Says:

    okay i’ma keep this short:) haa



  34. Lauren Says:

    You guys are certainly rocking the sweatpants and sunglasses look!

    Loved of my fave videos so far!

  35. Kelly Says:

    b-e-a-utiful……freakin’ love that song!! πŸ˜€

  36. dee Says:

    that was so lovely, girls!! i love your voices together, they blend so well! and yes to these cool fun shadessss! oh onemore thing, i loved seeing kate on guitar, didn’t know she could play!

  37. Christine Says:

    Amazing, as usual. ECB is one of my favorites from you guys.

    Yayy for Kate playing the guitar, hopefully you’ll play it more in the videos!

  38. Ruth Rima Says:

    Aww girls! this is one of my FAVE songs of yours! Stoked to get to hear it sung live….ish. lol

    Had this track on repeat for days on end again recently, so all worked out well πŸ˜€

    Have a good one
    ❀ Ruth (appreciatin the sounds all the way from New Zealand)

  39. Samantha Says:

    Y’all are always amazing. Can’t wait to see you in Georgia.

  40. crystal Says:

    yay! love that song; you guys are awesome.
    AND i was right on it with kate’s last name. woot!
    great job on the guitar!&i love the shades! :]

  41. Monica Says:

    Okay, so since you girls answered the people’s request with Kate saying her last name and playing guitar… I thought I’d give it a shot. Jill! I’m pretty sure I spotted a tattoo on your wrist in one of my pictures from GMA. But it was blurry, so I was just wondering what it was, if you actually have one?
    And Kate, do you have any, either? Can we see?


    • 1wildegirl Says:

      Oooh, I think I know this one…Kelly spilled the beans explaining her tats in an interview; the four of them (KC, her sis, Jill and Kate) got the same tat, which I believe is a four leaf clover. I do recall Kate blogging a few months back that she’d gotten her first tat, I’m guessing it’s that one. Um, yeah…I just have a really good memory, honest! πŸ™‚

  42. Alex Says:

    I’m re-watching this lovely video again today and you sang “603” and random chance, I got a call from a 603 area code this morning. They didn’t leave a text/voicemail. Weird!

  43. lillykp Says:

    Katheryn Elisabeth Rapier, waou, It sounds like french yeah! Anf what about Jill? lol!

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