Go check this out!

Hey ya’ll!

In your free time scouring the internets go check out our good friend Todd’s new blog.  He’s a ridiculous photographer based outside of Chicago and you’ll love his pics. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

http://www.toddjamesphotography.wordpress.com and www.toddjamesphotography.com

Go to it & happy Wednesday.


15 Responses to “Go check this out!”

  1. bbb Says:

    oh man, his pictures are really beautiful!!!

  2. Missa Says:

    Wooow…his pictures are amazing! I’m envious of his talent! lol

  3. Tina Says:

    awesome! and y’alls timing is perfect, i was so bored until i read this blog and looked at the pics. i LOVE all the ‘artsy’ stuff and my favourite pic in the travel section is london bridge. the clouds look so cool there 😛 i’m obsessed with taking pics of clouds ha… well, taking pics in general.
    thanks for the links!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Ooooh just looking at his photos now! Might get some inspiration as I’m working on a project at the moment where I have to improve my photography skills over the next year and I’m doing the 365 day project (365 photographs one everyday for a year) Doing it all for my Queens Guide award, which is a massive award to achieve.

    Might actually use him in my evidence folder for other photographers I’ve looked at.

  5. Amanda Arch Says:

    I am always down for checking out work from other photographers so thanks for sharing!
    He is great! I love his people section but it is probably because that is the area that I am choosing to focus on in my photography program! lol.
    but all of his photos are awesome.

  6. Ashley Says:

    Thanks for sharing this; his photographs are incredible. I know several people who are always looking for a great photographer and he actually happens to be in the area, so I might suggest him. You guys are so great with pimping out your friends, haha.

  7. Selena Says:

    Nice shots! Todd’s got a lot of talent.
    Hmm…how about a JillandKate photo shoot? 🙂

  8. sheena Says:

    Thanks guys! His pictures are brilliant! 😉 I really like the travel photos.

  9. anakellya Says:

    wow he’s talented!
    i wanna know what camera he’s using, i’m doing art&photography for my GCSE’s [biggest exams in school in the UK] and my camera is rubbish aha.
    anywaysss, great work! i agree, you should ask him to do a J&K photoshoot 🙂 or go to one of the shows & take some!

  10. anakellya Says:

    😮 just to add, before i only looked at the wordpress, but now i’m on his website, and when the music just turned on and i saw the wedding pictures & the waterfall, i actually cried. big baby i know, but omg this is beautiful work! wow wow wow.

  11. Bianca Says:

    wow. I love looking at pictures that talented photographers take. Thanks for sharing! His pictures are really amazing.

  12. Pam Says:

    wow his stuff is ridiclous. so good. and i loved the music on his site haha.

  13. Jessica C Says:

    Thanks for the links! i’m a photographer myself and love looking at other photographers work. he takes some really great shots!

  14. higzy Says:

    He’s really good! Wow!

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