Crazy is as crazy does.

I’ve (kate) been feeling a little crazy the last couple days. Not crazy bad…not crazy good. Just crazy. So I…found a poem on the internets about craziness…

Aptly called…


Uncertainty lies on the path ahead
Many events I don’t want to deal with
Are sure to question my fearless resolve
My heart I know will be wrenched many times

I may lose my faith and lose my way
Submitting myself to certain torture
Mountains loom ominously in my way
With signs of “death to those who enter”

I gasp for breath just thinking about it
Sweat beads down my face as I look on
How drunk was I to choose such a path?
What madness possessed me to go this way?

Why am I not relaxing on the couch
Sitting safe and sound in my ignorance?
I sure feel like claiming insanity
From purposely subjecting myself to this

But my reason, my ‘why,’ yanks me off the ground
It drags me by the arm and throws me out the door
Purpose makes me feel crazy at times
But it keeps me going when I don’t want to

–Jason Westlake

20 Responses to “Crazy is as crazy does.”

  1. Monica Says:

    my friend and i have both been feeling this craziness, lately.
    the poem’s awesome. nice find!

  2. jpalmatier Says:

    that is a pretty cool poem… I keep this on my fridge and it motivates me:

    live with intention
    walk to the edge
    listen hard
    practice wellness
    play with abandon
    choose with no regret
    continue to learn
    appreciate your friends
    do what you love
    live as if this is all there is

    -mary anne radmocher

  3. Bea Says:

    So very nicely written poem by mr westlake my two cents to the world always keep ur head up cuz even when ur falling backwards ur looking towards the sky….and the sky is the limit

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I know what you mean about feeling a little crazy lately….I was actually going to blog about my crazyness lately at somepoint to get it all our there.
    I’ve just been taking on too much stuff and keeping myself organised is hhaaaaaaaaarrrddd.
    Mine has been a mix of good and bad crazy though i.e bad crazy was feeling like my head was going to explode due to overload of info!

    Good crazy thing I did though was agree finally to take a few of my Senior Section (Older Version of Guides) to go to a certain concert on Feb 7th 😀

  5. Steph Says:

    i like the last verse. we all do things we dont want to do but at the end of the of it all, there was a significant meaning behind all of it. thanks kate, nice to know im not the only crazy one. and tell jill to stop playing games on her iphone and get some sleep. lol

  6. Jaclyn Says:

    haha, nice poem! Everyone’s a little crazy sometimes 🙂 (or in the case of some people, all the time)

  7. Jacinta Says:

    Tweeted, but just wanted to add that you will conquer everything ahead and be your amazing self! Don’t listen to that voice that says you are ‘crazy’ (whatever that is).

  8. Amanda Says:

    Weirdly enough, we were discussing “crazy” in class yesterday. Our craziness discussion tied in with “artists”, and how for years “artists” have been slapped with the label “crazy” (i.e. “Lets drink gin at 9AM in the name of art!”)… I go to an art school. ANYWAY! The prof was all like, “How do you feel about being called crazy?” Most people were insulted, but I was like “Ummm.” It has a little bit of truth to it, you know? Not sayin’ I drink gin at 9AM, but you know, I think artists have to be a little bit crazy to be so damn creative. It’s like, you have to be fearless to take that kind of leap into creativity. I have no idea if that crazy feeling you’ve been feeling even has to do with art, and now I’m rambling, but right on to the crazies! 😉 Whatever kind of crazy it is.

  9. Khitam Says:

    Everyone I see a poem I feel the need to do a TPCAST. Damn those high school English classes.

    Umm crazy. Here’s my theory. Everyone is crazy in their own way. It’s those people who claim not to be crazy that are the crazy ones. Make sense? Maybe not but after all I am crazy soo….

  10. Erin Says:

    Nice poem! I just always feel crazy and know I probably really am crazy but i’ve decided to just be fine with it haha ’cause what are ya gonna do? I guess it beats being boring 🙂

    Happy friday! 🙂

  11. Erin Says:

    pretty cool. i had a crazy day.
    i had a anatomy test at 8am.
    my alarm didn’t go off, i missed my train, got in the car to drive to my test, halfway there…flat tire. i cried. i missed my test. i get a makeup but instead of it being multiple choice, its fill in the blank.
    crazy is an understatement.
    its a series of unfortunate events.

  12. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    I bet Jason Westlake has said this a few times too… so cool

    The Serenity Prayer

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;
    That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next. Amen

  13. Selena Says:

    I think it’s normal to feel crazy on occasion, and oftentimes, there is a method to the madness! 😉

    Thanks for sharing, Kate.

  14. Jaclyn Says:

    This has nothing to do with anything, but my friend found this on youtube and it’s pretty crazy if you ask me 😉 …and by crazy, I mean crazy good.

  15. kevin Says:

    britney crazy or kelly crazy?

  16. lesliec Says:

    hey! that was an awsome poem!
    just a little note to ya’ll:
    You guys and kelly are some of the most inspirational people that I know of. You have the best voices I have ever heard and your ability to harmonize with one another is just superb. You truly inspire me to be something more than I ever thought that I could be. You three are the most excellent role models girls my age could possibly have. You have all boosted my confidence by showing me that a celebrity really could be a real person, and to always stay true to yourself and to your music. I would love to get a chance to meet all three of you. Keep up the good work<3

  17. Tina Says:

    Everybody has these moments. I love that you keep it real and share the good and bad experiences. You say it is not good crazy and not bad crazy. What is different that has made you reflect on this? Is it that you are not racing around the world right now? Do you have a little down time and aren’t sure how too relax or are you still racing and need to relax? Either way-crazy is ok. Embrace all of it the way you always do!! I imagine it has been a fun summer and now an exciting fall awaits. Take some time for you and breathe. Keep up the blog and the tweets, it is fun to come along on the adventures with you! Jk concert in the OC would be right on, I am just saying!

  18. anakellya Says:

    HECK that’s good.
    i like it.
    pretty much sums up my life in general atm.

    i really like the 2nd stanza and the last two lines most:
    Purpose makes me feel crazy at times
    But it keeps me going when I don’t want to

    🙂 gooddddd. keep posting these when you find them, they’re really awesome to read!

    have a good weekend:)

  19. Pam Says:

    i agree. this week for some reason has been absolute craziness for me. there must be something in the air haha.

  20. 1wildegirl Says:

    Kate, first of, thanks for sharing that amazing poem. I needed to read that. I think that’s the beauty of the human experience…we all share it. This feeling of craziness is so prevalent right now considering where we are as a country, as a society, etc. Not getting all boring, but watching the news and hearing everything going on definitely has an influence in that feeling, IMO.

    I honestly thing the word “crazy” gets a bad rep. We all go through those moments where we kinda on the edge of waiting for something, however big or small, to happen. It’s in the waiting that we let our minds race. It’s the anxiety of looking forward to something unknown that just makes you think. It can be scary, but also quite exhilarating.

    I would get all motivational speaker and rattle a bunch of things to look forward to, but I won’t. I think you’ve capture it well with that amazing poem. Hey, who knows, maybe this crazy period will result in some awesome songwriting? “Onward and upward!”

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