December 1. The Fun has begun.

Okay, it’s the first day of our 31 days of  blogging. Hopefully. We are gonna do our best. 🙂

We are in Fresno, CA tonight and got a visit from our friend David who we used to tour with way back when! It’s great to have friends all over the country that we get to see from time to time.

We only have 7 more shows on this All I Ever Wanted US tour…it’s been a really awesome time. Yesterday we got to spend some time in San Jose which was a really cool city! We had dinner at Maggiano’s…one of our favorite places to get Italian food. Our waiter dumped over a glass of wine right by Ashley’s feet. He thought the glass was empty. It was perfectly good wine. Oh well.

Well, that was a very exciting story, we know…but it’s time to get on stage now so this is all for today. Tomorrow will be better….maybe.



30 Responses to “December 1. The Fun has begun.”

  1. Jacinta Says:

    The 31 days of blogging idea is awesome. See ya Dec 3rd in Las Cruces. ~ Jacinta

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    So it’ll be like ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas…only instead of Christmas movies every night for 25 days, it’ll be a blog every day for 31 days………ok, so maybe not quite the same thing, haha

    But wow, I can’t believe there’s only 7 more shows….it feels like the tour just started, but really you’ve been going since the summer…that’s kind of a long time…and then it all starts up again in less than 2 months…busy busy.

  3. Missa Says:

    Yay! It’s like the 12 days of Christmas….but the 31 days of blogging. Haha. ok So that was lame.

    I’m with Jacinta….see you guys AGAIN on the 3rd. And yes….apparently there will be MORE gifts. But not all from me this time haha.

    San Jose is one of my favorite places….well more Santa Cruz. Kinda grew up there, want to move back but I’m not liberal enough lol

    Aaaaand Maggiano’s is just amazing.

  4. Missa Says:

    Huh…so me and Jaclyn basically said the same about the christmas thing. I should read before I type….

  5. Bianca Says:

    Hope you are having fun on the rest of the tour! (: And this blogging everyday is an early Christmas present that I like a lot (:

  6. Sota Says:

    The 31 Days of Blogging – brought to you by Jill & Kate – fab idea – it’s always such a treat to hear what you rockstars are up to.

    The AIEW Fall Tour sure has gone fast! Have an awesome 7 more shows! Or, perhaps 8? The frozen tundra of Minnesota sure misses you! Hint, hint, hint. Okay, had to try, and “frozen tundra” prolly isn’t really helping.

    Anyway, Happy Blogging chiquitas!


  7. Selena Says:

    This 31 days of blogging was a fun idea, so I hope y’all will enjoy it as well. It should be nice to get daily updates.

    I’m glad you’re having a good time on tour and get to spend time with friends and hit up some fave spots while you’re at it. As for the wine, better to spill it by her feet, than actually on Ashley!

  8. nataliana3 Says:

    wow! blogging for 31 days? that sounds awesome girls!! I hope you can make it:) so from today on I’m gonna start my day by checking your blog:)

  9. Pam Says:

    haha oh crap that sucks for Ashley 😦 i hope today will be better- i JUST left a pair of my new gloves (those cool fingerless ones) on the bus. i’m calling the bus company to put them aside for me. gahhhhhhhhh.

    hope you’re both doing well though!

  10. Chelsea Says:

    and this 31 days of blogging thing will be epic. it reminds of that christmas carol 12 days of christmas (i think its called that…it’s early, so forgive me) but yup, y’all should sing it for New song on the 17th! haha just kidding, but you all should sing a chistmas song!

    and this tour has gone by way too fast. I can’t believe its almost over.

    Hope you guys have a lovely day ♥ 🙂

  11. Dominique Says:

    yippee!!! daily updates great idea 😀

    glad ur US tour has went so fast lol that means i get 2 come c u sooner ..

    can’t wait till febuary 11th me nd my friend dani r coming 2 see u 😀

  12. Dominique Says:

    we’r coming 2 see u in glasgow 😀 forgot 2 put that in

  13. Dominique Says:

    dunno y i put “u” lol i wasn’t referring 2 both of u as 1 person lol:-D i meant yous

  14. Amanda Arch Says:

    I am mourning the loss of that glass of wine. Is it sad that I am reading this at 10:30 am my time and now I want a glass of wine? 🙂

    Looking forward to the randomness of your 31 days of blogging. Shall be interesting. Haha!

  15. anakellya Says:

    EEEEEEEEEEE 31 DAYS OF J&K MADNESS:) woopppp, exciting stuff ladies!

    poor Ashley! i hope you checked she was alright instead of saying ‘thanks for wasting the wine’ :L haha 😉 kiddinggg 🙂

    ahh 7 more shows? i know i haven’t even been on the US leg of the tour, but from where i’m sitting, it seems like just yesterday you guys even started the summer tour! whoa. time fliesssss.


    safe travelsssssssssss 😀
    until tomorrow…

  16. Shari Says:

    Will look forward to reading all your blogs leading up to the new year. Maggianos has the best chop salad..YUM!

    I wish there was one more stop on the tour and that would be in MN! We missed out due to Kelly being sick at the last minute. I think you two should have done a show instead and I forsure would have stuck around.

    Hope you all are enjoying your day!

  17. Amanda Says:

    Awww yeeaaaah. Italian food sounds killer right now. I have nothing in the refrigerator, fail. I should probably go food shopping. Haha!

    Anyway….. this 31 days of bloggage sounds pretty BA if you ask me.

    Peace & love, peace & love!

  18. Khitam Says:

    31 Days of Blogging. Thats pretty intense…i look forward to following this adventure.

    7 more shows? What shows were your favorite? Some favorite moments?…i hope the band pranks KC. Shes do for a prank

  19. Nina Says:

    DECEMBER is gonna be AMAZING!!!

  20. Erin Says:

    I love Maggianos. I went to San Jose once, but I was playing in a volleyball tournament and only got to see the insides of the arena and the hotel room. LAME. I like your pre-new years resolution, I usually don’t believe in them but I will make an exception. December will be a good month.

  21. nataliana3 Says:

    oh yes did you have any favourite/funny/scary moments on this tour? I bet you did so PLEEEASE share it with us on your vlog:) I bet everyone will be super excited to hear that:) Please please please:)

  22. Monica Says:

    I want italiano for dinner, now. I’m totally looking forward to this 31 days of blogging. It sounds fun. Can’t wait to see what you girls have in store.

  23. Reg Says:

    ahhh….party foul! wasting a perfectly good glass of wine…what a shame.

    i have a suggestion….maybe you should do 31 new songs of December…that’d be a pretty sweet Christmas gift for all. i’m jus sayin….=) maybe next year, haha.

    7 more shows left this tour….any pranks in the making?! hope you enjoy it!

  24. crystal Says:

    the 31 days of blogging, 31 days of blogging!!..
    reminds me of the little 25 days of christmas tune on abcfamily haha
    this is a very awesome idea.
    now i want italian food. ha 🙂

  25. BostonHolly Says:

    Poor glass of wine. I would have pouted until I got a free round. Or charmed/guilted/complained, etc. Liquor ain’t cheap sisters! Looking forward to the blogging madness…

  26. Jennifer Says:

    Cool to hear about the 31 days of blogging.

    I’m curious though….do both of you have to blog once a day or can just one of you?
    i.e if you have days you’re bot together do we get two blogs? or if one of you desperately wants to blog something does the other have to blog something else? or is it just a case of this blog just has to be updated once a day either way….. Just a random thought.

  27. Monica Says:

    oh and i second the christmas song request. ya know, if you don’t have anything planned yet… just sayinn =)

  28. shelby Says:

    SJ is alright I guesss. I mean, I live here so it loses a lot of its cool factor because of that haha, but Maggiano’s is really good, considering I don’t like Italian food. btw, That was by far the BEST Kelly concert I’ve been to. Well, 2nd best, the first time I saw her will always be 1st. haha
    I lost my voice right after Kelly ‘introduced you 2 at the concert. My friends were like ‘Geez Shelby! You seem more excited to for them then you do Kelly’ ahaha :]

    Anywho, I’m pretty excited for the 31 days of blogging :] I’m always sad when i check and theres nothing new. “/

    & I agree with Jennifer. Do you both have to blog each day, or does the blog just have to be updated by someone?!

    Have fun on the rest of the tour! 🙂

    Ohh, and Jill mentioned on twitter that you got pedicures…Where was it at cuz i think ‘ha’ mightt work at the place i go haha

    PS, I met Jason after the show and asked if he could give Kelly some mix tapes I made her. Any idea if she got them..or likes any of the songs? “]

  29. 1wildegirl Says:

    I’m tossing my hat in the ring for how much I just looooooove this 31 days of blogging idea! So, 7 dates left….does it feel kinda like senioritis back in the day?

    So, in more exciting (ok, my own) news…I’m SOOO playing hooky next Thursday ’cause I get to see y’all in Columbus! SCORE! Two hour drive, which is half the time I traveled for KC/Reba last year. (BTW, what does she have against ATL? 😉 )Seriously, we’re charmin’ and all. Which is why y’all should play a show here! ‘Cause really, I’m more excited to see y’all than Kelly…what? I’ve seen every tour of hers. I wanna J&K one. I’m greedy, I know. So all this blogging is only gonna make me feel like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning….nice.

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