Tim Pickering, this one’s for you.

This blog goes out to the one and only Timothy Ned Pickering…Jill’s stellar brother. He is bright and shiny and a J&K lover for sure. He is a great Quordy player (the game on the iPhone) even though Jill still beats him every time, he has surpassed Kate by 20 games…kudos, Tim, kudos.

Okay, enough about Tim. On another note, the pic below is of Miranda Lambert playing through her new CD “Revolution” at the Ryman a while back. Her CD is amazing. Go download it or gift it to someone…it’s well worth the listen. Seeing her live is awesome too.

Preparing for the last show of the KC US tour this evening in New Orleans. Such a fun time. We are lucky girls. Nashville tomorrow. Woo!


28 Responses to “Tim Pickering, this one’s for you.”

  1. KHitam Says:

    Haha def a random blog but im still loving it…everyone seems to be talking about Miranda Lambert. Who is she? Adam Lambert’s sister or something…

    Just kidding of course. No relation between Miranda and Adam. I think I may give this girl a try. Thanks for the extra push to buy her album : )

    Have fun tonight! Kick.Ass.

  2. Nina iPickJK Says:

    last day on tour!!! have fun girls! (i know you will 😀 )

  3. Allison Says:

    You girls are AMAZING and completely made my year seeing your beautiful faces in person on tour! You girls are super talented! Rock on tonight and have a safe flight back to good ol’ Nashville tomorrow for your awesome chillaxing break! You girls deserve it! 🙂

  4. Jaclyn Says:

    Brothers are the best 🙂 But I don’t think anyone’s brother could beat mine, I mean, he drove 2 1/2 hours across the state in horrible weather to bring me a binder that I (stupidly) left at home when I came back after Thanksgiving that I desperately needed to study for an exam I had that week. Then he took me out to dinner AND paid. He drove back the same night because he had to work in the morning (at 5:30am). My roommate’s brother wouldn’t even DD for us even though he goes to the same school and lives 3 minutes away (it was Halloween, but still).

    I saw Miranda Lambert open up for Kenny Chesney back in August and I was really impressed by her. I wasn’t too familiar with her stuff, just the songs that had been on the radio, but it was enough to make me check out this new album…wouldn’t be surprised if my Mom already has it too though because she loves her, lol.

    Have fun tonight! I can’t believe it’s the last show. It feels like the tour has been going on forever…since basically the summer…that’s basically two full seasons of touring which is a long time. That’s longer than I’ve been in school this year and I feel like I’ve been in school forever…but only 3 days left of that now 😀

  5. Kim RULZ Says:

    Your brother has a middle name and you don’t?



  6. chelsea Says:

    Aww, thats so cute! Tim is kinda cute..lol It’s cool that he’s a fan of y’all and thats he bright and shiny…cant go wrong there! lol

    and I love Miranda Lambert, Shes rad 🙂

    Have fun at the last show 🙂

  7. Melissa Says:

    Ah! So excited about this show tonight!!! You ladies better rock out hard 😉

  8. Pam Says:

    ha love the pic of Jill and Tim. can’t say you guys really look alike though. but hey, neither do my sister and i.

    it was a great tour ladies—loved seeing you in NYC! 🙂

  9. Audrey Says:

    Just one show and after “have a break”. You rock, girls.
    Do you follow Kelly in Europe show? I hope so. Have a nice day and nice holidays!!!

  10. Selena Says:

    Thanks for introducing us to another member of the Pickering family. Sounds like you’ve got a good brother, Jill!

    I’ve only heard a few of Miranda’s songs, but a lot of good buzz about her music. Maybe I should check into it more.

    Oh, the last night, already…it went so fast. 😦 Live it up, ladies and enjoy your break!

  11. Jenny Says:

    haha Tim seems cool!! I like a few of Miranda’s songs so ill check it out thanks.. hope you have a wonderful show tonight!! i wish i could have been there. it would have been awesome to go, but things didnt work out. tell Kelly to have a great show! and that im sorry!! lol have a safe trip home!!!

  12. Kelly Says:

    Loved the tour! Enjoy your holiday off. Glad you’re enjoying the ride. You are definitely fortunate ladies. I love my work as well. I get it!

    Safe travels ladies…

  13. Emzy Says:

    love love love Miranda Lambert, one of my fave female artists right now. The new cd is epic, love it so much. Id love to see her live but she never comes to england, hopefully ill catch her when im over in the US for a holiday lol. Hoping to get to the 2011 CMA fest, so with any luck she will be there then.
    Thanks for the pics guys, would have loved to have seen her do the revolution show at the Ryman, lucky ladies indeed! lol
    Enjoy the last show of the tour! x

  14. tim Says:

    it’s taken a while, but you have finally provided a great blog. Congrats

  15. tim Says:

    also, i’m sure Tim is not happy with the declaration of his middle name.

  16. Kristina Says:

    LOVE Miranda Lambert!
    I’m very excited to hear that she is finally headlining 🙂

    Wonder if she’ll be coming to Canada….like T.O., not just out West where most of the country artists play 😦 Cuz that would be exciting…off to find my answers via the always enlightening Google!

  17. Erin Says:

    i have 2 brothers, so i feel your pain jill. just kidding…i love them.
    i LOVE miranda. the house that built me is probably my favorite. i cried.
    dead flowers, virginia bluebell, and me and your cigarettes were also immediate favorites.
    i hope you ladies have a great last show/last show party.

  18. Monica Says:

    Aww, hi Tim! (At the Boston show, Jill told me you are crazy. I mean whaa? Haha 😉 ) But I always wanted a brother. I got stuck with a sister…I’m 12 years older and we fight. And she’s the one to pick on me. go figure.

    Lovelovelove the Miranda cd! She’s pretty much amazing.

    Go kick butt on the last show! Have a blasttttt 😀

  19. Erin Says:

    p.s. Jill, I find it strange that your brother has a middle name, but you don’t….

  20. Amanda Says:

    Awww you guys have matching dimples, cute! Haha.

    Miranda Lambert is killer live. I saw her open for Kenny Chesney this summer and was really impressed!

  21. b. ashley Says:

    are y’all tryin to set mr. tim up or something or just givin him a shout out for his good taste in music and apparently iphone games lol:) does he live in nashville??? I’ll be on the lookout for him haha:) 🙂

  22. anakellya Says:

    aww hey Tim! aha:) lookslike EVERYBODY is a J&K fan these days 😀 woooo!

    hope the last show went AMAZING:) februaryyyyyyyyy you’ll be over here!

    ooo nice you went to see miranda! i like her new one, white liar, its veryyy good (:


  23. BostonHolly Says:

    I want someone to describe me as “bright and shiny”. Miranda’s already on repeat in this house…you obviously have great taste like me. 🙂

  24. E Says:

    I saw 20 something KC shows this year and had an absolute blast at all of them. Thank you ladies for helping to make them so much fun and even picking up on my own little dance moves for I Want You!

    Can’t wait for more original music from you both and hopefully an NYC or Philly show during your hiatus.

  25. Jacinta Says:

    Tim. Quordy. This all sounds vaguely familiar. 😡


  26. lillykp Says:

    We are the 16th in France (for15 minutes)! So i wish a joyeux anniversaire to Kate!! i wish you the best from the best for these day!!! Have a great day!! gros bisous
    Audrey =)

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