Christmas Eve is here…clean out those chimneys!

Okay, so I’ve spent a little (lot) of time in places like Wal-Mart and Target over the past few days (weeks) and I’ve noticed a few things.

1. Whoever decided to put Starbucks in Target stores and Dunkin Donuts in Wal-Mart stores is a genius (caffeine addict.)

2. Kids get it. They know the real deal…i’m pretty sure. I’ve heard on a few occasions this week kids say something along the lines of “I hope Santa’s going to bring me a truck (Wii) for Christmas…do you think he will, Dad? Cause I think he will. I’m sure he will, Dad!”

Now, kids are little (crazy) people, but I think they get how the whole thing works because to me it’s more of a passive-aggressive ‘hint-hint/nudge-nudge’ than an innocent question for ol’ Daddio. They want what they want and I think (know) they secretly know who’s getting it for them. Kids are smarter (cooler) than we give them credit for most (most) of the time.

3. People (I) drive like maniacs this time of year. Of course, the rest of the year I’m a perfect (less than perfect) driver and treat everyone with the decency and courtesy (ahem) that they deserve. But put people (me) in a car in December and I’m crazy! Why? I don’t know. I guess I just love joining the world in the whole Peace on Earth extravaganza!

This is random and weird, but it’s Christmas Eve so go with it! Hope everyone has a great night tonight! I’m off to wrap wrap wrap…and maybe rap. Who knows.

Until next time. -j.


34 Responses to “Christmas Eve is here…clean out those chimneys!”

  1. Selena Says:

    1. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in quite a few stores as well. I don’t recall seeing any Dunkin Donuts at Walmart, but saw a Starbucks at a Super Target. I’m not even a coffee drinker, but I thought it was a nice addition, and thought of the KC band. πŸ™‚

    2. Oh, those clever kids! A lot of times, the joke’s probably on the adults!

    3. Well, holiday traffic can get pretty crazy. Gotta drive defensively sometimes!

    Have a very Merry Christmas Eve, Jill and Kate!

  2. Khitam Says:

    WOAH..stop the press. There are coffee places IN Target and Walmart where you are? No far…Ive only seen Subway in Walmart and that even gets me REALLY excited.

    I tend to stay home during Xmas season. One being I dont celebrate Christmas and two, there are WAYY too many crazies out this time of year. OH and I tend to give way to much money to the people ringing the Salvation Army bells outside of stores…My luck of course there are always KIDS ringing the bell where I go so I cant help seeing them freeze their little nugget fingers off while saying “Merry Christmas” and NOT give them money.

    While a lot of the world is wrapping wrapping and maybe rapping, Im just chillin. : )

    Happy Holidays Everyone…whatever you celebrate : )

  3. Nina iPickJK Says:

    weird… you’re weird, but sooo right πŸ™‚ i like you (a lot).

    have fun (w)rapping.

    xo nina

  4. Stephanie Says:

    All the Targets in New Jersey have Starbucks….the walmarts I’ve been to have mcdonalds (crappy coffee).

    My son found where I hid the presents and screamed “mom I told you Santa’s not real!” broke my heart

    Anywho Merry Christmas Jill and Kate and to your friends and family!

  5. BostonHolly Says:

    I was trying to think back to when I “got it” that Santa was really my parents. I think Dad tipped his hand at about age 7 when he told me that Santa would really prefer beer, cheese, and crackers to be left out in lieu of milk and cookies.

    And Jill, you’re a New England driver. It’s in our blood to drive like maniacs. Embrace it. Own it.

  6. Linda Says:

    I have no starbucks or Dunkin donuts in my stores, so it must just be your hometown that’s genius.

    Is Kate snowed in, in her hometown?

    I hope both you girls have a great holiday with your family. You’ve given us a great year, so thanks for that, and thank your boss as well, and wish her happy holidays too.

    You guys are awesome!! πŸ™‚

  7. Pam Says:

    side note- i thought this was Kate writing that the whole time haha.

    anyways-people are SUCH BAD DRIVERS this time of year! i have been driving a lot with my sister the past few days. she’s parked in between spots, made left turns were they weren’t allowed, dazed off at a light, and drove for at least 10 minutes without her lights on.

    super cray cray.

    hope you and your family have a great holiday! πŸ™‚

  8. Melissa Says:

    Hahaha epic blog. Loved it. Christmas is just a crazy time of year. This year my fam used the KISS(keep it simple stupid) method. Not a lot of presents and traveling. Best way to do it.

  9. Jamie Says:

    This blog is really funny. If I had written it, I think I would be checking back reading the comments to see if others thought it was awesome. So here’s to thinking you might read this.

    1. Jill you are prolly one of the funniest friggin gals ever
    2. Kate, my mom got me Princess by Vera Wang for Christmas. Epic win! Smells so good.
    3. You have to give people dirty looks when they drive slow and you pass them. How else are they gonna learn!?
    4. I hope you both have a super duper Christmas πŸ™‚

    • Jacinta Says:

      Jamie, doesn’t Princess smell so good?! Read Kate’s tweet and bought some for myself while at the mall in Cambridge…since my fam doesn’t celebrate Christmas 😦 Anyway, Rock Princess smells good, too…so I bought some of that as well.

  10. Jaclyn Says:

    1. Completely, 100% agree…there’s Starbucks in my grocery store, across the street from my grocery store, in my Target….we don’t have a Walmart close enough for us to go there very often, but I’m pretty sure there’s one in there too…or at least an equivalent.

    2. I totally remember this one time, when I was 8 or 9 (I’m either slow (hey now), gullible (true), or just didn’t say anything till that age, lol..cause most people seem to have figured it out way before me..or maybe that’s average…idk) I sat my parents down and had an “intervention” of sorts and demanded they tell me the truth about santa…I kinda wish they’d recorded it because my my mind is a bit fuzzy on it now, but from what I do remember, it was pretty funny πŸ˜›

    3. Driving….ahhh yes…I think most of the people around here suck at driving all year round and it’s just the increased traffic that makes it seem worse.

  11. Abby Says:

    Merry Christmas Jill and Kate (and family)!

    I totally agree with everything you said!

    1-Kroger has been my friend ever since they became the only place in my little town that has a Starbucks! (mmm peppermint mocha!)
    2-I don’t remember ever actually believing in Santa, I just went along with it because the whole family played along. I was too smart for them hehehe
    3-When I’m home from college, I hardly drive, but today I did and 3 people pulled out in front of me from a gas station for no good reason! I thought of giving them the finger…

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  12. Hev-Ding Says:

    Happy Christmas guys!

    Happy Holidays

    Just a lil alternative christmas pic!

  13. Mary B Says:


    I work at Walmart and ours sux cause we don’t have any resteraunt/beverage serving place : ( …. Ok and Now that yall know I work at walmart I would like to say we walmart associates hate when people are mad at US that the store is closing…. When I was finally leaving at 8.30 a guy pulled up and was like r yall open…. I politely said no sir we closed at 8…. What I really wanted to Scream (lol) was do you not believe in Jesus!!!!! Do you not realize it’s Christmas Eve!!!!!

    But ne who Jill Kate and j&k fans Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone has a beautiful one!!

  14. Erin Says:

    I’m kind of angry with the people who put dunkin donuts and starbucks in the stores, because on top of crazy people shopping, you get crazy people pumped with caffeine shopping. Not sure that’s a good combo. However, I do love coffee.
    Jill, blog more. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Kate’s blogs, it’s just that I like to hear from both of you.

    I just got back from my Christmas Eve party with the family. I got some pretty awesome stuff. The Britney Spears perfume, Curious, some new pumas (YESSSS), sweatpants, He’s Just Not That Into You, and some sweaters. Pretty successful if you ask me.

    Hope both of you and everyone else that reads this has a Happy Holiday.

  15. Erin Says:

    I feel moved to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This evening i went shopping and was overwhelmed by the love in this holiday season. Pretty much at every turn, joyous celebrants were honking Merry Christmas to me. I think i even saw a person hand signalingto me that there was only one shopping day until Christmas. It’s such a warm feeling. Merry Christmas to All.


  16. Monica Says:

    I must make this comment quick because I need to pretend to sleep because Santa’s coming in 2 minutes…AH.

    First off – LOVED this blog. Really. I kept cracking up. And smiling. Looking stupid. All that funness.

    Kids are genius. Nuff said. Except my sister…she isn’t manipulative. Just obnoxious and gets basically everything she wants by begging. Oy.

    Drivers ARE scary this time of year. My grandma is a scary driver year round. Which is bad because she basically is my chauffer. The other day I took her on 95…never again. I feared for my life.

    I’m gonna go wrap and probably rap too. That sounds fun. Not to brag, but I can do a mean Nelly impression in NSYNC’s “Girlfriend”…just sayin.

    And now it’s 12:03. Shoot, I hope Santa didn’t pass my house… and I really didn’t intend to write such a long comment. Kudos to anyone who reads its entirety.

    Oh. And Merry Christmas πŸ˜€

    • Myriam Says:

      I just giggled at the Santa coming in two minutes part.

      Anyways, I’ll leave the rest of my blog comment here so I don’t have to hit “submit comment” twice, ha.

      Umm, I totally agree with the crazy driving around Christmastime thing! It’s like everyone- myself included- forgets all the rules of the road while in a shopping area.

      I hope you picked up that wrist scotch tape holder thing for wrapping. I hear it’s amazing. It looked pretty awesome on the commercials. If I wasn’t so lazy, and didn’t stick anything in bags, or the ready made store boxes, I would totally use that wrist tape thing.

  17. Melissa Zappala Says:

    Hilarious post! The whole thing is so true! πŸ˜‰ Merry Xmas Eve!

  18. Jaclyn Says:


    Merry Christmas!!!!! It’s official…at least for those of us in the eastern time zone (and pretty much most of the world, haha) Yay! πŸ™‚

  19. I'm just sayin'... Says:

    I KNEW It was Jill writing the minute I started reading it…I LOVE your blogs, Jill!!! Hilarious stuff!!!!

  20. Regina Says:

    I think it’s just New Engand drivers who are crazy. I was driving through Massachusetts one time and this guy passed us on the shoulder at 70mph, mind you the left lane was open!!! And they say Jersey drivers are bad….

    And I agree, kids are totally aware of what’s going on.

    Happy W/Rapping!

  21. anakellya Says:

    haha nice use of the brackets to hint what ya really wanted to say Jill! πŸ˜‰

    haha i remember that time like at the start of this year, when you guys got pulled over by the cops, and the dude said he liked the sound of your EP! aha , he’s got good ears obviously! πŸ™‚ sorry, just reminded me of that! aha (:

    and yeahhhh, ofcourse kids know its their parents. they use the same wrapping paper & all :L ahaa. i think the sweetness of them saying santa’s real, makes their parents subconsciously want to buy them more presents! they’re clever ones…


  22. Lauren Says:

    haha! You’re right..I think kids know alot more than what they let on!

  23. Jennifer Says:

    I totally remember as a kid knowing it wasn’t santa and was my parents. It’s actually kinda sad I never remember believing in santa and probably never did as I had two older siblings who weren’t really too clever with keeping things quiet.

  24. Amanda Says:

    What a fun blog to read this morning! Hope y’all have a very merry Christmas!!! P.S. Jill, there was a pink Snuggie sitting under my tree this morning πŸ˜‰ I didn’t even ask for one… Santa just knew πŸ˜‰ Haha.

  25. anakellya Says:

    oh and, i left my fire on last night…. haha so nice!:):L :S

  26. E Says:

    Merry Christmas Ladies!

    To you and your loved ones – Have a happy holiday season.

    And thank you for the joy your music and blog has brought me these past years.

  27. 1wildegirl Says:

    Noooooooooo! Wait what?! But….”Santa, I KNOW HIM!” Ha, no really, Jill, you mean he’s not real? πŸ˜‰

    Anyway. We have Starbucks in our Targets, but Subway in our Walmarts. It might be why I prefer Target….just a lil bit more.

    Hope you both (and everyone else reading this) have/had an awesome, awesome Christmas!

    And rapping? How about that for a Sot17th?

  28. carolfritz Says:

    “People (I) drive like maniacs…”

    πŸ˜€ You’re too funny (fantabulous), Jill!

    Merry Christmas to you and your families!

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