A Sunset From Any Angle.


1. the setting or descent of the sun below the horizon in the evening.
2. the atmospheric and scenic phenomena accompanying this.
3. the time when the sun sets.
4. the close or final stage of any period.
Here are two pictures of the sunset today. The first one is in NH and the second one in VA.
Pretty amazing, right?
4 more days ‘o blogging in 2009. Oh how fun it has been.

31 Responses to “A Sunset From Any Angle.”

  1. Steph Says:

    Wow. That’s beautiful.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Beautiful 🙂 though I am a huge fan of the sunrise. So empowering to be up working hard while others sleep haha! 4 more days geesh. Seems like the blogging every day has always happened. I will really miss the funny blogs once January hits. Can’t wait for new songs though!

  3. Pam Says:

    ahh that’s gorgeous! i’ve never been to NH or VA…well now that i think about it, i think i was at a rest stop in VA haha. which one of you is in VA now? and i’m gonna miss the blogging everyday. but i was oh so grateful for it. 🙂

  4. Danielle Says:

    who’s photo was the first one? its awesomeeeeeeee!! super pretty.

  5. Erin Says:

    Those sunsets are incredible. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to miss hearing from you ladies every day. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. Thanks for the great blogs.

  6. Melissa Says:

    Wow! Those are beautiful. Saw a beautiful sunset yesterday driving. I was going 80, couldn’t take a picture haha. Sunsets are always orange in CO….because God supports the Broncos. LOL…oh geez…no one shoot.

  7. Monica Says:

    Ah, so beautiful. I’ve never been to VA, but I’m usually in NH at least once a month if not more. Some of my awesome sunset pics come from Salisbury beach. Not quite NH but close enough.

    I trust you’ll make the last 4 days of blogging awesome. Just don’t forget to update about the fabulous studio adventures 😀

  8. Jaclyn Says:

    Those are really pretty pictures! I especially love the first one…it’s too late for me to take a picture of the sunset today, but I do have one from my last trip to the beach (and by beach, I mean Lake Michigan, because I am not close to any oceans, haha)

    And I love this one I took of the sunrise on my phone as I was walking to class one morning, I’d been in a bad mood (I’m not a morning person and I had 8am classes every day last semester, haha) and then it caught my eye and it was so pretty…it put me in a much better mood that day: http://twitpic.com/j1wpg

  9. Nina iPickJK Says:

    it really has been fun… and now i’m sad cause soon it’ll be over 😦
    how about 365 days of blogging in 2010 😉

    thanks so much! best december EVER!

  10. Selena Says:

    Sunsets are so pretty and those pictures are nice examples.

    Oh what fun it is to read a blog by the J&K! 😉

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Sooooo pretty! gotta love sunset pictures!
    Last time I took some was on the beach when I took my cousins out for a walk to the sea when the tide was out (Took us like an hour!)

    Just thought I’d share 🙂

  12. Jennifer Says:

    Ok so posting images doesn’t work….so links to sunset pictures..

  13. Stephanie Says:

    Beautiful! I think you ladies should keep it going everyday in January, start the new year out right!

  14. Mary B Says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! And pure…. Just like the music you create….. Nature always reminds me of what an awesome God we have…. We are so blessed for the breathtaking scenes that are all around us…. We all just need to slow down and smell the roses yunno… Thanks Jill and Kate…

  15. Erin Says:

    Aw so pretty 🙂 Here is one from Long Beach Island, NJ this summer!

  16. anakellya Says:

    ooooo, pretty! i gotta say, sunsets over sunrise anyday 🙂 loveeee watching the sunset, you gotta be up to early to see it rise :L
    Bring on the last 4 days! What more ya got for us girls? (:

  17. 1wildegirl Says:

    oooh, the NH one looks gorgeous. They both do, really. Thanks for sharing look forward to the rest of ’09 blogs!

  18. carolfritz Says:

    beautiful!!! Sometimes I think sunsets are depressing though, especially when it’s been a really fab day! I personally prefer sunrises, except when I want to sleep in. 🙂
    I hope you both had a super Christmas! Mine was very J&K filled– I bought my mom Farkle, my niece a book written by a Jimmy Pickering (any relation, Jill? haha I didn’t realize until she opened it on Christmas! Weird!), and also this toy for my niece, inspired by youuu!

  19. cassieleetx Says:

    wow. beautiful. sunsets are so much prettier than sunrises. i could watch sunsets every day. nice shots ladies 🙂

  20. BostonHolly Says:

    Jazzy. I’m usually a fan of sunsets, but for the past few weeks my commute has coincided with sunrises, so when I come out of the tunnel on the subway I get rewarded with a lovely sunrise behind the skyline. Almost (but not quite) makes my early morning commute worth it…

  21. Kelly Says:

    Those pictures are beautiful! Where in VA was that picture taken? I live in VA and we always have gorgeous sunsets, whether you’re in VA Beach or by the Blue Ridge mountains.

  22. Elisabeth Says:

    Thanks for all the interesting blogs and pretty pics!! 🙂

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