Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010.

A new year. A new beginning. Lovely.

However, just because this grand 31 days of blogging will come to an end…have no fear…blogs will not be obsolete in 2010. Woohoo!! True story.

To kick off the new year, we are listening to you…that’s right, you. You’ve asked and we’re going to answer.

We’ve created an email account just for you, yes you.

We have gotten a few LOTS of letters/messages/comments asking us questions of ALL different colorful sorts and we want to answer. So…you, yes you, email us your question before January 7th and we will answer the questions (in no particular order) in upcoming blogs in 2010.

Who’s excited? You are. We are.

We have been writing fools the last couple of days. Yes, writing fools. So excited about the new songs. Weeeee!

So that’s the dealio.

As 2010 enters in, make some goals for yourself…easy goals. #1 on everyone’s goal list should be waking up tomorrow. Haha. Then cross it off your list and you will feel more accomplished. Someone wise once said…lower the bar. Don’t make unreachable goals. Push yourself, but not too hard. Haha.

Laugh. Cry. Kick. Scream. Hug. Breathe. Dance. Shine. Love. Risk. Ask. Answer. Pray. Thank. Give. Take. Be.

Thanks so much for coming to the blog, coming to shows, wearing your t-shirts, showing your support…it means the WORLD to us and we are so glad that we get to make music…thanks for listening.

Here’s to a New Year with ya’ll. 2010, bring it on!!



46 Responses to “Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010.”

  1. Pam Says:

    ah thank you SO SO SO much for a great month AND year of blogging! it has been one of the few highlights of my year. i’m definitely going to take advantage of that askjk thing haha.

    tomorrow….yeah waking up will be fun. so will be making an egg drop project for physics haha.

    i’ll keep on wearing my JK tshirt in spirit. hope you guys and your families and friends have a great new year! ❤ 🙂

    • Pam Says:

      wait not in spirit. i meant in real life. crap. that’s what i get for typing that comment in a matter of 2 minutes lol.

  2. Steph Says:

    Lovely. See you next year!!!

  3. Tricia W. Says:

    Happy New Year Girls!!!! Thank you so much for the blogs, songs on the 17th, and everytime you guys are so nice to us as fans. Can’t wait for 2010 and what’s to come. 😀

  4. Melissa Says:

    Oh well that’s fun. Now I have to think of a question! Oh nevermind. Haha got one. =]

    Thanks for all the blogs this month! And this year! HAPPY NEW YEAR! =]

    And as sad as we are all, that the 31 one days of blogging is over, I’m sure we’re all excited that it’s going to Jan tomorrow and you guys are going to start recording. So yay! =D

  5. Clau Nader Says:

    hope u guys party wild tonight! but please keep ur head glued to ur body, please?
    Thanks to you.. for sharing ur souls with us, for letting us know there are still integral people in the showbiz.. that, at least to me, gives me hope. I believe in you.
    Catchas next year!!!!
    lots lots lots and more lots of love from Mexico
    Clau Nader

  6. iamchelseaaa Says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the month full of blogs. They were so entertaining to read ♥

  7. Danielle Says:

    Awwww you girls are so cute! I’ve loved this month of blogging and every other blog entry you’ve made this year and the previous year. I can’t wait to see all the blogs of 2010 and see you girls on the AIEW in the UK in feb. Eeeeep! 🙂

    Hope you girls have a brilliant New Year and the hangovers are too bad tomorrow haha.
    Stay safe!

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Happy New Year Jill and Kate! Looking forward to new material and hopefully shows in the upcoming year. (NYC!). Have fun with the rest if the tour with another amazing soul, Kelly Clarkson! Be safe!

  9. Jenny Says:

    awesome!!!!!! can’t wait to sit down and come up with questions for you!!! hope you have a good night tonight!! be safe!! happy new year!!!!!

  10. Amanda Says:

    Thank y’all for allowing us into your world! 2009 has been an awesome Jill and Kate year and I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store!

  11. Bianca Says:

    Happy New Year Girls! Go crazy tonight! That’s what its made for lol 😉 Thanks for blogging everyday. It seriously was a highlight of my day. See you in 2010!

  12. Jennifer Says:

    It’s been a fun month of blogging. There’s a goal you guys hit 31 days of blogging madness.

    Hmmm gotta think of questions for you girlies, last time quite a few of mine got answered so now I’m like hmmm.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in 2010…7th of February by which point I will be a 22 years old and 4 days! last time I met you guys I was just turned 20! How time flies!

    I really need to get myself a new Jill and Kate T-shirt my old black t-shirt is a bit overworn now….any chance you girls will be bringing some t-shirts to the UK we could buy? ooooh there’s a question for you haha

  13. Jaclyn Says:

    So before this was posted, I was sad that it would be the last blog of the year and the 31 days of blogging…but not anymore! I’m going to have to think up some questions now…I never write any down when I think of them and now I wish I had because I know I had at least a couple decent ones.

    I can’t wait for what 2010 will bring. I’m excited.

    T-minus 6 hours and 22 minutes. Time to get.ready.

  14. Monica Says:

    Yayyyyy. This year has been filled with awesomeness. Much thanks to you.

    Get ready for my question. It shall be awesome. Hopefully. I’ll come up with something cool…or I’ll try at least.

    Can’t waitttt for new music, you writing fools, and to see what you have planned for the new year.

    Have a hap-hap-happy new year! 😀

    P.S. Guess what, guess what, guess what??? You are totally my most listened artist of 2009…with over a thousand plays. Beat out #2 by 500 plays. Oh snap.

    • Amanda Says:

      JK are my top listened to artist (well, in this case artists ;)) for 2009 as well. We’re kind of awesome, huh Mon? Haha.

      Anyway, I guess I’ll just leave the rest of my comment here. Haha.

      Thank you Jill and Kate for the 31 days of blogging! Actually, I think the two of you deserve a big thank you for everything you have done this year. You both are truly awesome, I really hope you realize that! From your music, to your interaction with your fans, and your general outlook on life… it all speaks volumes about the type of people you are. Good people!

      I can tell this coming year is going to be an awesome year for you two. Be safe tonight ladies! Talk to y’all in 2010 🙂

  15. Nina Says:

    20 minutes till midnight over here… i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance 🙂
    thanks for an amazing december and a great every months 17th!
    you guys are the best!!!!!!!!

    hey everyone: GOT JillK???
    i know i do ;o)


  16. Emzy Says:

    Yay for the last blog of 2009 and yay for lots more in 2010.
    Thanks for setting up the email so we can send u questions guys, thats really cool. I will send some in for you before Jan 7th.
    Thanks for all the great music and laughs this year and i cant wait to see you guys over here in Feb.
    Wishing you all the best for 2010.

  17. Mary B Says:

    Thanks for the blogs…. They’ve been awesome… And hilarious…. And entertaining… Hope yall party hearty tonight… Chill tomorrow…. then rock the recording studios lol can’t wait for the new songs!!!! God bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! (early)

  18. Jacinta Says:

    Kate, I wish you a blessed, fun & happy 2010. Thanks for the blogging, tweeting, random videos and SOT17ths you share with us. It was awesome meeting you in New Orleans(for me it was anyway haha). Looking forward to hearing the new music. Have fun tonight! PARRRTAAAAY!

  19. Erin Says:

    It’s been an awesome month of blogging ladies. I hope you have a blast ringing in the new year.
    I will try to think of some questions tonight. If I end up sending them, I cannot be held responsible for their content. It is NYE.
    Happy New Year
    party hardy

  20. BostonHolly Says:

    Thank you both for keeping your promise of 31 days of blogs! It’s been a fun ride and I’m happy to hear the blogs will keep rolling out into the new year. Have a safe, happy and generally awesome 2010. God bless!

  21. Allison Says:

    You girls are sooo beautiful and just downright amazing 🙂 ! Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with the world as well as sharing your fun insights and quirks in your blogs that always make me smile! And thank you for caring about your fans so much and bringing us “in” to your life especially during your at home “song writing sessions” for song on the 17th lol. Wishing you girls all the BEST and a very HAPPY, healthy and prosperous ROCKIN’ new year with many more to come!!! 🙂

  22. Jamie Says:

    Wow… 31 days of awesome blogging. Pretty fantastical!

    Happy New Years 😀 Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait to email in a question. Have a fun night!

  23. bbb Says:

    THANK YOU for everything you posted here because it made my day when I read it and this month of blogging- just amazing:) I wish you a happy and awesome New Year!!you guys are the coolest and you should keep that in mind:) and be ready for my question!:)

  24. Jaclyn Says:

    Oh yeah, by the way, congratulations on successfully completing 31 days of blogging! 😛 Not one day missed. I’m proud 😉

  25. khitam Says:

    Welp, its been a fun run with this month of nonstop blogging madness and I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you had a fantastic 2009 and wish you an even more fantatical 2010. I excited about this askjandk business and look forward to more blogs by you two. I’m about 2 hours outside of chicago, ringing in the new year in style baybieee coming all the way fro Kansas City. Happy New Year everybody!!!!!

  26. Jennifer Says:

    New year here now so HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  27. christina Says:

    Thanks for the 31 days of blogging! I looked forward to them every single day! Happy new year and can’t wait to see what 2010 brings you:)

  28. Melissa Z. Says:

    First…the blogs have been AWESOME!! It’s the little things in life that make us happy!! 🙂

    Second…I think you guys did an amazing last blog for the decade…especially the inspirational part! 🙂

    Third…I need to come up with some creative questions!!

    Hope you girls have an awesome night and amazing new year!!

  29. Kelly Says:

    Congrats ladies on 31 days o’bloggin! Success! That’s a tough thing to do!

    Thanks ladies for keeping your fans so near & dear. =)

    Happiness & success in the new year to you both…

  30. Tina Says:

    Happy New Year! And thanks for the amazing music & blogging last year, I truly enjoyed it all and can’t wait for all the new stuff in 2010. See y’all in February! Party on 😀

  31. Myriam Says:

    Happy New Year!

    Woohoo for askjillandkate! And loved the whole 31 days of blogging for December!

  32. anakellya Says:

    what a lovely last blog of the decade, ladies (:
    and an awesome idea!
    i’ll be sending in my questions, don’t you worry (: haha,
    hope you had a good night!
    much love,

  33. Rianne Says:

    First off al best wishes for 2010 hopefully it will be a great year with alot of music:).
    And the last month of december was awesome because the great blogs your posted.
    And i’m looking forwards to see you guys the 25 of February in Amsterdam with Kelly and the rest of the band:).
    Im gonna think about a question now.

  34. Liz Says:

    Thank you for a great year of blogging!!

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

  35. Selena Says:

    First off, congrats on completing your mission of 31 days of blogging. It’s been fun, so thanks for that.

    Second, let me express my gratitude for the good news. That’s really kind of y’all and cool that you’ve provided another way to communicate with the fans. So nice! I guess I need to start thinking of questions!

    Next, thanks for the advice/inspirational words, and finally, have an awesome new year. Looking forward to more music in 2010!

  36. Clau Nader Says:

    wooooo!!!! happy new year!!!!!!!

  37. higzy Says:

    Well I best start thinking of some questions. I only woke up a couple hours ago (5.30pm) haha. Hope you had a good New Years party.

    Looking forward to your new songs. Hope the songs on the 17th will continue. all the best

  38. Erin Says:

    Sorry i’m late in saying this but only now am I coherent enough to type Happy New Year lovely ladies!! haha good times 😛

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